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The Gospels and Gibson

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  • holderlin66
    Bradford on intellectual hypocrisy: Let us consider some basic insights that are all twisted around in expert researchers heads. Experts refuse to understand
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 23, 2004
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      Bradford on intellectual hypocrisy:

      Let us consider some basic insights that are all twisted around
      in 'expert' researchers heads. Experts refuse to understand the new
      paradigms. Yes indeed most everyone, and in fact everyone faces a
      full life Tableau review in Near Death Experiences. There is ample
      proof that such events are clear and reveal an etheric body
      loosening from the physical as described absolutely clearly by
      Steiner and Spiritual Science and anyone else with half a curious
      brain. This type of research makes those still serving
      mundane "scholarly" research nervous. And well it should. This
      doesn't even admit to how Gibson's pulling punches on Ann Catherine
      Emmerich visions rather reveals the Jesuit underpinnings of Sentient
      Soul errors of Faith all bungled together in barbed wire.

      Let us take The Wandering Jew theory also outlined by Hammerling.
      That certain curses that happened at the time of Golgotha, such as
      the mythical relation of Salome and her mother and how the head of
      John the Baptist and the timeless curse went out to Kundry and the
      historical Parsifal. This curse followed the incarnation of Kundry
      around, so the myth states. That somehow the bitch who inspired
      Kundry to such Luciferic desire for the head of John the Baptist and
      Herod's kiddie incest porn of luciferic origin, was cursed and
      carried a strange time stamp with it, is naturally myth.

      The curse of Pilatus and Mount Pilatus, where Pilot threw himself
      into a lake in Switzerland from his stunning and maddening
      confrontation with INRI is really the tale of all good Corporate
      Officers. Suddenly you are faced with an Enron or a moral nightmare
      and you are on the wrong side of the paid and bought soul. Pilates
      ghost, since the Gibson film is coming out, must surely be haunting
      Mount Pilatus in Switzerland as we near the opening of this renewed
      curse. Warnings should be going up now not to hang around Mt.

      I present two comparisons. The story of the wandering Jew and
      getting locked into or stuck into a terrible unevolving cycle is
      something that was refered back to the gnomes of the Ancient Moon
      evolution. This stuckness is how we describe retardation of even
      higher beings.

      These two comparisons reveal the hypocrisy and out of date, out of
      touch intellectual conceit and failure to WONDER and investigate
      clearly... How could, just how could these gospels or Ann Catherine
      be a tale of the Christ Event? How could this be possible? Well here
      we encounter the huge flaws in the intellecutal system that awards
      the very people who know the least about reality. Failure to be
      informed about the wide ranging capacities of humanity or that
      humanity and each person, plant and animal has an etheric body is
      really enabled by enablers of the Intellectual Soul. Certainly not
      by the constant proven wonder that is known in human biography.


      So Helpful, So Modern

      "Fisher and Foxman agreed to convene a small ad hoc group of like-
      minded colleagues, and to offer their help to Gibson in making his
      film conform to contemporary doctrine."

      Contemporary doctrine, it appears, is that Matthew, Mark, Luke and
      John did not write the Four Gospels. "We do not know who wrote the
      Gospels," says Duke University's E.P. Sanders.

      Airily dismissing 2000 years of Christian doctrine and tradition
      that the Bible is the authentic word of God, Sanders holds what
      Boyer describes as "the consensus view, that the Gospels were
      written anonymously by early Church teachers and were later assigned
      to the four evangelists saints, perhaps to bestow legitimacy."

      Sic semper inerrancy.

      Sanders, like most investigators of historical Jesus, believes that
      the Jewish high priests wanted Jesus dead because He drove the money
      changers out of the temple. But not all these alleged investigators
      agree on this.

      One of the more extreme views is held by professor Paula
      Frederickson, described by Catholic League president William Donohue
      as a "demagogue" and another vehement critic of Gibson.

      According to Boyer, Frederickson's own personal gospel proclaims
      that it was all Pilate's fault – he feared Jesus was too popular and
      wanted to kill him in order to warn the Jews against rebelling
      against Roman rule.

      After vainly trying to get their hands on a script of "The Passion,"
      the scholars mysteriously acquired a stolen copy of an early script.
      Hah! they discovered - it was just what they suspected – based on
      those four discredited Gospels and filled with unflattering
      descriptions of the Jews of that era.



      "After death, the etheric body expands and slowly disperses into the
      etheric sphere over a period of about three days. During this time,
      like the familiar tales of the drowning man, the entire life-tableau
      of the deceased person passes before the soul's eye, in a series of
      pictures in reverse order. A holographic kernel of this life tableau,
      as eternal moral memory, remains over to accompany the soul into
      kama-loka or purgatory.

      In STUDIES OF THE NEW TESTAMENT Valentin Tomberg explains the source
      of the distinct life of Christ with an explanation never touched upon
      by Steiner. He says that Jesus at His death renounced the vision of
      His life tableau. "He gave it up to humanity" and it later became the
      content of what the apostles saw in vision during the Pentecost
      event. This description gives many very important insights.

      First, it explains the "source" of the "Life of Christ" that the
      apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, used to write down their
      gospel stories. A very strong argument has always been made by
      critics of the New Testament that how could the apostles write in the
      gospels about the passion and crucifixion of Christ if they (except
      John) were admittedly, not present to watch these events? This is a
      very poignant criticism.

      However, at the Pentecost event, when the Holy Spirit descended, the
      flame, first raised the consciousness of the apostles from a
      human/angelic level to that of an arch-angelic level. Second, by the
      light of the flame of the Holy Spirit, the apostles saw in
      Imaginative vision, the entire life of Christ as reflected in His
      etheric life tableau, that did not disperse back into the etheric
      sphere at His crucifixion, but was preserved and "given back to

      For the ordinary man, our etheric body after death, disperses back
      into the general etheric sphere and our life tableau becomes part of
      the lower, historical Chronicle. But for the Christ, His etheric life
      tableau did not disperse back into the etheric sphere and become part
      of the lower Chronicle . His life tableau was preserved intact and
      given back to humanity as a separate higher Chronicle, known as the
      5th Gospel. The effect of this occult fact serves three important
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