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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Hello Robin! Thanks for the input. I posted this link regarding our Founding Fathers . This was an eye-opener!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2004
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      Hello Robin!

      Thanks for the input. I posted this link regarding our "Founding Fathers".
      This was an eye-opener!


      It is worth an in depth reading, not just a skim. There are quotes and quotes
      from all the creators of this country and also Abraham Lincoln which give us
      a very different view of their beliefs and intentions than what we who are
      raised in this country are taught to believe!

      I am also about 3/4 of the way through an excellent book "A People's History
      of the United States" by Howard Zinn. It is quite factual, not extremist, but
      really tells a different tale than we have all been brainwashed to believe!

      Since you have described yourself as new to Steiner and his work, I would
      like to mention that this group has been going on for a little while, with people
      of lots of different lengths and depths of experience. And, as in ANY group,
      no matter how well intentioned, there are ups and downs. Please do not judge
      Steiner or try to piece together a concept of his work by what may be said
      here. Everyone needs to explore his work themselves and at their own pace. That
      being said, depending on where in New York State you live, you may find that
      there is a school or other group in your area that you could get to know.

      Of course, the people here can and I am sure will, give your any help or
      information that you might ask for and I'm sure will be more happy to serve as a

      I have posted some articles on Waldorf Education here in our group files. I
      talk a little more on the effects of TV in the one called "The Waldorf Approach
      to Reading."

      I've got to get to work now, but I look forward to hearing more from and
      about you.

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