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Survival of the Fittest

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  • rickbobbs
    Dear Folks; Here is a beautiful description of the progressive evolution of the survival of the fittest, that shows `Darwinism to be as pathetic as it is
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      Dear Folks;
      Here is a beautiful description of the
      progressive evolution of the survival of the fittest, that
      shows `Darwinism' to be as pathetic as it is crass.....

      "Six hundred years before the Event of Golgotha we see certain
      occurrences in the human soul and again six hundred years after. One
      can scarcely present to the human soul a greater or more important
      time than that sublime period when Buddha was gradually enlightened.
      He appeared in a royal palace - not in a stable, among poor
      shepherds. It should be noticed, however, that he went forth from the
      palace and observed life in its various forms. He perceived
      that 'birth is sorrow.' He searched further with his soul and found a
      sick man: thus can man become when he is carried to the earthly world
      by the thirst for existence: disease is sorrow. He found an old man
      who had gradually lost the use of his limbs: age is sorrow. He saw a
      corpse: death stood before him with all that it blots out. To be
      separated from what one loves is sorrow. To be united with what one
      does not love is sorrow. Not to have what one desires is sorrow. The
      teaching regarding sorrow rang out with sublimity and innumerable
      people learned that they ought to long for release from this earthly
      existence because only deliverance from the thirst for existence can
      lead to the spiritual.

      "And now let us allow our vision to sweep over a period of 1,200
      years, 600B.C. to 600 A.D. Notice, one thing in the age of Buddha,
      viz., the corpse and what Buddha felt and taught when he saw this -
      and then 600 years after the Event of Golgotha! Innumerable souls
      then turned towards a wooden cross upon which hung a corpse; but from
      this corpse proceeds the impulse through which life conquers death.
      It is the opposite pole of what Buddha perceived when he saw a
      corpse. It is the certainty that existence is not sorrow. Six hundred
      years after the Event of Golgotha the Body of Christ Jesus an the
      cross was the token of the knowledge of life, the resurrection of
      life, the victory over death. Although in 600 B.C. the entry into the
      physical world was sorrow for man, how do the great truths of life
      now present themselves to the soul? Is birth sorrow? Those who
      understand the Event of Golgotha, who feel that they are connected
      with it, gladly enter upon this earth which Christ has entered; and
      through the union with the Christ comes the knowledge that birth is
      the door to the finding of the Redeemer who also clothed Himself with
      physical matter. Is disease sorrow? No! Even though humanity cannot
      yet understand what the spiritual life is which streams in with
      Christ, and that the one who lets himself be filled with the Christ-
      Impulse can overcome all disease by the powers he develops within
      him: for disease is an opportunity to overcome a hindrance, and this
      man can do through the strength of the Christ-power developed within
      him. One has to deal with the burden of old age in the same manner.
      And death is not sorrow, because through the Event of Golgotha death
      has been overcome. Can separation be sorrow? No! The souls that
      permeate themselves with the Christ-power know that love can form
      ties that cannot be severed, and there is nothing to which we cannot
      find the way through the Christ-Impulse; Christ brings us together
      with that which we love. In the same way, being united with what we
      do not love cannot be sorrow, because the Christ-Impulse teaches us
      to love all and when we find the way to this, it can no longer be
      sorrow, for there is nothing else that we do not embrace in love.
      This is also the case with desire, for desire is so purified by the
      Christ-Impulse that one only desires what ought to come to one. If it
      is with-held, then it is for purification and the Christ-Impulse
      gives one the strength to feel it as a purification. Therefore again
      it is no longer sorrow.

