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Rép. : Catch the Falling Sky; Fall in Love with a Star Sirius Girl!

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Dot-lines Moving And Alignment(s)-surge Man-Involved Consciousness Direct Direction-Evolve, Spirit-Will Vol-Spreading Soul-Spriting Field Metal-Auric Tell Her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2004
      Dot-lines Moving
      And Alignment(s)-surge Man-Involved
      Consciousness Direct Direction-Evolve,
      Spirit-Will Vol-Spreading Soul-Spriting
      Field Metal-Auric Tell Her 'Telluric' - Beam;
      Jupiter Lead Nature Provide Proper a House,
      Building; Time side 'Mind' inside out a cause
      Case unclosed; Forever Open come -
      In are Welcome the Gods - as from without -
      Their Worlds and Essences us touch
      And Enable the Poly-Make
      A Good Job Deep Core Stuff.


      Kevin Dann asked Jan; yet Danny comes
      As part of the 'Hello (H)All' start, and thank
      Him for the Serene-Clean-Soothing post;
      That, Well Balanced, neglect not the most
      Fundamental Friendly Approach -
      Encroach not on the Individual;
      Respect the Personal
      Via the Words Vibrant -
      Inspire the Participant.

      So. Myself through my Silence lately got a reward flagrant
      Have found to our talks a wonderful foundation complement
      In the Steiner *Most Competent -
      *(Do I even need to mention
      While I have here the link
      That bridge us all under 'Science';
      The Spiritual Truthful made utterable
      With Precise words above and below the Life Element.)

      Can be said in a sentence Hermetical:
      'The Atom is Electricity Coagulated';
      But for the Conceptual-elaborated given Excellent
      Course - as if a sheet with Teacher Instructions
      (Tiz at the end...)
      For here now the dial-multi-hug
      Content with it I Young-blend
      Funphone home wireless
      Extra-Theatrical Gnomic-Elemental
      Fairy-toothed - of course finger-point!
      (Yes - 'Silica' a thought...)
      To the talked about most important -
      As we talk and keep coming the Certain
      Utter more and more with the Archaïs
      Strategic Present Discreet behind all events!

      Eventually Wisdom-Conversant
      Fully Enable yourself;
      In a Future not so distant!

      As Christ Said:
      "Ask and it shall be given;
      Knock and it will be opened."

      Kevin Dann (a New-Opening) provided(.)
      A Chapter
      ----Message original -----
      Making me glad;
      I could imagine
      The countenance
      The guy as a 'Sirius
      Star-Girl-going-before-her he walks'
      With the Heart of a Stroller
      From Vermont USA Northern
      (Close to myself and my province :)
      Consciousness Soul the pal sparkles;
      Has got a flag supersensible a scarf
      Made out of Music and Stars
      Throated Magic Dust-attracted;
      Even the 7 Sisters found, 'Rejoiced League'
      At this cousin Celestial-Landed with Mineral boots
      On Earth - a Thrice-belted; Configurated
      Rigel-recovery Victory-discovered;
      Scorpio made Eagle
      (We all go somewhere as Mutants... ;)
      The Team Michael bear results tangible;
      Yet more than Tips of Realms belonging to Scenes - Know;
      Pan-Colors-Max-Universal the Sounds doesn't lack
      If only + this environment to be seer-visioned
      Meant always implicit Beyond the Veil
      Tacit the Peak-Scope aim in - and do Dwell;
      Dare this presence and go forwarding
      As Jan and other Spirits Active such:
      Brad, Maurice, Rabbi Shakespeare, Joksu
      Dear(s) mentionned and not; all at once!
      To Solar-Civilization Wish
      As many AUM-RA-I AMs One;
      Voice the Great White
      Astral Gentle Giant Plan
      Of Salvation Catharsis
      Even unto the Marrow
      Of the Bones
      Enter the Starry
      Pure Spiritual Equation Non-Abstract
      Substance Most Real and Ideal Deed at last:
      To follow the Elohim Christos
      As Way, Truth and Life
      Be Love


