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The Evil That Men Allow

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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Tarjei has just shared with us this most remarkable lecture by Dr. Steiner: Individual Spirit Beings and the Undivided Foundation of the World, Part 1
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2004
      Tarjei has just shared with us this most remarkable lecture by Dr. Steiner:

      "Individual Spirit Beings and the Undivided Foundation of the World, Part
      1" November 18, 1917; Dornach; GA 186. Published by The Anthroposophic
      Press in "The Reappearance of Christ in the Etheric" 1983

      This passage jumped out at me:

      "There is no remedy against this situation other than knowledge of it. When
      one knows about it, one is already protected. When one knows it to the
      extent that the knowledge has become an inner certainty, a real conviction,
      then one is protected. One must not, however, be too lazy in striving to
      gain knowledge of these things. It must be said, though, that it is never
      entirely too late."

      No, not first, but in a previous post!

      Sorry, I tried to find it, but I have hundreds of e-mails saved in my "filing
      cabinet" waiting to be sorted out. But a few weeks ago, when we were having
      discussions about current events and evil, I did state categorically that the
      ONLY weapon that we have against the dark forces of our time is not "love" but
      TRUTH and knowledge of Truth. We might die for it, but we have to look our
      executioners in the eye and say "I KNOW YOU!" "I KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE AND WHAT

      This is why I urge people to study about the White Rose Group. So far, no one
      has answered me that they already knew about them or want to know more or
      couldn't care less one way or another. But what grabs my heart is that they were
      all just you and me, just ordinary students, teachers and folks. There is
      Sophie Scholl like a little lost girl, seeming like a child who might get lost on
      a bus system - not a warrior prepared to take on all of Nazi Germany! They
      were students, but not necessarily brilliant intellectuals. Their pamphlets were
      not astronomically brilliant treatises on the nature of Man and his relation
      to Evil. They were not slick advertising campaigns or products of a widespread
      political movement with millions of members to back them up. They were just a
      handful of ordinary young people who saw the Truth and had to speak the Truth
      no matter the cost. And they DID pay the cost - every one of them - with their
      LIVES! Not a theoretical warriorship or mere heart-string allegiance to an
      idea, but the full IDEA + WILL = IDEAL.

      Will YOU? Will I? Will ANYONE?

      Nazi Germany was just a trial run - like a mock jury trial, which is then
      analysed to see what works or what might go wrong in the "real thing". Hitler was
      a puppet, just as Bush. To believe that any of the people that we see before
      us is "the one", the power-broker, is to believe exactly what "THEY" want us
      to believe. It is a distraction from the Reality - The Wizard of OZ hiding the
      man behind the curtain. Only in our case, the man behind the curtain is not a
      sweet, kindly, cowardly charlatan, but The Evil One himself - or at least ONE
      of the EVIL ONES. We DON'T want to open that curtain - Do We?? Noooooo! We
      don't want to see. We want to pull the covers over our heads and hide from the
      Darkness. We want to believe in the Wizard of OZ. He's scary, but we can handle
      that. He's a horror movie scary. It's fun, even, because we can tell ourselves
      he's not really real. But behind the curtain? Oh no. We don't want to look,
      because if we do, it will never go away, the house lights will not go back up,
      we can't go home and laugh about it.

      One of the big "mistakes" of Hitler's time, one that WILL be corrected, is
      that he TALKED too much! Too much was said, was known through his speeches and
      rhetoric. Of course, they were relying primarily on his oratory, they didn't
      have the sophisticated electronic media and manipulation that is available
      today. But back then, he actually TOLD people what was happening and what was going
      to happen, what their intention was (at least to a point). He could actually
      SPEAK about mass extermination and the creation of a master race and have an
      audience that didn't object. Today, those same powers have helped to create a
      world of political thought in which such ideas are "verboten" yet carried still
      at a much deeper level - unspoken, "un-thought" even, where they live, breath
      and function at a much deeper, more insidious level and have far more power.

