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9909Re: cosmic nutrition

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  • rickbobbs
    Dec 10, 2003
      Dear 'wnw';

      Steiner's view was that the food we ingest is most
      important to provide the forces used to build up the lower body,
      rather than the substance. This is the basis of many of his bio-
      dynamic agriculture recommendations, as the mineral and manufactured
      fertilizers eliminate or 'skew' these forces to our disadvantage.
      Part of the effect (maybe all) of medicines could be the replacement
      or supplementing of these forces, but I can't say anywhere that he
      specified this.

      Thanks for your interest, Rick.

      -- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "walkinsnotwelcome"
      <zolarczakl@n...> wrote:
      > I have wondered about this, not just the idea that we absorb
      > substance through the air but especially what seems to be its
      > complement, that (at least for our bodies below the necks) this is
      > our only source for physical substance. That second part doesn't
      > like it could be right. Someone is deficient in mineral X, they eat
      > some nice nourishing pills, they're not deficient anymore - if that
      > works, there seems (wow, I am being cautious to the point of
      > perversion) to be discrepancy here.
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