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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Head,Heart and Spiritual Science. The Tomberg affair

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  • Danny F.
    ... Very interesting post Joel. I think the problem you re mentioning above, for what I understand of it, lie in what is accessible (spiritually) and what is
    Message 1 of 2 , May 18, 2000
      --- "Joel A. Wendt" <hermit@...> wrote:
      > Dear Andrea,
      > A writer, whose collective works are deeply wise, Ursula LeGuin,
      > wrote
      > the following: "Infinite are the arguments of mages.".
      > My problem is that these questions you address below lie in areas
      > that
      > cannot be checked out by most of us. So we are left with this person
      > saying
      > that, another person saying something else, a third person agreeing
      > with the
      > first, and all of us quoting one or the other, or having our own
      > favorite
      > thoughts.
      > Do we submit our own judgment to the comments of another? Shall
      > I forgo
      > thinking and just believe everything Steiner or Tomberg or Scaligero
      > or
      > Ben-Aharon (the newest oft quoted "initiate"). Personally I am
      > getting sick
      > of "initates", and I wish we could move on to an age where spiritual
      > experience didn't result in the need to comment endless on all kinds
      > of
      > things.
      > Imagine Christ giving lectures and writing books. Or Michael, or
      > Sophia.
      > If I think for myself, I at least have that. I can be wrong, but
      > that
      > is nothing new. That is how I learn.
      > What I don't like is being "topped" with quotes of so called
      > "wiser"
      > people. So what that Scaligero said this or that, or that Ben-Aharon
      > announces that this is what Christ wants. I'd like to gag them all
      > (Christ
      > excepted). When next I met Christ, I am sure He'll let me know what
      > He
      > wants me to know, and no intermediary will be necessary. What
      > experiences I
      > have all ready had, had this feature common to them all. When they
      > were
      > over, I was even more free than before, and always confirmed in the
      > choices
      > I had already made. Not to say I was always right, that was never an
      > issue. More, it was that even in error I was Loved, as I am
      > convinced, are
      > we all.
      > warm regards,
      > joel

      Very interesting post Joel. I think the problem you're mentioning
      above, for what I understand of it, lie in what is accessible
      (spiritually) and what is the most desirable also. The attraction
      for what sounds good and varnished, a book offers a lot. Everybody
      like to be in the best "zone" according to the Luciferic influence
      all of us are subject to. I think somewhere behind the "initiates
      quoted" mindedness certainly lie a guilt of not entering and being
      in what's actually spiritually accessible, through a "dip" into
      what's brought through a spiritual scientist in a book we feel
      better, we have come to taste a bit of the "zone".

      With the sufficient "pressure" correctly applied to ourselves,
      I think all anthroposophists can develop clairvoyance, that's
      something very far from being out of reach. The future of
      anthroposophy lie in our capacity to transform ourselves,
      not in all our little "dip" in the more or less end products
      of the others. The Christic occult initiate evolutive man archetype
      has to be brought to life, because indeed, it is full of life, and
      open many "zones", of answers, and possibilities. May we remember
      the love of God, we'll know we are supported in our evolutionary
      striving, despite this world. We can rebirth or resurrect out of the
      Self at any moment, we don't have to be space spellbound shrunk
      by Ahriman's physical transient continuity too often called life.
      We must trust the power of truth, I think there lie the real faith,
      that the goodness will be recognized from the Cosmos, and from the
      future the consequent Wisdom shall flow to fulfill, lead to
      plenitude, and capacities. Evolution is the only rewarding program,
      and this is in our hands to fully enter it or not, not only know it
      but enter in it, isn't Christ that says that there's only One good,
      certainly the "program" is issued from this One, where indeed we are
      one. By being too conservative we don't enter into the adventure, the
      Cosmic adventure. Since Christ on earth the sense world has become
      conservative, even more since the Second Coming. Certainly an
      interesting archetype can be found in St-Paul in this regard.
      The future is occult, not "book-like"; it pertain to the new heart
      capacities. Being watchful is certainly the request still made
      from Christ in order to understand. "Recognize what is in your sight,
      and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there
      is nothing hidden which will not become manifest." The truth must
      become our power, our power of love, the power of sight, en route
      to a science of the spirit. Quoting is the paradox of being 'en
      it shows it, and yet at the same time can have the illusory effect of
      'being arrived'. The mind is a strong thing, but reality is stronger.
      Should be fashion(mind) in order to appreciate it(reality) and enter
      in it, needing it's own supersensible instruments, generated out of
      itself through new spirit fecundity, through Christ, through will well



      "Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge.
      It seeks to awaken life."

      --Rudolf Steiner

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