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9883Monads II

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  • joksu57
    Dec 2, 2003
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      What are the human monads then? They are not originated from our
      Solar Logos; their origin lies in the First Secret, Father. Because
      of the eternally continuing "worldcreation" Solar Logos gives birth
      in itself to those sparks of God. These "fire sparks of God" form
      the spiritual side of the manifestation and they are like "drops in
      the ocean". The "formal" side of the manifestation is the Cosmic
      Christ originated from Father and these Godly sparks are in
      the "bosom" of the Cosmic Christ. It is as if the spark of God is
      joined to one "atom" of Christ and this combination of a Godly Spark
      and a Christ Atom is Monad. Although the name "monad" refers to one,
      there is in some high, "architypal" level already a "duality".
      Because the monad is born solely from the Father, it can be
      called "monogenes". ChristAtom is like a circle around the GodSpark –
      mantle of light, which makes love possible.

      In ancient Saturn angel hierarchy Thronoi "waked up" in the monad
      the "will to manifest", atma or spirit man. In the same time they
      gave out of themselves the "seed" to our future physical body,
      leaving it to coarsest element available, which was then warmth.
      When the monad became "sealed" with the will to manifest, it
      reflected its "mirror image" to spiritual world. This "reflection",
      aatma, spirit man, was the beginning of human evolution. There is a
      correspondence between spirit, atma, and the physical body; atma
      is "heaven" and physical body equals earth. So: "In the beginning
      God created the heaven and the earth".

      In ancient Sun angel hierarchy Cherubim waked up the powers of
      buddhi in the Monad and the its mirror image reflected to the
      buddhic world. Then there was born the seed to the "mantle of
      bliss". In the same time another angel hierarchy, Kyriotetes, gave
      the seed to ethereal body. In ancient Moon Serafim waked up in the
      Monad the manas, a seed for intellect, reason, thought. Its mirror
      image reflected in the higher devachan making it possible for the
      formation of a bridge between spirit and matter. In the same time
      another angel hierarchy, Dynameis, gave the seed to our astral body.

      In the end of the ancient Moon, when the evolution of the principles
      has reached the "animal-stage", the consciousness of this "animal"
      waked to crave individuality. This craving opened a bridge to the
      reflection of the Monad and it threw a "ray of love" to the
      consciousness of the animal. In the higher devachan an individual
      ego or I was born, which is immortal (at least when it stays
      connected to atma-buddhi). When the manas waked up in the Monad,
      there formed a "circle of manifestation". This "circle" has been
      called e.g. auric egg or karmic atom. It is the bridge of love or
      bridge of life. It is also a reflection of Christ in the matter and
      this materiality consists of the finest ether, which is also
      connected to memory. It is a gift from life and it is the "karmic
      memory book", out of which our etheric vehicle unfolds in each
      reincarnation along the "karmic orders".

      Some remarks: It is not so that only the human beings evolve in
      this "schoolsystem" of ours. All manifested beings are "evolving"
      (of course there is periodic retardation to some creatures) and this
      hold good also to the angels. The Thronoi in ancient Saturn have
      become the Cherubim in ancient Sun and Serafim in ancient Moon; so
      it is the same angel hierarchy, which have "activated" all the
      higher potentials (spirit man, life spirit and spirit self) in us.

      There is a difference between the two highest "principles" (atma and
      buddhi) and the third one (manas), because the first two have a
      close relationship to the Monad. Atma is a "reflection" of the God
      Spark and buddhi a "reflection" of the Christ Atom; so they are
      always taking part in the eternal life of the Monad. This is not
      necessarily the case with manas, which is related to our ego.

      I think that the legend about the fall of Lucifer can clarify these
      things. I have allways felt that there is (psychologically at least)
      a relationship between the bringer of the light (of reason),
      Lucifer, and manas. Before the fall, there is "buddhi-manas" and
      after the fall, "kama-manas" (kama meaning lust, desire). When e.g.
      Alberich denounces love in Wagner's Ring-cycle in order to have the
      mighty Ring, he cuts himself loose from the monad. After that deed
      there is no eternal "part" left in the black magician.

      It is said in a legend that when Lucifer fell, a jewel from his
      crown also fell to earth. From this jewel was the Chalice of Grail
      made and Christ Jesus used this Cup in the Last Supper. Crown is
      above head and "above" manas there is buddhi. Christ Jesus brought
      the "buddhic forces of Love" to all humankind and, as we remember,
      there is correspondence between buddhi and the ethereal world. I
      feel that in some sense the auric egg can describe the Chalice of

      In the next (and last) "monad post" I try to make some
      clarifications (they are surely needed) and discuss the role of our
      humanity along with Cosmic Christ and Christ Jesus (it may take a
      while). Again I painfully realise that it is not possible to give a
      proper treatment to these very deep matters in a few pages, but this
      is an attempt anyway (desperate though).

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