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Rép. : Smoke/, and Carcassesaffinity to the Wire(d)

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hi Kevin Dann, (You come with...) Smoke Signals from Italy! More than the word Allegory ; The Meaning lies hidden in a previous Post Bradfordian, spoke about
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      Hi Kevin Dann,

      (You come with...)

      Smoke Signals from Italy!

      More than the word 'Allegory';
      The Meaning lies hidden in a previous
      Post Bradfordian, spoke about "mannikins";
      How well indeed does burn the "mannequins";
      Wicked Replicas - (translate in such fashion):
      Wooden Shells of humanoïd beings "Fossils" -
      Silica spiders bad blood cold Mars-materialistic;
      Most Double explicit!

      The need hence for a White Johannine
      Winged Horse Supersensible Etheric
      "Bladerunning" - Clearing the way for(th)
      The 'East to the West - Lightning -
      United Jupiter and Venus -
      Kabbalah Beauteous -
      Graalic Wonderful'!

      Love-Life Sphere -
      Middle-Man - Christ
      Elohim Sanctified;
      The Balance Universal
      Found in Microcosmos Land
      Operating Macrocosmo-Terra
      Clash with the Scraps Adversarial
      (Aka that which if of the sons of Darkness!)

      Although this is not Troy;
      You will find similar further characters
      Leading the Charge against the "WALL"
      Dark Mono(tone)lithic of the Beast Dragon;
      The Italian Zone Specificity
      Providing Ultradimensional
      Incendiary effect <- (as you said)
      (Window of Visibility Thanks)
      Instead of once on Earth was a path
      Metal Sparks of Shields and Swords;
      Armors ->> Arrows ->> Spears
      And the resulting Bloodsheds!

      Yes, Bush acts again for such a problem
      As an Indicator Polar of Ch(ea/i)pness;
      Chic-Nastiness Mark of the epoch 'Rictus';
      This time "the world as my Representation" -
      And his False proclamation of Platonism;
      Furthermore - World View Corrupted;
      His "Was ich will, das kann ich. -
      Die Welt soll sein, wie ich will."
      Is not even Human!

      So - to add another Dimension.....:

      What are you doing by Night
      While you Sleep Spirit-act
      Leave the Mineral Body to it's side?
      That's also the Question:
      "Do you have or not much Evil and Death
      As a Contaminant - Army of the 12
      Monkeys to carry in your bodies; of Decay -
      Yourself: Mainstream Model of Hindrance
      To the Spiritual Eternal; King Kong
      The Flashes of the Dust Mortal Opposes!"?

      But the Day Consciousness-Soul
      Knows the Obvious...
      Or; for the Clear of Mind
      The Truth they Find;
      And Behind the Veil - a Sight;
      To Encounter Too Many Such like!:

      'Crippled Inside'!

      "You can shine your shoes and wear a suit
      You can comb your hair and look quite cute
      You can hide your face behind a smile
      One thing you can't hide
      Is when you're cripple inside"

      "You can wear a mask or paint your face
      You can call yourself the human race
      You can wear a collar and a tie
      One thing you can't hide
      Is when you're crippled inside"

      "You can go to church and sing an hymn
      You can judge me by the color of my skin
      You can live a lie until you die
      One thing you can't hide
      Is when you're crippled inside"

      -John Lennon

      ,and Dan

      ----Message original -----
      De : Kevin Dann<kdann@...>
      Hello All,

      Has anyone smelled the smoke from the fires over in Italy?

      John Hooper in Rome

      Wednesday February 11, 2004

      The Guardian

      Is Lucifer loose on Sicily?
      No lesser figure than the honorary president of the International
      Association of

      Exorcists believes he may be.

      "What is happening is what
      normally happens when the devil enters the lives of those who let him in,"

      Father Gabriele Amorth said
      yesterday as scientists and officials confessed themselves unable to
      explain a

      string of fires and
      explosions which began in the middle of last month in the fishermen's
      quarter of a

      Sicilian village.

      Thirty-nine inhabitants of
      Caronia, on the north coast, were preparing to spend their third night
      away from

      their homes last night,
      having been evacuated at the weekend.

      Since then, in an operation
      that could have come straight from the television series X Files, a

      multi-disciplinary team of
      experts armed with measuring devices has been examining the area for
      clues to

      the spontaneous combustion of
      washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, electricity meters and


      Gianfranco Allegra, of the
      Italian Centre for Electro-technical Experimentation, told the newspaper Corriere

      della Sera that he had
      watched as "an electrical wire lying on the floor that was not plugged
      in to the

      mains inexplicably caught
      fire". When he reported the incident to his superiors in Milan he was
      told to

      sober up.

      What makes the incidents all
      the more puzzling is that the area has been without an electricity supply

      since January 4.

      On Monday the affair took a
      new turn when a chair burst into flames. Then a fire started in a water

      The mayor of Caronia, Pedro
      Spinnato, said yesterday: "I have no idea what is going on."

      He believed that arson had
      been ruled out.

      Tullio Martella, the regional
      civil defence chief, said the fires and blasts seemed to derive "from a

      dispersion of electrical
      energy, but the origin of the presumed dispersion has yet to be

      The houses in which the fires
      have broken out are all in an area 350 metres (about 380 yards) by 70

      metres between the shoreline
      and a railway.