      Danny Boy

      De : Kevin Dann<kdann@...>
      Hello All,

      Snow fell here today, bringing everything to a halt, and so this morning
      I am going back through all the posts that I haven't had a chance to
      read. I began with Jan's January 3 response to "Frozen light? Or not?"
      which after opening with a beautiful clarion call to committment from
      Rudolf Steiner, remarks: " In studying the phenomena of science, with
      all its startling and far reaching new potentials for good and ill, what
      interests me more particularly are the IDEAS living or entombed as the
      case may be, in these symptomatic 'discoveries' and their physical
      markers in the world around us."Of the thousand and one directions that
      this statement might send us, at the moment it sets me wondering what
      this community is making of the 'discoveries' just now being made by the
      Mars probe--so ironically christened "Spirit"--and the imminent
      announcement by Bush of a man to Mars initiative. Does anyone get the
      sneaking suspicion that the imminent inevitable production of evidence
      of 'life on Mars' spells the ultimate triumph of a materialist
      cosmology, and a millennium-long (or longer) commitment to taking our
      Materialism out to all the planets in our solar system? What finer food
      for Ahriman's 'binding brain'!?

      Jan then expands on Ernst Lehrs' remarks about our conceptualization of
      light. I learned something from a friend the other day that put a crack
      in my conception of sound. Carol Steen, who is an artist in NYC, was my
      first synaesthete friend--that is, she has what is commonly called
      "colored hearing," and sees elaborate, shimmering, scintillating,
      multi-colored abstract patterns out in her visual field in response to
      all sound. Your voice and mine and anyone else's create different
      patterns and hues for Carol. The ringing of a telephone, the sound of
      traffic, running water. Each vowel and consonant has its own distinct
      color. For ten years Carol has shared her spectacular perceptual world
      with me. Synaesthetes --particularly the ones who end up doing visual
      arts-- have the most amazing relationship to color, and going on a walk
      through SoHo with Carol, 'window-peeping,' is like going into a
      kaleidoscope. Carol remarked the other day that listening to 'vinyl'
      (i.e., records) produces much richer colors than disks. I had always
      known from Carol that live music produced better 'tone' of her photisms
      (the color patterns she sees) than recorded music, but I had never
      considered that her colors--which I believe to be a kind of unmasking of
      the linkage between physical, etheric, and astral levels--could also
      dramatize the qualitative aspect of analog vs. digital recording. I
      suspect that we all intuit some 'decay' of the sensory world in the fact
      that much of what we hear today beyond our fleshy encounter with the
      aural world comes to us as digitized data. I may be completely wrong,
      but I think Carol's disk (i.e., digital) vs. vinyl (i.e., analog) colors
      make clear --not in "black & white" but in full BIG BOX CRAYOLA-style
      hues--that not just synaesthetes, but all of us, are losing something at
      a spiritual level when we hear the world digitally. Yesterday I heard
      that the first receivers that will pick up digital radio signals are
      beginning to be sold, and I have myself been involved the last few
      months in trying to launch a digital satellite-based radio storytelling
      channel. In fact, some of the posts here calling us to consciousness
      about the adversarial effect of radio waves on humanity's destined but
      derailed road to etheric clairvoyance have sobered me up about the real
      spiritual effects of a medium I was excited about using to try to redeem
      the demon-haunted American landscape.

      Then Jan also brings our attention to the consciousness-debasing effect
      of optical illusions, by which I imagine she would include the entire
      opus of film and other image technologies, and she brings this
      cautionary critique round to the oh so important but ever elusive issue
      of the "Beings concealed in the appliances and subethers themselves."
      The word 'appliance' has seemed a bit arcane to me for awhile now,
      conjuring the image of a somewhat frumpy fellow at Sears leaning against
      a washing machine or electric range while he waits for a prospective
      customer to come asking. It has been long enough since I've gone
      shopping for a 'major appliance' that perhaps appliances aren't even
      called appliances anymore. Perhaps someday Sears and Montgomery Ward and
      even Wal-Mart will have little signs on the aisle like the local Co-op
      has now, advising the prospective consumer of the hidden social,
      ecological, and economic costs of this brand of cereal or this avocado
      vs. that one. I am completely challenged by Jan's warning that the
      switched off electronic appliance presents as great or greater danger to
      the human consciousness than when it is switched on. Is this the real
      magical training that our children are meant to be undergoing, in lieu
      of the tutelage of LOTR films, Harry Potter books, and "Magic: The
      Gathering" and "Dungeons & Dragons" RPGS? Jan, how can we help bring
      this regime of electromagnetic 'hygiene' out into our world in a playful
      way that doesn't make everyone want to kill the messenger?

