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  • Maurice McCarthy
    After umpteen attempts at writing, I ve mailed this to kjf Maurice ... KARL JASPERS FORUM TA63 (Leslie) Commentary xx REHEATED PORRIDGE Part 4: The
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 9, 2004
      After umpteen attempts at writing, I've mailed this to kjf

    • holderlin66
      Dear Maurice; Back when you were a younger man, you started to write the work that would set your compass to the heart of the gods. There are unique spins of
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 18, 2004
        Dear Maurice;

        Back when you were a younger man, you started to write the work that
        would set your compass to the heart of the gods. There are unique
        spins of wonder, such as ENMATTERED. What follows are comments and
        your quotes pulled where I found them fascinating. The comments
        follow the line of the quotes but my comments are not marked in a
        step by step order.

        RELIGIOLOGY must meet the Sciences. These are well coined, superbly
        minted pharases Maurice that suck the mind out of their complacency.
        But as you have obviously experienced, (I also have a book I worked
        on, sitting on my files, "The Destiny of Human Speech") what we work
        on sometimes stands there echoing back to our hearts, while noone, it
        appears hardly anyone recognizes the effort one made to build such a
        fine vessel. I cut my teeth to try to begin navigating my frail
        vessel into the world of objective Spiritual Thought as well.

        The Christ event Carbon Dating and Greek thought brought together
        with the higher trinities of Light, is an astonishing integration of
        that which I hoped to convey with the help of Jan. I had researched
        the Manichean understanding of light in a previous post on this list,
        which has stuck with me, in that Maurice and those on this list are
        pulling the most adavanced factors of Religion and Science together
        in true Michael Form. This is great Stuff.

        The Butterfly dust and the wings, coupled with an insight into color
        blindness. Maurice let me be at least one of the early souls to
        congratulate you on SEEING, and Seeing with the sense of a new
        capacity of those who HAVE EYES TO SEE and Ears to hear. The Science
        of Religion is merging like a firworks in the heart and brain. Your
        compasss is zeroing in on immense mysteries.

        Maurice, in the later part of the essay, you wonder of Christ can
        stay the course. He can stay the course much better than George
        Bushes idiotic lies. I am with you always, even until the end of th
        world. In case we haven't been paying attention, We look upon the
        moment of the Transfiguration when the Father Forces, the Seraphim,
        Cherubim and Thrones, swoop down into the mortal frame of Jesus and
        his blood, down through the very marrow is harrowed, is redmade with
        the Cosmic Spirit Man...so that for the super force of the Father and
        Light, the Spirit Man walks and carries Christ, with the Cross on his
        back, up Golgotha's Hill.

        This fission is no child faith. This is the mighty Jesus Initiate
        composed of all that Buddha and the King of Thought, Zarathustra,
        could hold as the inpouring forces melted the very marrow of the
        bones and brought on what we term medically a new form of Ricketts.
        Materialism underestimates the upper powers of Light and the small
        force of light buried in Nuclear kernels of decayed electronic dust.

        Yet I will give you the fact that humanity must begin to think as you
        have started to and begin the long climb towards the higher
        Consciousness Soul and Life Spirit capacities. First, in some cases,
        the Saint, or the human works from the transfomred astral body in the
        Spirit Self. This becomes Angelic wisdom in the human frame. Steiner
        was working out this mighty, fully conscious Flowering of the Spirit
        in the Spirit Self region of psychology. This is your Religiology and
        Science of the Soul working together.

        With the Thoughts that you have mustered in just this short research
        vast forces and vision begins to come together so that out of the
        contracted Intellectual Soul the glimmering hopes of the
        Consciousness Soul arise as cohesive integrity of the spirit.
        Humanity will need this cohesive integrity of the Spirit and Steiner
        delivers all his research under the mandate of the Spirit Self OR;
        The cohesive integrity of the Spirit.

        is the incompassing and the encompassing beyond all. It is that which
        allows all
        existence, all knowledge and the means which unites the two. The
        structuring of
        willingness to produce subjects is immediately an angelology (RP2)
        religion, or rather religiology, must be added to the sciences."

        "The inception of matter is the point of origin of temporal
        development for us,
        for humanity, because we find ourselves situated as enmattered,
        living, mobile
        intellects - a concretion of the lower grades of being. The question
        is how can
        physicality rise to the kind of being we have now. When humanity
        composed the
        entire physicality of the cosmos the archai of the Celestial
        Hierarchies were at
        their human-like stage of development so we existed as material to
        their intelligence and enabled them to rise by their own efforts by
        forming a
        condition upon their existence. By E content and consciousness always
        so that if they raising themselves then we would have to be
        raised below them â€" not by the deed of the Archai themselves but by
        co-ordinated effort of higher beings above them. (When a baby has
        learnt to
        clean its own backside then you may offer it more developed objects.)"

