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Re: [anthroposophy] The Hardening Etheric

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  • Jan
    Thanks Rick, you always come up with the goods! (The good!) As ever, we are not left helpless in the face of what comes. The answer, as ever, lies in the
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      Re: [anthroposophy] The Hardening Etheric Thanks Rick, you always come up with the goods! (The good!)
       As ever, we are not left helpless in the face of what comes.
      The answer, as ever, lies in the ‘taking  three moral steps to  every psychic one.’

      Dear Folks;

                    As they say 'luck would have it!' I just came across
      the actual passage:

      31 Oct. 1915
      "Just as the physical body has taken on rigid forms from the
      Atlantean epoch onwards, up to our fifth post-Atlantean epoch, so
      will also the etheric body take on more rigid, solid forms from the
      fifth post-Atlantean epoch onwards, into the sixth epoch and on into
      the second post-Atlantean age. As a result - and I have pointed this
      out in many lectures - in the etheric body, whose forms penetrate
      into the physical body, will assert itself very strongly. We are now
      living in the fifth epoch of the first post-Atlantean age; then come
      into the sixth and seventh epochs. During the sixth and seventh
      epochs, the rigidity of the etheric body will have a great influence
      upon the physical body and the physical body will become a faithful
      copy of the etheric.
      "This will give rise to serious and important results. During the
      sixth epoch of the post-Atlantean evolution of the earth, the human
      beings will therefore be born with specially marked bodies, which
      will express their inner moral qualities. We shall then be meeting
      someone and we shall know what his moral constitution is like, for
      his outward appearance shall reveal it. In future, the MORAL
      physiognomy will be particularly conspicuous, whereas all those marks
      which now characterize the human physiognomy will be far less
      conspicuous. The human physiognomy is now strongly dependent upon
      heredity: we resemble our parents, our ancestors and bear the
      characteristics of our race. But these things will have no meaning
      whatever during the sixth epoch, our bodily form will then obtain its
      expression from the series of our incarnations. The human beings will
      differ very much from one another and their features will be strongly
      marked. When we encounter somebody, we shall then know exactly: This
      is a good person and that is an evil one. Just as to-day we know that
      this is an Italian and that a Frenchman etc., so we shall know in
      future that this is a good person and that a bad one ... Of course,
      there will be many intermediary stages of good and evil. The human
      countenance will thus more and more express the moral qualities.
      "During the sixth epoch, even the outward physiognomy of our
      environment will have a very changed aspect. Particularly those
      animals which now supply meat for human consumption, shall then have
      died out. In future, a great hymn of praise will be sung to
      vegetarianism, and people will tell one another, as if they were
      speaking of some ancient memory, that their ancestors used to eat
      meat. Not all the animals shall then have died out, but only certain
      species; particularly those animals shall have disappeared from the
      earth that have taken on the most rigid forms. Thus, even the earth
      and its outward physiognomy will undergo certain changes." (Outlooks
      for the Future, elib. Lecture, pp.2-3)

      Thanks everyone for the continued efforts to see through, and do!


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