      "There is no greater impulse to a new becoming, and also to further
      development than the Event of Golgotha, which continues to work on
      and will positively have mighty consequences to the humanity of the
      future. Christ is the greatest Avatar and when such a Being descends,
      as the Christ in Jesus of Nazareth, something most profoundly
      important comes into evolution. We sow a grain of wheat in the earth;
      it germinates; the stalk and ears of wheat grow and the many, many
      grains are facsimiles of the one grain of wheat we sowed in the
      earth. It is exactly the same in the spiritual world, for `all things
      transitory are but symbols' (as above, so below). When the Event of
      Golgotha had taken place, something happened to the etheric body and
      the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth: through the power of Christ
      they became multiplied and in the spiritual world there have been
      since that time many, many reproductions of this astral body and this
      etheric body, and these worked on. When a spiritual individuality
      descended, it clothed itself with an etheric body and an astral body;
      and when an individuals karma allowed it, an image of the etheric
      body of Jesus of Nazareth was woven into him. This was the case, for
      example, with St. Augustine in the early centuries of our era; into
      his etheric body was woven a reproduction of the etheric body of
      Jesus of Nazareth, but his astral body and his `I' were his own."

      "Again, reproductions of the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth
      propagated themselves in inner enlightenment in other human beings.
      They could experience Christ, for they bore within them something
      which came from the historical Christ. Later, in the eleventh,
      twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, people who through
      karma were ready for it had interwoven into them images of the astral
      body of Jesus of Nazareth. Such, for example, were Francis of
      Assissi, Elizabeth of Thuringen, and others. Many, many were called
      through the continuous activity of Christ to carry it to posterity."
      (Festivals of the Seasons, 1928, Anthroposophic Press, pp.26-29)
    • holderlin66
      ... rickbobbs wrote: It may not seem like it Rick but we are with ya, you hit the point right between the eyes. Danny, Starbirgarden, Joksu,
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        "rickbobbs" <rickbobbs@y...> wrote:

        It may not seem like it Rick but we are with ya, you hit the point
        right between the eyes. Danny, Starbirgarden, Joksu, Harvey, Kevin,
        Maurice..Christine.. Darwin has nothing, so nothing, even if we do
        respect his forming the crisp basis for zoology and thinking in semi-
        science of materialism. It allowed us to scissor ourselves, with
        Steiner's help into all sorts of corners of insulated science clubs.

        But Lofty, enriching Steiner and higher copies of the Christ form,
        well, it disturbed me and it still disturbs me that so many people
        just have so little depth to grasp the potency, the excitement and
        the joy of what was in those quotes.

        Yes, I study them over and over again and I would wave to Buddha on
        his new Martian home...but alas most people are such sentient
        selfish and intellectual soul narrow thinkers...that the best just
        flops in front of them like a fish..

        Not some of us though.


        To Herr Doktor!!!!
      • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
        Wow, thank you for sending that out Rick! Some powerful words to resonate with before the sleeping hours. What I find so difficult is where is the rest of
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          Wow, thank you for sending that out Rick!  Some powerful words to resonate with before the sleeping hours.  What I find so difficult is where is the rest of the world?  I guess that is my youth shining through.  But really I've been asking that since childhood.  The entire rest of the world seems so constipated.  Where was Steiner when I was growing up with all of these questions? 
          I was reading today what Rev. Billy Graham said about "The Passion" that seeing it is worth a lifetime of sermons!  Thats a pretty good endorsement. 
          A question I have though, the etheric body of Christ could be walking around with many of us?  Maybe in some not so distant DNA?  Cheesecakeandsalsa
        • holderlin66
          ... Cheeseandsalsa@a... wrote: Wow, thank you for sending that out Rick! Some powerful words to resonate ... That is so right, Rick and Cheese and Salsa.
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            --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com,

            Cheeseandsalsa@a... wrote:

            Wow, thank you for sending that out Rick! Some powerful words to
            > with before the sleeping hours.

            That is so right, Rick and Cheese and Salsa. Where is the fire that
            stirs us with such insights? Quiet, dead, dumb, distracted. Most
            have failed to see what these things mean. Cheese and Salsa will
            testify that we have loved and marvelled and walked through those
            insights and thank god someone still brings them up.

            At any specific little question around any of those insights into
            the copies of the etheric, astral, ego, Buddha...you name it.. There
            is the remains of an essay I wrote even on this list and two lecture
            videos on the very subjects you raised Rick.

