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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Nov 1, 2003

      Welcome to the list. I've been too self-absorbed recently to post here but
      there are many fine folk about here. I'm a middle-aged old Brit working in
      the North Sea oil fields from where I write to you now. You'll find a
      company disclaimer at the end of this message because of that. Ignore it.

      Behind every child there stands an angel and every parent, guardian and
      teacher essentially joins with that angel in the spiritual vocation of
      raising the child into adulthood as well as they can under their conditions.
      Steiner was indeed a Christian but one unlike any other you will meet. His
      understanding of Christianity is very different to any other. If I had to
      put his philosophy into a motto I'd that properly understood ...

      Freedom and morality coincide.

      To cut a long story short he identifies thinking, i.e. the act of knowledge,
      as identical to Christ. "I" do not think, not "I" but Christ in me. Thinking
      confers freedom and freedom means that He allows the possibility of both
      Good and Evil. As much as it is distasteful to us, Christ allows all
      possibilities including the devil and still trusts that we will return to
      Him. In fact he even trusts us to help the salvation of the devil himself -
      given a very, very long time.

      The diabolic has, etymologically, two meanings therefore there are two
      devils whom Steiner calls Lucifer (a latin name meaning the bringer of light
      !!! Lucifer is a fallen angel.) and Ahriman (the darker of the twin gods in
      Ancient Persia) Ahriman is Satan. The first is the tempter and the second
      the power freak, the deceiver. My first wife was mortified when my young 6
      year old daughter wanted to put Lucifer on the Christmas tree because he had
      been expelled from heaven.

      A luciferic being is one who wants to advance yourself more quickly than you
      are able to. The luciferic and ahrimanic beings can work together in the
      most complicated way and living on earth means having to harmonise their
      doings into something better. Rather like recycling the trash, make
      something good out of something smelly.

      You can isolate yourself from the devils agents but those left outside then
      would have to cope with their redoubled efforts on their own and so Christ
      came to save the whole world and not just a few, to set an Example. RS
      believed that the Crucifixion was a planning for what the world of mankind
      would facing exactly now, 2000 years later. The spirit makes long term

      Hope this helps somewhat

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      I need someone who understands what I am struggling with...because I
      have been reading now a lot of Steiner's work. How does someone who
      has had real experiences with Jesus fit into Steiner Education? I
      wonder what it will be like when I get to the teacher training? Is
      there a place for someone like me who loves the Lord?

      Also, is there anyone on this list who can explain to me what Rudolf
      Steiner means when he talks about luciferic beings? Sorry, but that
      is a buzz word for backing off. It is difficult to understand a lot
      of his stuff...Is there such a thing as a Christian Waldorf teacher?

      Please help me...

      In love,



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