      At first suspicion centred on
      the railway line, but that has now been discounted.

      Yesterday technicians were
      busy measuring emissions from local mobile telephone facilities.

      But Fr Amorth said they
      should not rule out vibes of a different sort.

      "The priest of the parish
      ought today to go and bless all the houses that have witnessed paranormal

      phenomena, because that is
      what they are," he said.

      Rudolf Steiner once in a lecture referred to some region of Italy which
      had this sort of ultradimensional incendiary effect, and I have a vague
      memory of his remarks coming within the context of the role of places in
      rhythmic, recurring episodes of political and social frenzy. If this
      were occurring here in the US I'd just figure it was a Bush stealth team
      running interference on the now suddenly vigilant national press'
      appetite for truth regarding Bush's having been AWOL during his National
      Guard stint.

      As long as we're talking about fires, I wonder when anyone may smell the
      smoke from this one.




      February 9, 2004

      Last month, some ninety environmentalists
      gathered in DC to consider what to do about the BushCo assaults on our

      nation's public ecosystems. The group,
      mostly paid staffers of one group or another, sat through a two-hour
      long report

      from the DC greens' "political expert."
      She regaled the group with strategies necessary "now that Dean has the nomination

      sewed up."

      When told this tale, I thought, "Hey. If
      someone this clueless can get six-figures for such obviously lame assessments,

      maybe I should take a stab at it." So,
      here are my 2004 election year predictions:

      1) Unless Skull and Bones desires a change
      in their CEO, it's Bush in a landslide. Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) will get
      the DLC

      nomination. And, then his real record will
      come out.

      A friend recently wrote, "I just ran into
      a woman in (the organic grocery) who's been working on the Kerry
      campaign for 18

      months, when I asked her what his
      political accomplishments are, she hesitated and said, "Well, I don't
      know, check out

      his website."

      Save yourself the website search, here's a synopsis:

      It's deplorable. Three-hundred-seventeen
      bills introduced. Seven passed. And four of those were ceremonial ones --

      designating special days. Voted for the
      horrific Telecommunications Act (in fact, led the charge); voted for the illegal

      war/occupation; voted for the Patriot Act
      (in fact, helped draft parts of it when it was first drafted under
      Clinton); brags

      about voting for class war on poor moms
      and kids--Clinton's welfare "reform" -- need I go on?

      Yes, I will. One of the few Bills he got
      passed was 1999's Plan Columbia, the phony Drug War's defoliation of the rainforest

      with toxic chemicals. Since the Plan was
      launched some 325,000 acres of South America's oldest democracy have been

      sprayed with toxins, yet there has been no
      drop off in cocaine imports to the US. In fact, according to the Harvard Political

      Review, Columbia's cocaine production
      increased 11%.

      The multimillionaire John Kerry, who rails
      against "special interests" on the campaign trail, got more special
      interest PAC

      money than any other senator this last six
      years! And, he refused to accept voluntary spending limits.

      Expect to see this GOP ad: Kerry at the
      helm of the "Scaramouche," his $750,000 speed boat (he paid cash!), with

      overdubs of Kerry's pontificating about
      "millionaires" and "overprivileged."

      Then, we'll see ads of Mr. Forbes Heinz
      skiing at a palatial Aspen spa (they own it!). And, just wait until they
      trot out the ad

      with footage of Kerry exhorting Vietnam
      vets to throw their medals over the Capitol fence and then cut to
      Kerry's medals

      framed on his office wall. The creep
      actually threw fake medals while encouraging others to throw their real ones!

      They may not even need to point out his
      lying over his narcissistic taking of poisonous injections of Botox - a
      lie not even

      necessary in these MTV days. When a Boston
      radio announcer asked him last week: "Can you categorically deny the

      reports that you have used Botox or other
      kinds of cosmetic surgery or cosmetic enhancements to your appearance?" Kerry

      responded, "Absolutely, I've never even
      heard of it." Very interesting, since his current heiress wife, Teresa
      Heinz, has

      been quoted in Elle magazine about her
      fondness for the stuff.

      Speaking of Teresa Heinz, she heads up the
      Heinz Environmental Defense Fund. The fund's most prominent board

      members since 1995 is none other than
      Enron's Ken Lay. Enron's bank, Citigroup, has been a major contributor
      to Kerry's

      various campaigns. In 1995, Kerry cast the
      deciding vote to override Clinton's veto of the very bill used by Enron and

      Citigroup to conduct their now well-known
      consumer rip-offs. Can you just imagine if Dr. Judy Steinberg Dean was hanging

      out with Key Lay? How about Laura Bush?

      2) Dick Cheney? The question here is: will
      he resign BEFORE or AFTER the election? If before, expect to see Rudy Guliani

      as vice-presidential candidate. If after,
      expect to see Elizabeth Dole reprise the Gerry Ford role. The other
      Cheney question

      is: how long before he is indicted on
      bribery charges?

      3) Colin Powell? Expect to see Powell
      resign soon after the election for "health reasons." [...]

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