            Share, ask.. details.. I've down some of my homework and I know for
            a fact that Starbirgarden never failed to stir my heart from her
            different and solid vision of things. Joksu, Kevin, Maurice and
            dear, dear Cheese and Salsa, Danny, Harvey...all I know is that we
            are still here, however pre-occupied.

            I am certain that our love still shines.

            Let me explain to all parties, way back when I brought answers to
            the wonderfual translation letter of Joksu. I wrote it three times,
            three and each time I sent it off some electronic crisis occured. My
            laptop finally crashed and some of the richer morsels just, just
            disappeared as efforts to build the invisible bradford.

            But I have it, and did answer Joksu and several others during this
            crash period and I got so frustrated that I got very calm and said,
            OKAY...but still I can use my wife's computer till I get mine back.
            Besides, it is not fair that only one or two of us should be the
            only goofy ones waving our Steiner beenies with the propellers on
            them, as we dash into the wind.

          • holderlin66
            The Passion of the Americans By William Rivers Pitt t r u t h o u t | Perspective Friday 27 February 2004 The television airwaves have been filled for the
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              'The Passion' of the Americans
              By William Rivers Pitt
              t r u t h o u t | Perspective

              Friday 27 February 2004

              The television airwaves have been filled for the last several
              days with a lot of back-and-forth about Mel Gibson's new film, 'The
              Passion of The Christ.' A great deal of debate centers around
              whether Gibson has fashioned a broadside against Jewish people in
              the manner of the Medieval anti-Semitic passion plays of old. There
              are plenty of rabbis arguing with Christian ministers on just about
              any channel you might choose to watch, so I'm going to leave that
              question to them for the time being.

              My question is much simpler: Why would Mel Gibson make a movie
              about people in the ancient Middle East and cast it with so many
              white people? To look at the central actors in this film, you'd
              think Jesus did his work near Manchester, New Hampshire instead of
              the Holy Land. The answer to that question lies within the United
              States, the prime market for this film. There are millions of
              Christians in America, some 25% of whom would characterize
              themselves as evangelical. It stands to reason that this film would
              do very well here, especially given the controversy that has
              surrounded the content.

              The whiteness of the cast, however, speaks to a decidedly un-
              Christian truth that lies near the heart of this republic. Simply
              put, nailing a white Jesus Christ to the cross on film will generate
              a far more emotional response from the American viewing public than
              the crucifixion of a savior who actually looks like he is from the
              Middle East.

              First, let's dispense with the idea that the white people who
              were cast to play the most emotive characters - Jesus, Judas, and
              Mary Magdalene - have anything to do with historical accuracy. In
              truth, the region where Jesus was born was, and remains, populated
              by brown-skinned people. The fact of Christ's non-whiteness is
              borne out in the historical record, and in biblical scripture.
              Right off the bat, the Book of Matthew describes Mary and Joseph
              fleeing to Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. Egypt is in Africa,
              and is populated by brown-skinned people. For my money, this would
              be the last place on earth I would go to hide a white baby from an
              angry King.

              The earliest renditions of Jesus, painted by the first
              Christians called Essenes in the catacombs of Rome, depict a person
              with brown skin. During the time of Roman Emperor Justinian II, a
              gold coin featuring an image of Jesus was minted. This coin, which
              today can be seen in the British Museum, depicts a man with
              demonstrably non-white features and tightly curled hair. Finally,
              there is the Book of Revelations, which bears out the crafting of
              the Essenes and the Roman coin-makers by describing Jesus as having
              hair like wool, feet the color of burnt brass, and who resembled
              jasper and sardine stones. Jasper and sardine stones are both
              brown, as is burnt brass.

              The Jesus most familiar to Americans, the Jesus featured in
              Gibson's film, looks like the front man for an alternative rock band
              out of Minnesota. Judas in this film is a shorter version of the
              same phenomenon. White skin, long straight brown hair, decidedly
              European features - this is not the Jesus that preached revolution
              against the Empire long ago. This is the Jesus fashioned by
              Michelangelo five centuries ago, who used his white cousin as the
              model for the savior.

