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Re: Frozen light? Or tooth fairy

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  • holderlin66
    Don t you just know it though? Just imagine how the working of the Tooth Fairy feels about all this. It must be an office joke around the lab. First, maybe it
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 4, 2004
      Don't you just know it though? Just imagine how the working of the
      Tooth Fairy feels about all this. It must be an office joke around
      the lab. First, maybe it wasn't the first tooth they took, but golly,
      there has got to be some very short changed tooth fairies.

      "Strontium-90, a byproduct of uranium fission, is one of the
      pollutants emitted into the air by nuclear reactors. If inhaled or
      ingested, it collects in bones and tissue and increases the risks of
      cancer and leukemia, according to the Environmental Protection

      The study, published this week in the journal The Science of the
      Total Environment, was done by the Radiation and Public Health
      Project (RPHP), a New York-based non-profit group that analyzes baby
      teeth for strontium-90. Baby teeth from counties near two nuclear
      plants in Florida and plants in California, New York, New Jersey and
      Pennsylvania were compared with baby teeth from other counties in the
      same states."

      Bradford comments-

      Milk teeth and such a mystery of assigned gnomic forces must enjoy
      creating the first working blueprint of the bones before the final
      resturcturing, weight, suspension and weight bearing load system of
      the Etheric, Astral and Personaltiy vehicle takes root. Here Earth
      Karma and Human karma meet.

      Initially the gnome community, are the assigned elemental beings in
      our karma that look over the blueprints of the future incarnating
      spiritual being. Adjustments have to be made. There are childhood
      illnesses, remaking the hereditary model and soul fattiness, etheric
      bulges, famine, hunger and deterioration from lack of nourishment,
      all these interfere with the baby teeth and also interfere with the
      work of how the gnome engineers must finally bequeath a final draft,
      a working model of the full skeletal, skull and teeth structure over
      to the adults and the child for his or her future use.

      There are about 30 some adult teeth, baby teeth may have a different
      quota but the number is very important. The bite and how the jaw and
      speech and chewing action must last a full 72 years or in some cases
      different contracts are negotiated with higher beings. However just
      because a short term contract is in the works that does not mean that
      any care for the initial building and design is decreased or

      All efforts to support the working of the Karma of mankind and the
      ultimate potential release of new elemental beings from the burden of
      the karma of the Earth, is given generous consideration in each case.

      Building a Temple out of the design code of the Zodiac and bony
      system and using the karma forces of the lower jaw bone, the former
      incarnations muscle karma attached to the bones, the twelve ribs the
      33 spinal notches.. the twelve nerves spanning the brain, the thirty
      lunar nerves in the eyes...these are all done with the specification
      of the Individual and great care is given to modelling and fashioning
      according to well established cosmic building codes.

      The Temple stands completed, given the raw materials available, the
      diet of parents and the choices made in nutrition....well we find
      that the baby teeth reflect very clearly the ancient wisdom Steiner
      indicated that indeed the Earth is ageing and is old. Indeed we
      accelerate the process by using decayed light instead of living light
      in our lives. We force the future Jupiter evoltuon and shorten the
      patient length of time for unfolding and healing complex future karma
      between men, animals and the plant world in Earth time by failing to
      understand the quality of constructive and destructive moth ray light
      or butterfly light. In other words flesh and bone will become less
      and less pure and more and more contaminated and proper matter for
      proper unfolding of karma will eventually become a Babylon Market

      We can measure the accelerated aging process by consulting the tooth
      fairy. Which is to say that humanity has slowly been asked to take
      over jobs that normally had been completed unconsciously by Angels,
      streams, weather and healthy elemental beings. Now humans must raise
      their ethic and become true Tooth Fairies and work for the Elemental
      Kingdoms. This is impossible under the dictatorship of the current
      corporate profit glut of the current Administration. Did someone say
      Kyoto Protocol?
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