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  • holderlin66
    Dec 3, 2003
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "joksu57" <jouko.sorvali@k...>

      Joksu wrote:


      "I think that the legend about the fall of Lucifer can clarify these
      things. I have allways felt that there is (psychologically at least)
      a relationship between the bringer of the light (of reason),
      Lucifer, and manas. Before the fall, there is "buddhi-manas" and
      after the fall, "kama-manas" (kama meaning lust, desire). When e.g.
      Alberich denounces love in Wagner's Ring-cycle in order to have the
      mighty Ring, he cuts himself loose from the monad. After that deed
      there is no eternal "part" left in the black magician."

      Dear Joksu and Michael School participants;

      So many thanks for part two of the three part sequence. The depth of
      understanding Creation, to say, "Our Father who art in Heaven" and
      understand the rising Initiation of the Father, the Thrones through
      the stages of Saturn, Sun and Moon evolution is truly awe inspiring.
      It is a rising cookie dough and the bread of the gods we are involved
      with here.

      Swimming in a sea of Courage and Fire, Imagine the tiny plant seed
      that Steiner describes as a fire kernel. But we were these Immortal
      Fission Fire Seeds ourselves in ancient Saturn. Stay with me here. So
      now we have blood, warm blood and bone..and in that warm blood is the
      remembering fire.. Fire that we call Promethian. Fire that we could
      call in a much deeper sense, when we learn to write rich books out of
      Spiritual Science, "Profiles in Courage". Fire that is the Raw
      Courage of our birth rights.

      The New substance where Courage and Immortal substance exists as the
      fire in the blood has been super enhanced through the Christ Event.
      Yet this fire also contains passions, the Fall and also the gold of
      Manas. In this blood is the Christ Being as well. He compressed Jesus
      and pressed Jesus through his very bones.. into the marrow where
      flows the blood that antidotes Leukemia in the bone marrow.

      Now stay with me here. Christ is sweating blood as the Christ Sun
      impresses a new Fusion Force into the mighty Seed form of the Thrones
      themselves. The Thrones higher gift to humanity is pressed on Jesus,
      in the final phase of Baptizing the mighty, herculean efforts of both
      Buddha and Zarathustra..Moses and so many Courage Bearing Karmic
      Michael School Souls who linked the Sun destiny back into the human
      Physical, etheric, astral and Ego form. This Courage is what we live
      with everyday, and not the courage of Kama-Manas, false courage that
      is manifested in our current political leaders.

      Where does the new courage lie? Even more importantly, is that we
      learn to see the intimacies of such an idea so that we can see it all
      around us. We begin to see the new meaning of all the riddles that
      are right in front of noses. "Kama-Manas" sounds very complicated. It

      Kama-Manas means flag waving patriotism, Nationalism, good Porno, it
      is the dross effects of the Sentient Soul, before the Saturn Return.
      It is a pathological denial of higher grail and dove like love and a
      firm belief in only material success, physical beauty without soul,
      and the catch phrase of "we only live once, better enjoy it now,
      while you can."

      In Tolkien the fire forces of the Thrones and their ancient
      connecting thread comes handed down and linked to the Ring and the
      various related kingdoms. Oh if we only knew how to tell science that
      the bridge to thinking is there, even in Tolkien, how shocked and
      stupified they would be.

      In the Ring Bearer, and we are all Throne Ring Bearers, the split
      world of maximum enslavment of the Immortal I AM, that falls under
      the name of the Black Riders or Nine Kings- Those Nine Spiritual
      bodies of Man, the Nine capacities are sub-sensibly enslaved to
      Sorathian substance; OR;

      Or we discover the Nine forces in us and locate them and nourish them
      with the Beatitudes. Wagner and Tolkien both see a root core that
      goes far into the depths of creation and ancient Spiritual history.
      Both Wagner and Tolkien attempted to build a history and a mythic
      linking to humanities distant journey upwards to the Divine. That
      makes atleast Steiner, Wagner, Tolkien, Goethe, Milton and many, many
      others who reveal the EPIC SPeech forces and EPic roots of creation
      that we so cleverly refer to as 'The Big Bang'. Are we imbeciles?

      Joksu has touched upon the Imagination of these purified Seriphic
      Fire. We have touched upon the same fire in the Devachan Rose Bush
      Fire of Curdie. This same Science is the problem that we are faced
      with. Christ takes that Throne fire and impresses Jesus in the
      Transfiguration, in the Garden. We even can suspect Garden as a key
      word that takes the Flaming Sword of the Cherubim and runs it right
      through the vertical erect form of Jesus and hands Christ the flaming
      sword of the Seraphim, into the very marrow of his bones. Garden-Tree
      of Life- and Jesus in the Garden reverberating as the Solar Word
      presses down to the marrow of his bones, the new fire of the Thrones.