              The ugly truth which never even occurs to most Americans is
              that Jesus looked a lot more like an Iraqi, like an Afghani, like a
              Palestinian, like an Arab, than any of the paintings which grace the
              walls of American churches from sea to shining sea. This was an
              uncomfortable fact before September 11. After the attack, it became
              almost a moral imperative to put as much distance between Americans
              and people from the Middle East as possible. Now, to suggest that
              Jesus shared a genealogical heritage and physical similarity to the
              people sitting in dog cages down in Guantanamo is to dance along the
              edge of treason.

              George W. Bush calls himself Christian. If you believe him, he
              is on armchair-to-armchair relations with the Almighty, enjoying
              regular conversations with He Is What He Is on everything from tax
              policy to invasion plans. Bush serves a unique dual role as both
              the Commander in Chief and as high priest to the evangelical wing of
              American Christianity.

              When Bush did his little flight-suit strut across the aircraft
              carrier last May, he proclaimed victory in biblical verse and sent a
              signal to those Christians who see him as more than a man. Bush,
              that day, quoted Isaiah's passage from the Servant Songs about
              captives coming out and slaves being free. This is the same
              passage, as described in Luke chapter 4, which Jesus used to
              announce his coming as the Son of God. "Today this scripture has
              been fulfilled in your hearing," said Jesus. Bush's use of this
              incredibly loaded passage speaks as much to his messianic fantasies
              as it does to his status as Christian-in-Chief.

              Yet this is the same man who invades countries without cause
              and consigns tens of thousands of innocents to explosive, burning
              death. This is the same man who pushes tax policies that further
              enrich the wealthy while stripping funds and services from the
              neediest in this nation. This is the man who speaks the language of
              vengeance, of fear, of violence. This is the man whose entire moral
              existence flies in the face of Christ's words from Luke, chapter 12,
              verse 15: "Take care to guard against all greed, for though one may
              be rich, one's life does not consist of possessions." Sadly, the
              skewed moral compass of George W. Bush is shared by too many
              Americans who would call themselves Christian.

              Possibly the most important words ever spoken by Jesus can be
              found in Matthew, chapter 5, verses 38-45. "You have heard that it
              was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,'" said
              Christ. "But if any one strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him
              the other also; and if any one would sue you and take your coat, let
              him have your cloak as well; and if any one forces you to go one
              mile, go with him two miles. Give to him who begs from you, and do
              not refuse him who would borrow from you. You have heard that it was
              said, 'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say
              to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so
              that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He makes
              His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just
              and on the unjust."

              It is these words that condemn both Bush and the hands-off
              moral attitude of too many American Christians. Certainly, Jesus
              was no fool. In Luke, chapter 11, verse 21, he said, "When a strong
              man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are in peace."
              Self-protection, for person and nation, is both moral and
              intelligent. But vengeance, violence and hatred are not Christian.
              Mercy, love and generosity are the hallmarks of the teachings of
              Jesus. If you are to call yourself Christian, you must be for the
              poor and the weak, and against empire and vengeance. Period.

              These simple attributes are all too absent in the American soul
              and spirit. Gibson's white Jesus is but one example of how far we
              have strayed. It is a safe bet that, had Gibson chosen a brown-
              skinned actor to portray Jesus, his film would not find a connection
              in this country. Millions of Americans try to live by the teachings
              of Jesus, and do so with success, but find themselves at odds with
              those who carry the banner of Christianity. This is a travesty.

              Too many so-called Christians are blind to history, blind to
              the actions of our nation, blind to the hypocrisy of our so-called
              leaders, and the world bleeds because of it. Too many so-called
              Christians are people who would slaughter the savior to protect
              their power and position. Were Jesus alive today, he would probably
              nail himself to the cross to get away from all these people who act
              like barbarians in His name.
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