      In the play room down the hall at this moment, Turner (my host family's
      12-year-old son) and three of his buddies are playing "Magic, The
      Gathering." (Simultaneously serenaded by a CD of the soundtrack from one
      of the "Lord of the Rings" films, playing on a portable stereo; I wonder
      if this is true of most such play sessions now, that some sort of
      digital sound effect is added in the background by the players, in an
      attempt to mimic their experience of the images on screen accompanied by
      a soundtrack?) I stopped for a moment and took a glance at one of the
      elaborate "Rulebooks" for their other passion--"Dungeons & Dragons."
      Both of these "RPGs"--industry acronymn for "role-playing games"--are
      stunningly dense with esoteric vocabulary. They seem almost a kind of
      anti-image of the new etheric clairvoyance we are supposed to be
      developing. And I have to wonder what the current spiritual effects are
      of this avalanche of imagining of etheric and astral demons (the
      proscriptive manuals that come with these games are fully conversant
      with "astral" and "ethereal" --i.e., etheric; the "Monster Manual" for
      D&D is denser in goblins and ghouls than any medieval grimoire). Perhaps
      the real reason behind all the cattle mutilations (and a wide range of
      other animal
      attacks), lake serpent sightings, and other seeming increasing physical
      manifestations of these ill-intentioned spiritual beings is that
      contemporary culture has fed them so bounteously with our own hideous
      images of 'virtual' demons. I just discovered that an acquaintance of
      mine's son, Donato Giancarlo, has, along with all of his book cover
      illustration work, been a principal illustrator for the "Magic" series
      as well as the "Middle Earth" series for Tolkien's LOTR. I dropped him a
      note, asking whether he or any other fantasy illustrators whom he knew
      had any inkling that there actually is a vast realm of spiritual beings
      who roughly resemble the imaginal beasts that they bring into being on
      their drawing boards -- whether 'analog' (pen & ink on paper) or
      'digital' (computer animation). As I've lately been pondering what role
      American science fiction and fantasy pulp literature has played in the
      twentieth century in spreading various popular occult ideas of multiple
      realities--culminating of course in the contemporary cult of the
      "Matrix"--I have been struck by the incredibly baroque barrage of
      demonic beings that American illustrators have been creating for the
      last century. I stumbled on a decade of "Weird Tales" cover art, where
      Lovecraft and August Derleth and Ray Bradbury and Clark Ashton-Smith and
      other authors' dark creations are imagined in full color cover art, and
      though positively crude compared to the renderings kids get today, they
      must have mustered their spiritual twins as well. I am groping in the
      dark here, but without clairvoyance, assume that each literary and
      artistic production--much more powerfully than the casual imaginal
      creations of commonplace daydream and ephemeral fantasy--creates Beings
      in the astral world. Most recently I've been going back to read
      Andreev's _Rose of the World_ for his remarks about his visions of such
      spiritual counterparts produced by various Russian authors and artists
      (and some Europeans as well-- Andreev shares Steiner's chauvinism, and
      American figures rarely turn up). If Andreev had turned his gaze toward
      the 'metasynclite' (I think that is his term for these counterpoint
      worlds) of America in the 1940s and 50s, all he had to contend with was
      Disney, Hollywood film noir, and the growing pulp literature. But
      imagine what one would find wandering that neighborhood today!!!