      Many, many years ago, I wrote a little essay (never shared with anyone except
      my then husband) called "The Rise of He-Man or Did Hitler Really Win the

      As a nanny and teacher at the time, I really squirmed when I saw children
      watching the ENORMOUSLY POPULAR cartoon series "He-Man" which spawned zillions of
      similar cartoons and comics. Even among the children in Waldorf Schools, the
      cartoons were discussed and played out on the playground. Twenty to thirty
      years later, those cartoons would seem mild and simplistic in comparison with
      what the children today are watching on Saturday mornings. Check it out - really
      - best sex and violence on TV!

      But the real message of He-Man was that when the Earth was devastated and
      turned into a lifeless hunk of rock, only those genetically manipulated with
      superhuman strength would prevail and they would be creatures resembling humans
      (to a certain extent) but would no longer be bothered with human thoughts,
      feelings or ideals, concerned only with survival. These images were fed into our
      children endlessly and now live in their subconcious. People in their twenties
      to thirties now would deny those images have any effect on their lives or their
      thinking. They would laugh at such a notion. Just silly cartoons! Yet those
      images of a "super race" (where only the "bad guys" were black, as in most
      cartoons and movies made for children) live on, like cancerous cells in their
      souls. They have been "infected" and "innoculated" with these thoughts and images.
      Of course, the effects have spread wildly. Pick up ANY magazine the next time
      you are standng in line at the supermarket. You don't need the Enquirer type,
      there is Self, O, GQ, Cosmpolitan - ANY of them. Exercise, eat an optimum
      diet, use bo-tox, lift, tuck, build that Super Body! Be a Super Man or Super
      Woman!! Be brilliant! Be successful!! Make lots of money! Buy lots of cars,
      houses, clothes, jewelry. Get lots of therapy! Clear out all those doubts and
      worries! Get rid of all negativity, all those troubling thoughts! Have Super Babies!
      Make sure they can recite the list of US Presidents and tell Mozart from
      Beethoven by the age of three!! Only Super People will survive and conquer!!! Be a
      Super Human for Jesus! Be a Survivor! Like Aliens if they are going to help
      make you a Super Person. Don't like them if they try to make you less than
      Super! Blast them outta the sky!! Independence Day!!!

      Did Hitler, Nietzche et all win the war? You BETCHA!! Is Bush an idiot? IT
      DOESN'T MATTER! He has been BRED!!!! for his job!!! He is the SON of the
      power brokers - George and BARBARA Bush (such a nice white haired lady, isn't
      she?) She was chosen to BREED these men - George W - Jeb - Neil - (are there
      more?) Just like Diana was chosen to BREED William and Henry. Both have "an heir
      and a spare." Only Barbara knew or came to know and accept THE PLAN - Diana
      didn't know and when she found out, she was horrified and tried to escape, but was
      killed. BREEDERS! GENETICS!! and then raised, trained for their positions. Do
      you still think we VOTED Bush-Clinton-Bush into office! GET REAL! The voting,
      the rhetoric, the existence of political opponents - it's all the Wizard of
      OZ to keep us from trying to open that curtain!!!

      I don't know what Joel and Tarjei are fighting about. But I was told long ago
      that much care was needed in discussing Evil, especially the Asuras, who are
      strengthened by the mere mention of their name and that such discussions
      should be conducted with much preparation and caution. Perhaps the time for caution
      has passed. But we need to be cautious in our souls. Of course, we need to
      debate and use critical thinking, but once we cross over into attack, you can
      forget about achieving anything useful. Evil one says to his imps "Just get them
      bickering - that'll keep them occupied and out of my hair for a while." "Boy,
      that was easy" says Imp.

      Bradford has been absolutely RHAPSODIZING about Rudolf Steiner and I AGREE!
      But why does it have to be a this is better/ this is worse comparison?? Yes, he
      was the GREATEST thinker - artistic - spiritual warrior since Christ's
      incarnation. But does that make all others so much LESS? Like Tolkein?? Steiner's
      purpose in relation to Speech Development is totally different than Tolkien.
      Tolkien's books were not even about the future (except indirectly) they are about
      the Past - even a mythical past! If they come to inspire the soul to fact
      future battles, that is a good thing, but I don't get that Tolkein wrote them as
      philosophical or political treatises.

