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9497Re: [anthroposophy] Another group or not

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  • Lee Peters
    Oct 5, 2003
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      Though there is great depth of knowledge among those here, it is always good to review and return to basics. I suggest you ignore what may be confusing or unfamiliar and ask any basic questions you may have. One good place is seek others in your area who may be affiliated with AP, if not maybe someone here will act as mentor off line and assist you with your interests. A good starting place is :Founding of a Science of the Spirit by Steiner which was a more accessible approach to the AP essentials than Occult Science or the other basic works. 
      It should also be remembered that in spite of great erudition, the proof of any spiritual path is in direct experience and wisdom not in reading books or having intellectual  knowledge. Though this is path of "knowledge", real knowledge comes from meditation practice and study, life, and direct experience that come from living the spiritual life. All the talk in the world about "ethers" or astral worlds mean little unless one actually has experience of these subtle realms.

      Leslie Russell <Leslie's1@...> wrote:

      Might anybody on this list suggest a more suitable on line study group for a beginner? Thank You.



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