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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Movies lately evoked; or: the DVD geniis

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : golden3000997@cs.com Hi Danny!! I m sorry to have to disagree with you (but I am feeling VERY disagreeable right now!!) I saw that movie, I found it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2004
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      De : golden3000997@...
      Hi Danny!!

      I'm sorry to have to disagree with you (but I am feeling VERY disagreeable
      right now!!)

      I saw that movie, I found it boring and pretentious and pointless. Maybe I
      missed something, but I just didn't GET it! It seemed like it was going to be
      right up my alley, but nope - no point was made except maybe that it was heaven
      - in which case I have NO intention of going there! Or it was hell - in which
      case, I better clean up my act.

      Sorry, luv.

      Hi Christine,

      Of course it's not the last Action Heroism
      Type; but the reflection - I maintain - is worth
      Along come to a thinking perhaps
      Hidden to the more western us;
      Though remain not superfluous!

      I explain by the Frenchman eccentricism
      Walking path Scribe in the Past Pages
      Out, comment 'Museum'; Representation:

      A Greatness and Age - to decide -
      Keep or not the Lag in dwell 'Walled';
      Other-while at the end the Last Door
      Open Reveal a Cosmic Expanse;
      Entrance Full Conscious -
      The Way on to Participate!

      (You can also go there with the Wind
      Of Bast; like a Cat Etheric-Elongate(d) Watch! ;)
      For the streams Jupiter and Venus -
      Are Philosophy of Freedom(or Man) and
      How to Know Higher Worlds'
      Speech Imagination Images!)

      But what are your Light and Atmosphere
      Made of? That's the Question Elective
      Affinity - Marriage Chemisty - North Ego-I
      Propensity to Enter Time
      According to your own
      Greenness Good-Will
      Naked Man Impulse -
      Clock Neo-Adjusted
      Mutation Full-Throttle
      To Sun Beingness!

      Enjoy a Win -
      Term Warm


      I just re-watched Gone with the Wind (any critics out there to jump on me??)
      just needed a good cry - such a '"chick flick". The music starts and I'm a
      blubbering mess for four glorious hours!

      Also in the middle of re-watching "Lagaan". Also LOVE the music - really
      great film, too. Bought it pre-viewed at Blockbuster for 9.99. I was thrilled.
      Also bought "Whale Rider." I think Dottie mentioned it - absolutely fabulous!!

      Let's see what else "The Man Who Cried" - good premise, fell short, though -
      great music.

      "Secondhand Lions" - a really nice treat - pretty original and you just can't
      beat Robert Duvall and Michael Caine.

      Why am I in such a disagreeable mood????? You HAD to ask, didn't you??? : )

      Because one of my beloved cats (I won't name names - OK, it was Sasha) THREW
      UP ON MY MONITOR THIS MORNING!!! Fried the damned thing! I had to take a bus
      and buy a new monitor at Office Depot and lug it back and spend money I don't
      have and spend HOURS deprived of my e-mail FIX (is there an AA for e-mail
      junkies yet?) and I am just FED UP and I'm letting it all off here because I don't
      have anyone else but these DAMNED CATS to yell at and I know you all won't
      mind because you CAN'T HEAR ME!!!

      There, that's much better. : 0 I'll be all right, honest!! : ) Now I'll
      go scrape Sasha off the wall. (You KNOW I'm kidding, right?)


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