        "Some points trouble me. In the religiological model (a form of
        monism) matter is
        not degradable yet we are faced with the fact of radioactivity. When
        contradicts theory then the fact cannot be altered so the theory must
        modified to accommodate it. There is a second point which, after some
        seems to be related to this. In the objective triad divinity decays
        into truth
        and light - these forming the limits of spiritual objectivity. Truth
        is the
        highest objective factor and light the lowest. (As the highest form of
        objectivity truth, the unity of the beings of wisdom, actually
        touches the first
        triad, touches divinity.) So when we passed from mythic
        consciousness, i.e. an
        objective pictorial consciousness, then the next linear step in the
        advance of
        human consciousness ought to have been the subjectivising of pictorial
        consciousness. (That means the handing down of the mediation of
        pictures to
        humanity from the Forms to the Archai. Released of a lower duty the
        Forms would
        move up a grade and equally the Archai have gained an ability which
        moves them
        on at the same time as human consciousness is lifted. In this kind of
        manner the
        entire being of the cosmos articulates together â€" the whole cosmos
        is a single
        organism where each organ is a category of being. The cosmos as a
        whole is
        conscious.) Yet we have subjectivised truth before pictorial
        perception. Why?
        Perhaps I should first point out that 2400 years ago the logos was
        truth yet by ~1200 A.D. we have the first autobiography, indicating
        subjectivisation of thinking and thereby the intensifying of
        individuality. For
        the sake of a figure lets say ~400 A.D. was the time of this movement
        during the
        age of Augustine. After 400 A.D. truth became an increasingly
        subjective term.

        What struck me was that material degradation is three orders of
        intensity below
        the human whereas truth is three orders above, as if the second had
        been an act
        to counter-balance the first. What does material disintegration
        signify? It
        means that the first triad could no longer hold the balance of the
        cosmos. The
        diabolic powers of the second triad had reached such strength that
        there was a
        catastrophic collapse of the fabric of the material universe. There
        is one and
        only being with the ability to correct this. He would have to descend
        into the
        fabric of matter and hold it all together then wait. Just wait. The
        god who is
        willingness would just wait. Wait for what? Well .... That's your
        decision. Do
        you want to see a miracle? Put one foot in front of the other. This
        is a
        miracle. It is made possible by the continuing conscious action of
        Christ. God
        alone knows what suffering it costs. The words, "He died to save us
        all," are
        not empty.

        The physical consequence is this, that the disintegration of matter
        has an
        origin finite in time and measured in thousands, not millions, of
        years. This
        must be physically demonstrable, though I have not yet pursued it.
        half-lives can only have been stable since the crucifixion â€" the
        time when I
        suppose Christ really entered 'the earth'. Therefore cross-referencing
        carbon-dating should show this catastrophic collapse with a wide
        degree of
        scatter in the results; also this scatter drawn into lawful alignment
        around the
        historical time given.

        The timing as to when the breakdown occurred should correspond to the
        beginning of Ancient Greek thought. To be precise when the oracle
        issued the
        words, "Know Thyself." These must have been inspired by Christ
        himself because
        they altered the natural direction of evolution. Since this is such a
        turn then I would guess it must require the collapse of a
        civilisation to allow
        its germination. The Mycenaean collapse took place about 1250 B.C.
        and led into
        the Dark Ages of Greece so I would place radioactivity perhaps no
        earlier than
        1500 B.C. Whatever, the physical facts are demonstrably right or
        wrong whereas
        the others will depend upon spiritual perception.

        Consciousness has the form of a butterfly.
        Intelligence sits between space and time.
        Willingness flies on wings of time and wisdom."

        "All colour is now draining from the physical world.
        Literally, all mankind is going colour-blind. This will be
        verifiable this century. The incidence of colour-blindness and the
        number of
        colours lost will increase throughout coming generations. It is
        because the Forms are now handing the mediation of colour to the
        Therefore we are re-gaining the power of spiritual perception. Like
        all advances
        into unknown territory it is fraught with unknown dangers and self-
        will be the worst. Your only weapon is the integrity of your own

        "What if Christ cannot take the strain any more? In humanity matter
        has reached
        the point that it can begin to take a hand in its own karma, begin to
        ascend the
        ladder of being under its own power. We stand at the beginning of the
        dissolution of the physical world. If we choose to go the spiritual
        route matter
        will be lifted behind us through the ulterior causes, the higher
        beings who form
        it for us. If we stay as we are then Christ, in all willingness, has
        to let go
        â€" simply because it is a kind of democratic vote. The universe will
        apart, become a bi-verse, and each part will follow completely
      • Maurice McCarthy
        Thank you Bradford, Some factual details may not quite be accurate. And I really must check up to see if the prediction on C14 dating holds. Off to work from
        Message 3 of 4 , Jan 19, 2004
          Thank you Bradford,

          Some factual details may not quite be accurate. And I really must check
          up to see if the prediction on C14 dating holds. Off to work from
          Swansea to Aberdeen within the hour and I know we will be busy in the
          next three weeks so I may be rather quiet on the list. (Nothing new
          there then ;-)

          Joined www.godulike.co.uk to start spreading seeds to the wider world -
          under the pseudonym of 'mitey' - which was my nickname in a younger age.

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