      This impacts for our intellects the ideas of Wave and Particle
      theories presented in highly clever science models. Models of energy
      use, devoid of human moral substance and what that fire feels like in
      the human I AM, are used as 100% insult against the Pauline
      experience of Damascus. Men are blinded by the brightness of the
      nuclear blast. Humanity should be able to link these thoughts
      together and come out of their brain washed illness.

      Stay with me on this; As students of Spiritual Science we should be
      able to see the intimate connections of things. We should be able to
      grasp that Science and what is taught in every university is laced
      with massive misinformation and myth. We don't want to admit that
      Occult Science is right and it can be integrated with everything we
      experience today, from nuclear threats to Israel and Palastine. We
      have, and we reamin rebellious in our soul life, gripped to the Kama-
      Manas and refusing to allow the Intellectual and Consciousness Soul
      to transform the Kama-Manas into Grail Manas.

      Love, Sex and the endocrine system that has to do with the Image of
      Venus Naked that we have discussed from Troy to the Chymical Wedding,
      has to do with how Love is raised to the dove forces in us. It hinges
      on the secretions of the Pineal and Pituitary glands. Now if you have
      followed this excursion, you need to hold onto the idea that your
      eyes can slowly see around you the very structure of diverging
      Science with the Merging of Occult Science an outline. It is not as
      hard as it looks. Because many on this list can see things, we have
      to nourish the common dialogue that maintains this vision, even if
      others refuse to make the effort. We have and we do. Thanks Joksu and
      you all.

      It is all so thick around us that we fail to see the Science basis of
      Myth and the Myth basis of materialistic Science. The difference is
      that we are held captive Politicallly by the myth of materialistic
      science and have developed very few concepts even in Anthro circles
      that take Christ and the Fusion of Jesus as serious relationship to
      matter and the mixed theories of Wave and Particle.

      We have shown that Wave and Particle theories are merely two aspects
      of the same thought. Wave is in flowing, is a blood based experience;
      and Particle is a nerve and brain based experience. This is primitive
      stuff we are paddling in. We are surrounded by very primitive power
      blocs that are using the Fear of the what we really are, against us.
      Because we fear that we are exactly this. Seeds of the Gods.

      Now Atom is a particle. But there is no particles of matter involved
      with pure spiritual beings or Devachan forces. Matter and the Beings
      of matter can be transformed, but it isn't a kernel Atom, as in
      matter atom, that is carried by the Throni as Joksu rightly calls
      them. A spark, a seed, a germinal spiritual form... What comes first
      matter or the spirit germ? We need to keep ourselves clear, catch
      glimpses, piece these things together.

      Joksu has done such a fine job at this. It is up to us to connect the
      intimate scaffolding of the human I AM in its nine fold structure to
      the Beatitudes. We see it as clear as day in the change of teeth, the
      etheric, and astral development of the child. We see it clearly in
      the educational model of Waldorf Education. It is not the Michael
      School that is off base in culture. Humanity prefers Kama-Manas and
      cannot define the higher golden Manas that transforms the Astral body
      into brotherhood and the willing work of the Angelic community. This
      inability to describe and merge this idea with Science-Love-Paul-and
      the structure of the I AM, has infected every ideal, all the way to
      the U.N. and the roots of the American military weapons and
      biological warfare programs. All this for a failure to understand the
      mature vision of the Christ impulse and that we are divine beings, is
      shattering the damage that it causes.

      If we could see it and see how it is all around us we could navigate
      through it. No one says that we have to become saints over night.
      Saints have a halo which reveals the transformed Manas. However by
      understanding that Sexual Love and Earthly nationalism and love of
      money, fame, and power has a higher level to it... we Gradually -
      meaning Grail like - live and educate our children towards the
      faithfulness of true Courage. Then their own I AM can navigate
      upwards in Freedom to the place where the Thrones and Christ have
      prepared a place for us, set a cosmic Table as it were.

      We can do this people. We are mature enough to understand this. We
      also must be mature enough to see the Michael struggle that we have
      in front of us. We ain't out of the woods yet. But look how easy all
      this is. It is people like Evast and Joksu and all of you that are
      carrying at least a part of the Table cloth, scattered in so many

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