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Mad cow/BSE Foot and Mouth

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  • Jan
    Alzheimers has become a term, not usually even a diagnosis that covers a multitude of conditions, of which the causes can be equally various. Rick has pointed
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 29, 2003
      Alzheimers has become a term, not usually even a diagnosis that covers a
      multitude of conditions, of which the causes can be equally various. Rick
      has pointed to probably the most pertinent, electro magnetic radio waves
      (which makes one wonder what the result of close to the head mobile phones
      will be on consciousness in years to come - already there is an increase of
      brain tumours - one of the more readily perceptible because physical
      Ahriman, of course, is not the most trusting of Beings, and he knows that
      humankind has a strange habit of skipping over obstacles and disappearing
      through unexpected portals, just when he thinks he has them most securely,
      so he likes the 'belt and braces' approach.
      The sclerosis of the brain, consequent upon the increasing rigidity of
      the etheric body via the sub-etheric environment, is exacerbated by many
      other means. The use, for example of aluminum cooking utensils, saucepans
      etc, is one such contributory factor, as is fluoride in toothpaste or even,
      most heinous crime, deliberately added to drinking water. Fluoride is a
      highly toxic waste product of the phosphate fertilizer industry
      (hexafluorosilicic acid) which apparently combines easily with aluminum,
      causing symptoms similar to Alzheimers. Those who take an active interest
      in water, (I'm sure all on this list) will have followed this thread for
      years, and stand aghast but hardly surprised at the proposed fluoridating of
      all water in Britain, now proposed by Blair.
      Fluoride allows aluminum to pass through the blood brain barrier. It is
      used also as a basis of many anti-depressants, themselves another factor in
      the rigidifying of the brain. It was added to water in concentration camps
      to keep prisoners acquiescent and dumbed.
      Food colouring is 'enhanced' using aluminum and ingested constantly by
      children in sweets and junk foods.
      There is more aluminum in the earth crust than any other metal. (I think
      we explored aluminum/clay before) and other heavy metals are now found in
      particulate form in the air, possibly from chem trails.
      Aerosols also add to this heavy metal contamination.
      Flu 'jabs' are now known to increase mental confusion in the elderly, and
      those with Alzheimer like symptoms. There are heavy metal components to all
      vaccines, as well as the actual detritus that is injected into the blood,
      and flu jabs are now routinely offered to workers in many industries and
      government organizations.
      Vaccines themselves are another road to dementia, and while we have
      touched on this before, it is a huge subject which needs a lot of attention
      and viewing from many angles. Gulf War syndrome is a case in point. (See
      Captain Joyce Riley)
      We now have a generation of people who are habituated to tranquilizers
      and anti-depressents, another and increasing means of dumbing and numbing.
      Education is one more, and by no means the least, way of causing
      atrophy of the brain via an attack on the etheric body. Also the atmosphere
      of lying in which we live, those very lies carried by radio waves. Remember
      Steiner's comment that by the time the news (so called) was brought to us by
      radio waves those very means would have taken from us the ability to
      understand it.... (Have a house full of visitors, so don't have time to
      source the quote, sorry, I'm writing this in snatches as friends come and
      The other point Rick made, which is so crucial, is to ask the old
      question, "Who benefits?" Follow the money - it always leads to Ahriman.
      Now whether BSE/CJD actually exists in the form we are told, or whether
      one leads to the other is debatable, and as BSE has been occurring in
      Britain for years, a lot of work has been done on the subject. Mostly by
      government sponsored or meat-marketing-agri-business interests, and
      therefore biased and of dubious value, while other research has pointed to
      organophosphates as a causative factor in brain disease, especially in
      farmers, where the incidence is high. I have no means of knowing, or finding
      out the truth, so merely mention these theories, and invite comment. It is
      no use to adopt fixed ideas without foundation.
      Certainly the so called 'Foot and Mouth outbreak' was used by Blair etc
      to destroy Britain's farming independence, as Thatcher destroyed the
      industrial base. (They purport to come from different parties and
      ideologies, but all serve Ahriman, Spirit of Lies) It seems that Britain is
      intended to be the EU's Historic Holiday tourism resort merely. The farmers,
      however, fell victim to their own gross inhumanity and greed, and therefore
      are reaping a whirlwind of their own sowing. They have killed almost all
      wildlife, are currently shooting badgers which they blame for the TB
      prevalent in their herds of cows, which probably introduced it into the
      badger population, and is doubtless the result of poor husbandry and
      cruelty. Cows are not food.
      The 'outbreak' so called because there are trails of evidence leading to
      a deliberate spreading of a specifically created disease, was the lowest
      point of animal abuse in the history of Britain and pollutes to our shame
      the etheric climate still.
      Millions of animals were shot by so called 'marksmen', and piled in
      great mountains, dead and dying, wounded, broken bodies and burned alive in
      many cases, all over the countryside. Baleful beacons glared and thick, foul
      smelling black smoke hung over the land for weeks, a burnt offering to
      Particularly targeted by these agents of hell were the animal sanctuaries,
      where the animals were healthily reared, and so did not succumb to the
      disease. This ability to resist, to be immune must not be allowed to filter
      into public consciousness. In one small sanctuary animals were brought into
      the house, where they clustered about the humans who loved and cared for
      them, who were their protectors and friends, where they posed no possible
      danger to anyone. The soldiers broke the door down and dragged the much
      loved animals outside where they were shot.

      The whole episode was used to terrorize and sow the germs of disease in an
      atmosphere of fear, where they best thrive. Again, as Rick points out, small
      farms went down and were bought up by agri-business. The same thing went on
      with BSE.
      Whether there is such a disease as BSE/CJD I do not know for sure. What
      is certainly true is that cows are falling, using the use of legs and
      becoming 'maddened' as a result of factory farming and general abuse. Just
      stop it. Anything that brings such animal abuse to public consciousness is
      welcome to me.
      Sorry this is so sketchy, there are lots of people here today, but I wanted
      to throw out these few thoughts at least.
    • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
      To those ingesting industrial farmed food (sometimes it cannot be avoided). Instead of blessing the food praying that it be of good use to the body which seems
      Message 2 of 2 , Dec 29, 2003
        To those ingesting industrial farmed food (sometimes it cannot be avoided). Instead of blessing the food praying that it be of good use to the body which seems impossible anyway.  Say a prayer for factory farms a prayer for the humane treatment of animals (esp. if you eat meat).  Send in the Principalities of Justice (intellect), the Thrones (fertility), the Dominions (strength), the Virtues (morals), the Carrions (fate).  I send the Principalities to this problem of factory farming and my eyes well up in tears for these selfless masculine Justice providers laying down their white, gold, and royal purple color down on us.  For Jan:  a wonderful thank you for your poem-Natura- it was lovely.  Chantel
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