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9637RE: [anthroposophy] Maybe you can help me...

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Nov 1, 2003
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      On the subject on having to live with the Adversary another member of this
      list, namely Joel, wrote something I found beautiful in SteinerStudy about
      two months ago. It is out of context here so does not quite have the same
      impact but ... (I hope he does not mind)

      " ... I start with the following schematic:

      spiritual world - soul - (l/d)I-am(a/d) - soul - sense world

      ....... "

      " You will note that in the schematic above the center term was:
      (l/d)I-am(a/d). This is a reference to the luciferic and ahrimanic
      doubles, which are so intimately connected to the I-am that to our ordinary
      consciousness these three are indistinguishable. These two shadow Beings
      are quite necessary to our development, and our attention and intention
      tend to move among the three in a kind of lemniscate pattern. When our
      inner discipline has reached the point that we can begin to distinguish
      clearly in our ordinary consciousness among these three, thinking is now
      to move to its moral center."

      " By moral center, I mean a condition of intention and attention where
      every inner and outer action is rooted in moral imagination. More and more
      the I-am comes to live in the Good and the True (the Eternal), without
      succumbing to the imprecations of either shadow Being. This experience
      begins in the form of a kind of war, but finds its true balance in an inner
      gesture of gratitude, for the shadow Beings are only met and known when
      efforts on behalf of our biography are admitted and fully appreciated."

      " Thus, to live in our moral center also means to come to peace with
      mystery of Evil as that manifests in our own soul life.

      My 2 cents."

      warm regards,


      Very Best Wishes


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