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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: "Nature so Motherly to Me"

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  • Hogie McM
    Derek: Im sure you are aware that Dr. Steiner, in addition to his inner work and initial requirements for building up character, entered social life wholly and
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      Im sure you are aware that Dr. Steiner, in addition to his inner work and
      initial requirements for building up character, entered social life wholly and directly, and spent much energy,
      with Walter Johannes Stein as ultimate courier, in trying to inculcate his model
      of the 3-fold social order, politically, directly into real-time social-political change during his lifetime,
      direct to personalities in the government that could have potentially made a change.
      Im not sure I'd call it Political Agitation, as Anthroposophy is not meant to be agitated
      to the world, but economical and political change directly into the physical world,
      definitely a yes.
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      Subject: [anthroposophy] Re: "Nature so Motherly to Me"

      In Rudolf Steiner's  "How To Know Higher Worlds"  ( translated by
      Christopher Bamford,1994) , Chapter 5:  "Requirements For Esoteric
      Training", Steiner enumerates seven requirements. The second
      requirement ( p99) is that "we feel ourselves involved in the whole
      of life,"  he goes on to say it is then but a small step to the
      insight that, as a member or organ of humanity as a whole, I am
      jointly responsible with all human beings, for everything that
      calmly cultivated within the soul. In this way it will gradually
      come to expression in my outer actions. Indeed in such matters, we
      can begin only by reforming ourselves. To make general demands for
      social and political reform on the basis of such insights is
      fruitless. It is easy to say how other people should be, but
      students of esoteric knowledge must work in the depths and not on
      the surface. It would therefore be quite wrong to connect the
      demands of esoteric schooling with any demands for reform or even
      political change. The education of the spirit has nothing to do with
      such things. Political activists generally know what to ask of other
      people, but they hardly ever talk about asking anything of
      I interpreted your posting in this light. I may be wrong and am
      prepared to withstand polite correction in the spirit of brotherly
      love. I may have misinterpreted Steiner-or indeed, Steiner may be
      wrong! But I do not deserve "character assassination!

      The irony is that I agree with you about GM! And I am a member
      of "Scientists for Global REsponsibilitty" and "the Soil
      Association" {These are British organisations and may not be well
      known on this site, but no doubt there are American equivalents).But
      I visit an Anthroposical Group for instruction in spiritual matters
      and have my own sources for political debate.

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