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Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Earthquakes, Elementals and MAD COW

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    There is no border in the fight for life left uncrossed. How incomplete is the human impulse for acknowledgment of the upper and lower limits of the self. No
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 27, 2003
      There is no border in the fight for life left uncrossed. How incomplete is the human impulse for acknowledgment of the upper and lower limits of the self. No living thing, cows included, should be subjected to the abject rituals of human feeding and/or glutonry. In the long run, we the ones who survived everything, and I mean everything from AIDS to salmonella to random traffic accidents and so on, we  are going to be accountable for the excess and greed of our fellow human world dwellers. The consequences of it all, we are the ones who will SUFFER them. I am not one to judge or be judged willingly, however in the midst of this ugly period of life on planet Earth, our MOTHER, there is inside this rebellious desire to scream and attack and put a stop to all that is and shouldn't be in our wretched, wretched times.
      May the Spirit of Earth itself rebel against those horrendous crimes.

      holderlin66 <holderlin66@...> wrote:
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      kdann@v... wrote:

      "I've only had a few precognitive or telepathic
      episodes in my life, and this trio of tremors may have been
      completely unrelated
      to the quake that day, but one of these past episodes of
      communication across
      Time was of the death of a friend's twin brother in the Northridge

      >citation of Nostradamus' Century 2, Quatrain 62, in which he warns
      that the death of Mabus will signal "a horrible undoing of people and
      animals." Aaron interprets "Mabus" as a classic astral alphabetic

      Bradford comments;

      Mr. Dann, how glad I am to hear from you again. Glad tidings of great
      joy to hear your warm and penetrating insights. Now picking up where
      you left off, the disrupting of the Cloning and Chromosomal alpahabet
      is shattering the letters of the Spirits of Form text, regarding the
      Matter side of the reality of Spirit.

      On the Matter side of the equation we walk into why we must face
      facts. It is Ahriman's time and he has served one side of the Gods
      equation in the balance of making of humanity for a long time.
      Biorhythms and biological mysteries are stunning to compare with the
      Stars, the numerical rotation of the planets orbits and the rise and
      fall of the Moon. Here immense equations and formulas of matter and
      gestation cycles rise up before our gaze. Matter was never arbitrary
      nor was the "Follow the Construction of Man" theme arbitrary. It is
      only human minds that remain unhinged.

      Take for instance Ahrimanic motives. Hyjackers from French airlines,
      are mere retaliation against France for not going along with the
      Ahrimanic agenda of the West. Flights canceled and doubts scattered
      to continue to brew hatred that Ahriman fuels humans with. Now even
      Ahriman prefers this disgusting food, fear, but humans prefer it to
      the food of the gods. This fellow seekers is the horrific problem
      that is the hidden secret in plain sight.

      Now, here is a kicker of a hell of an Essay that is a must to read
      regarding the unfolding of Alzheimer's disease and spongy brain
      cannabalism that is part of the entire dairy industry. It send an
      illness into the thinking field of Michael and the ripening of soul
      faculties, world wide...is another stunning front Ahriman has
      grabbed. If you want to fight thought to thought, toe to toe and head
      to head, it isn't the logic, it is the intent and motives existing in
      sleeping souls, humanity that allows such things.

      Needless to say, Ahriman immediately accused Canada, because Ahriman
      stings back against those who failed to support it in its Imperial
      bid for world domination and the failing belief in the dollar. It was
      all Canada's fault that America was stung with Mad Cow. Not really,
      America is as guilty as sin and has been trying to hide this punch to
      the world Texas and cattle beef world. Ahiman is with us and it is
      running hot on the heels of anything the Michael School wants to fall
      asleep on. Which amounts to about everything except the contents of
      this list and those in Israel Ben Arron and wonderful sparks and
      lights that twinkle living through 21st century Michael SPirit
      researchers around the globe.

      Another obvious Ahriman for instance, Saudi passports on all the
      Terrorists, but we cannot look at Saudi Arabia OH KNOW! We must fly
      the Bin Laden family out of the U.S. without earnest questions while
      every plane in the U.S. was grounded. We know where this leads. It
      leads to the Bush family closet. But I have never thought the anti-
      christ was Bush. Not ever.

      I think it sharpening its tools for a grander entrance within less
      than 30 years time. It may be Gold boullion alchemically pulled out
      of his Magical ass when the world goes into economic tail spin and
      the Patriot act is up and running. Get in the habit of thinking and
      thinking in the Michael vein now and do not allow the growing voices
      to be silenced. We need the current half the world on high doubt
      alert that America seeks the working together of the community of
      nations. With America, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!


      Bradford concludes;

      Read the above article to find out the cannabalistic insertion of
      infected material that has fed the eating substance of Nationalism,
      false patriotism and leads finally to spongy brained mass produced
      Alzheimer's in the older generations that would have had something to
      say, like Senator Byrd does towards the vision of human reality.

      Shocking cannabalistic insertion of infected spine, brain and bone
      into the food chain. What does Ahriman think of the Cow. Well I have
      had since 1994 an essay I did on this subject and I could only
      improve upon it by adding the information posted above to the text.

      To face thinking squarely and continue to trail the beast to its lair
      we need all good thinkers to continue to report from their various
      posts along the Watchtower. Beloved friends we can do as the
      Manichean text has indicated, that the Call and the Answer to the
      Call became Gods in themsleves. In that Michael Rain and Michael
      Thoughts in human hearts are in themselves part of the Call and the
      Answering call. If you get my drift.


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