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    Message 1 of 12 , Jan 3, 2004
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      > There is a simple way to understand what Spiritual Science teaches
      > regarding the etheric and a more extensive and complex way. Now
      > I offer, from a fully active Spirit- as Steiner and the Initiates
      > always fully active Spirits - a simple way to decode what is
      > understood as Etheric quality of perception.
      > The Garden of Souls and Spirits
      > By Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
      > From The Seeds of Happiness
      > Human beings can be compared to flowers or fruit or even
      > Every time you meet some, every time you talk to them and listen to
      > them, you can enjoy their fragrance or taste their flavour. But is
      > this what you actually do? No, you rarely pay attention to anything
      > but their clothes or their jewellery, their faces, their legs or
      > their hands; you never think of nourishing yourself on the life
      > is hidden under all that and which emanates from their heart, soul
      > and spirit. And this is a great pity! Henceforth try to be more
      > attentive and learn to appreciate the human beings who are bearers
      > the subtle life. Pause when you meet someone and say to your
      > self, 'he represents an aspect of the H Father; she represents the
      > Divine Mother. Thank you Heavenly Father! Thank you, Divine Mother!
      > Thanks to these human "fruits and flowers" I can come closer to you
      > and contemplate you today. Through their splendour I can breath
      > perfume and taste your sweetness.' And you will go on your way
      > because this fruit or this flower will have brought you closer to
      > Heaven.
      > I know of course that some of you will be astonished that I should
      > compare human beings to fruit and flowers or vegetables. But what
      > so astonishing about that? Poets are always comparing beautiful
      > girls or bys to roses, violets, lilies, jasmine or lotuses! And one
      > of the favourite endearments of the French is, 'my little cabbage',
      > while someone who allows himself to be put upon is called a 'pear',
      > and someone who is stupid is called a 'gherkin'! Well, enough of
      > market-garden vocabulary! The important thing is to understand that
      > this is an extremely effective method: if you learn to you it not
      > only will you avoid many mishaps and complications but you will
      > always be full of joy and inspiration.
      > How do men and woman usually look at each other? What do they see?
      > They see only the external appearance, the body or the clothes, and
      > this proves that they do not posses true knowledge. It is exactly
      > though, looking at a car, you had eyes only for the bodywork and
      > ignored the person behind the wheel, that is to say the being that
      > thinks, feels and acts. But it is precisely this being that you
      > learn to look for, that you must learn to see and feel in people.
      > Always try to go further and deeper so as to discover the soul and
      > spirit of those you meet, for it is there that you will discover
      > riches and treasures, heaven itself.
      > It is simply a question of ridding yourself of your habit of
      > at things in a way that distorts and impoverishes life. All human
      > beings have a body that goes without saying but that doesn't mean
      > that you have to look at nothing but their stomachs or their
      > intestines. What good will that do you? Of course you will tell me
      > that you are not interested in people's intestines, that what you
      > look for in others is beauty and that you find that beauty in their
      > eyes, their faces, hands and legs, ect. Well there is nothing very
      > wrong with that, but if you stop there and never go any further you
      > will be laying yourself open to disappointments for you are
      > yourself to details that are strictly material. If you want to feel
      > continually happy and inspired try to rejoice in the presence of
      > the flowers and fruit that surround you and enjoy their emanations,
      > remembering that an invisible divinity is hidden in each one. Over
      > and above a person's physical body are all those things that
      > from him on the subtle planes, and it is they that matter most.
      > As long as human beings continue to consider only each other's
      > physical appearance they will never find the joy they seek. Someone
      > who says, 'I need beauty and love', should know that he will find
      > them only when he learns to seek others in the fluidic world of
      > emanations, radiations and vibrations. When you meet somebody
      > wonderful and begin to love him and want to get to know him,
      > of doing all you can to get close to him on the purely physical
      > plane, learn to listen to the vibrations of his voice, to capture
      > light of his glance, to rejoice in the harmony of his gestures. In
      > this way you will gradually build up a relationship with all that
      > most subtle and divine in him, and the sensations you experience
      > be beyond anything you have ever known or imagined. In the same way
      > you will also discover that people whom you may have been inclined
      > despise or ignore are in reality exceptional beings who can give
      > far more than many others who seem outwardly to be more interesting
      > or attractive.
      > There is a whole new field of study for you here. Go ahead, do some
      > experiments and analyse yourselves. Now that you know these truths
      > don't just ignore them and go on in the old way, repeating all the
      > same unhappy experiences. For I assure you, unless you change your
      > point of view, your experiences will continue to be unhappy: don't
      > delude yourself about this. It is no good believing in the
      > impossible. You plunge into all kinds of adventures that can only
      > in grief and disenchantment and you think, 'It was just bad luck;
      > could have been happy. 'No, never! Happiness and unhappiness are
      > never a question of chance or luck. They depend on you. It is you
      > yourselves who sow the seeds that will give you one or the other."
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