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The Western Path

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    From: D.L. Lambert ... (Br. Ron) For me, there are as many definitions of Christian Mystic as there are practitioners. But one view
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2004
      From: "D.L. Lambert" <mysticspath@...>

          > I may not be in the right place so I'd like to ask you
          > all what your definition of Christian Mystic is?

      (Br. Ron)
      For me, there are as many definitions of 'Christian Mystic'
      as there are practitioners.

      But one view might be, one who contemplates the meaning of
      Christos and how the Sacrifice at Golgotha give an unprecedented
      tool for human Eternal Progression.

      For a Christian, the goal of Life is not 'Oneness' but the
      perfection of Individuality, Relationships and Goodness in this 3D linear Time/space.(as unattainable as that quest
      appears to be) 

      It's true that we all will end up at home in the 'All'
      but according to the Initiates, not all will attain unto Eternal
      Progression of a unique individuality (soul)

      Such is reserved for the Sons of God (regardless of earthly gender)
      who have developed their own hearts and consistently express
      the 'Will to Good.'

      > To my understanding
      a Christian Mystic, believes, of
      > course, in Christ, however spends their
      > time, devotion searching out the deeper meanings in
      the scriptures as an aid to complete Unity with God
      > (sometimes termed
      enlightenment, gnosis, I've even
      > heard Unity Consciousness)  These
      deeper meanings from
      > my little bit of research appear to be the
      > meanings to be found in all major religions (Sufis,
      Islamic mystics, Kaballah (sp) Jewish mystics, etc.)

      The difference between Christic Mysticism and most Eastern
      paths (as in the case of Buddhism for instance) is that the latter
      generally seeks to rise above Samsara (the sufferings of the world)
      and take rest into the bosom of Eternity....(the Void...Ain Soph)

      The Judeo/Christian ideally seeks to align their molecules to
      the Spirit of Our Lord and FULFILL the hungers of Time by
      sacrificially uplifting Creation VIA Sacrificial Love.

      For me, the path of the Christian Mystic is one of prayerful
      contemplation on how to 'make peace with pain' and share
      this victory with others in the Spirit of Our Lord.

      This goal is impossible for most of us...hence the Gift of One
      Who Overcame the World to provide an interdimensional
      vehicle to help us attain Eternal Progression. (Merkabah/Shekinah)
      ...progressing us from animal to human, from human to super-human,
       from super-human to the Angelic, and from the Angelic to The Realm
      of Gods.

      Finding and mastering this Grail vessel takes great Power and
      Humility (Majesty)..."and few be there that find it" in this
      incarnation it seems to me.


      Br. Ron
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