      Steiner's work with Speech Development (which I studied with one of the BEST
      - Sarah Burton in Spring Valley for a whole year every day) and even the FOUR
      YEAR COURSE in Dornach is not even about our time - it is a "mere" seed work -
      something that is being planted for almost unimaginable futures. The same,
      really with Eurythmy and all of the Art indications that he gave.

      What REALLY knocks me out about Steiner is that he did not just TALK about it
      all - LOOK at the Statue - the Paintings - the Glass Windows - the Goetheanum
      (TWO) - the Bio-Dynamics farms that exist - not just imagined - ditto the
      Anthroposophical Hospitals and clinics (in Europe, alas) - THE SCHOOLS - and
      everything else!

      We're not just dealing here with ideas that exist only on the conceptual
      level and haven't yet been tried or put into practice! This is the TRULY AMAZING
      part!!! He brought it DOWN TO EARTH!!! He made it REAL!! He could have just sat
      in a room and wrote and wrote all of these ideas and left them all as books
      on a shelf for humanity to pick up or not, but he didn't - HE WORKED!!! He
      galvanized people - made them more than they were before - inspired - enlivened -
      activated!! He built buildings, taught children to play and teachers to teach,
      taught dancers to dance, singers to sing, preachers to preach, doctors to
      heal, farmers to farm and much more - and by example - he got his HANDS DIRTY!!

      And because of it - ANYONE can come to Anthroposophy if they have anything
      open at all in their Heart, Mind or Will. There is practical work to do,
      artistic work to do and intellectual work to do. If we all had to be GENIUSES and
      have PHDs to understand Steiner, we might as well give up now! But we don't. We
      can be and are flawed - very flawed. Not smart enough, not strong enough, not
      talented enough to really live up to what he gave us. We are not all
      clairvoyant nor will we be for a few more life times. But if we can bring even a spark
      of love to all of this, we can ignite a BLAZE! for the future. THAT to me is
      the Wonder and the Glory of it all! Just a spark of enthusiasm in our hearts,
      just a small crack in the iron curtain of our minds, just a small gesture -
      just a step in the right direction. Oh, we just can't SEE what this means! That
      after HE has lived and died even such a small handful of us that are willing to
      learn and striving to do something from out of his work are still here is a
      WONDERMENT!! "MY HEART WILL GO ON" - theme song from "Titanic" should be our
      theme song. Do you understand? WE MAY STILL DIE FOR THIS!!!!

      This is what I want to be made known to all parents who come to put their
      child in a Waldorf School - "You may DIE for this one day." Extreme? Sensational?
      Do you want to believe that? Fools!! If you do NOT believe that, then you do
      NOT believe the very treatises on Evil that you are so fervently discussing
      here!! YOU are the ones spinning webs of fantasy. Just because Waldorf teachers
      haven't been rounded up and incarcerated since 1940, do you think it won't
      happen? It has been a mere 60 years! Has the political world gotten BETTER? I
      think not! But our Hearts MUST GO ON!! In spite of our differences of opinions,
      in spite of our glaring faults and weaknesses, in spite of our stumbling feet
      and faltering wills. WE MUST GO ON!! So correct the one walking beside you if
      you feel it necessary, but be prepared for the day when you may have to carry
      him or you may need him to carry you. We don't know HOW we are going to get up
      Mount Doom - only that that is where we are going.

      And if you deny this, then go back to the "safe" world of the Super Man and
      try to be smarter and stronger and richer and learn to survive in the "Real
      World" as best as you are able. Live in the (relatively) comfortable USA. Ignore
      the death and torture that are occuring this minute and continue unabating in
      probably 80% of the rest of the world. Ignore the obvert oppression that
      reigns in places where the populations are not educated enough for the covert
      oppressions to be effective. Ignore the FEMA concentration camps, the World Trade
      Center murders by the United States - not the Arabs, the imprisonment of
      hundreds of thousands in Federal Prisons for smoking marijuana while hundreds of
      thousands die from alcoholism and drunk driving.

      "I am OZ - Great and Powerful! Ignore that man behind the curtain!"

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