      Flummoxed by contemporary daily worldwide avalanche of Fortean
      phenomena, this morning just before opening Jan's post, I decided to go
      back and take a look at Charles Fort's 1919 "Book of the Damned," and to
      my surprise, he opens this incredble survey of anomalies with his
      outrage at the scientific community's ironclad explanation of the green
      skies and blue moons and other aerial anomalies of the 1880s as effects
      of the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa, and the ash plume's scattering of
      light in the atmosphere. Fort, being the consummate empiricist, points
      out that the wierd sky effects were reported in advance of the eruption,
      and that over the seven-year period following the eruption, there were
      noticeable hiatuses in these effects. Now, just reading Jan's digest of
      Lehrs, I was struck by the observation about anthropogenic
      electromagnetic activity generating 'cosmic dust,' and thus accelerating
      Earth's aging process. Is there some possibility that the phenomena
      rejected by Fort as explicable as effects of Krakatoa's eruption were
      actually some early symptom of the mid-19th century's first forays into
      industrial applications of electromagnetism? Jan, thank you for bringing
      Lehrs' insights to our attention. Lehrs generously allowed us a certain
      grace, did he not, by saying that humanity was inevitably unaware of
      these effects while we were busily electrifying the planet, but that now
      we needed to awake to its dangers? What is the best method of calling
      into question this web of EM energy, which has become to us as seemingly
      necessary as air and water and food?

      I appreciate your reminder that much--most?--contemporary technology and
      science is black magic, and the role of torture in their processes. I
      have had the crazy notion that by keeping one eye on the history of
      black magical activities in post-Atlantean America, and the other eye on
      the 'geography' of Fortean phenomena (particularly the incidence of
      cryptic critters, from the monstrous pan-continental Thunderbirds of the
      native peoples, from the land of "Ish"--the Pacific Northwest--clear
      cross to the Wabanakiak, the People of the Rising Sun from northern
      Quebec to the mid-Atlantic, [who all called the flying monsters "Pmolak"
      in their demonology that also knew Mskagkwademosak (Water Monsters,
      including "Champ"); Bogwejimenek (gnomes); Begwesak (sylphs);
      Manogemesak (undines)] to today's big black cats and Jersey Devils and
      Dover Demons and all the rest, I might be able to argue (pardon my
      academic training) with historians that America is haunted IN PARTICULAR
      PLACES. I've been zeroing in on places of violence and torture, from
      Tenochtitlan's Templo Mayor to Gallows Hill in Salem. We'd expect Mexico
      City, with its pre-colonial legacy of blood sacrifice to the Aztec's
      Ahrimanic stand-in, to have a history of demonic occurrence, but how
      about a little outbreak like the witchcraft executions in 1692 in Salem?
      It turns out that the little knoll where more than a dozen suspected (of
      course, all contemporary academic historians, and Wiccans, and the
      general public, assumes that not one bit of black magic was ever
      practiced by any of the accused) witches of the 1692 episode (and over
      the next century, many other executions by hanging) were killed upon
      the gallows, has been 'haunted' by UFOs since 1952. It's long been
      noticed by UFO watchers that nuclear reactor sites have been a favorite
      playground of these elusive aerial critters, and just about all the
      other prominent sites of American 20th century black magic--from White
      Sands to Aberdeen Proving Ground--are equally haunted. We need to
      connect these dots--that Aztec (and Adena, Mayan, and other
      post-Atlantean American mystery traditions beholding to Ahriman) ritual
      sacrifice; English colonial violence toward their African, Native, and
      even English, neighbors; KKK and other 19th and 20th century terrorist
      activity; slaughterhouses coast to coast; the 20th century landscape of
      American militarism that has pockmarked the whole country with arsenals
      of every imaginable weapon of mass and lesser forms of destruction. . .
      I'll let you fill in the blanks from here--to see that we are indeed
      spinning ourselves into the spidery web of the 8th sphere, right here
      and now.

      Color and light. And freezing and thawing. On the same day that Carol
      told me of how her colors get 'frozen' by turning them into digital bits
      and bytes, another friend back in Vermont wrote to say that on Monday,
      as the snow fell, a line of little melted circles appeared in the snow
      outside on her lawn. The next day I heard of ice circles formed in a
      pond out in Michigan. The sky is falling all over and I guess our job is
      to catch it and turn ice to life-giving water, dross to gold. See you outside.


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