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Rép. : Sunflower Squirrel, and The Phantom Advance Once, Present and Future

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    That s You: Love one another - Love your neighbours; Be a Messiah for Nature; Redeem Elementals And all creatures! Notice the finger here above As I below it
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
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      That's You:

      Love one another - Love your neighbours;
      Be a Messiah for Nature;
      Redeem Elementals
      And all creatures!

      Notice the finger here above
      As I below it explain with lines
      Horizontal-same - with words
      Point what is around;
      Mission 'Michael Intelligence';
      To Profile the Environment;
      Just like you Jan;
      Middle-Man and Lioness
      Wisdom towards the Future
      For to the Past belong the Serpent!

      Harvey said it eloquently
      While Bradford equally provided
      The illustration, --> a Personality
      Reptilo-Dinosaur such; explaining much...
      The deeds of a president; --> George Bush!
      The one getting a very "Bad-Silica" Karma
      With the Grail Vessel, Image as you said once
      That is the Desert's Sand!

      But StarDust-Lighted by the *Phantom
      Within(it),(around), the Grail King John
      Vulcan of the Good Friday under the Cross,
      Of the Heavenly Venus - get Transparent;
      As this *"Lacto-Salt" of Sophia Cosmic
      Is Ultimate Corrective Basic Medecine
      For the Wounded MAN-Shattered-Form-Fallen!

      Follow the Thinking Superconductive
      To the Spirit-Man Rosy-Dawn-Active?
      For Christ brought it to us the Death-Sick;
      The Last Enemy has been Vanquished by Him!

      Also, (back to Animal Land...)
      Let me say Positive; our Pet Ideas Meet! ;)
      + I don't think either that my squirrels hibernate;
      Adding to: the Warmth Factor;
      You evoked the very reasons - yourself -
      Always Fairy-Treat Goethean!

      Sphere Organic Nut-Human Form
      Note(s) yourself: Muse Star-Bird
      The Wings are obvious;
      Thanks Dear Jan Woman-Isis. :)

      Happy New Year
      Full of Spiritual Findings!

      Bonne Année à tous!


      ----Message original -----
      De : Jan<starbirdgarden@...>
      Dear Danny,
      What a wonderful picture you have presented us with!
      Squirrel sun-flowered! Remember the pure white one? A squirrel guru perhaps?
      Was the sunflower to be laid at his paw-feet? Or eaten medicinally? I wonder
      if your squirrel friends hibernate? Squirrels here, at least those in
      London, do not do so any longer, perhaps because food is quite plentiful,
      and they seem to have developed thicker winter coats to cope with the cold.
      Recently, at a wholesalers, I bought them a large sack of organically
      grown hazelnuts as winter-fare, and on Christmas Morning they had organic
      Almonds also.
      There is one that I try to feed especially, as it has a damaged tail with
      very little fur, a bit like a rat tail, so I worry that it can't hold it
      over its head in the rain, or breathe warmed air through it at night, but
      it seems to be managing, although very shy because the others drive it away.
      Earlier this month there were bird battles over the berried bushes, mostly
      between families of blackbirds and some thrushes (whom I was pleased to see,
      as the use of poison slug-snail pellets have almost wiped them out in local
      gardens where they used to be plentiful) but suddenly the fighting stopped,
      and they have all shared quite peacefully. When the berries run out I feed
      currants, which they all love.
      Today I had some time in the garden in the lively cold, always aware of
      the many bright eyes watching and waiting.....
      On this last day of the year accept my heartfelt thanks for your work
      on this forum, some of which I would like to revisit when this festive
      season is over and there is more quiet time in this house....and send you
      all good wishes for the future.
      Love Jan

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