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  • holderlin66
    Oct 5, 2003
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, Jan <starbirdgarden@b...> wrote:


      Quote from above website - "Try summoning up the most delightful
      fantasy you
      can imagine. Try and imagine, too, feeling more blissfully fulfilled
      pursuing whatever you love and value than you've ever felt before.

      Unfortunately it's quite futile. We run such simulations on
      wetware. Even the most virile imagination glimpses only a shadow of
      biological nirvana awaiting our descendants. For decoding the human
      allows happiness beyond the bounds of contemporary human experience
      to be
      genetically pre-programmed. In a post-Darwinian era of paradise-
      life on earth will be inconceivably good.

      The Hedonistic Imperative predicts we are poised to explore a
      spectrum of outrageously beautiful states of consciousness.
      states of consciousness far more sublime than today's fleeting "peak
      experiences" can become part of the texture of everyday life. The
      advent of
      utopian biotechnology permits our genetically enriched descendants to
      animated by gradients of immense well-being - in contrast to our
      mix of pleasure and pain. In the new reproductive era of "designer
      gradients of innate bliss can form the bedrock of invincible mental

      Bradford comments;

      Planet Hollywood is one of those little money makers that represent
      the tip of a conceptual iceberg of just how the Ahrimanic and
      Luciferic forces collude to rip humanity a new Devachan. The first
      aspect of understanding such Goetheanistic concepts such as Paradise
      and unlimited mental freedom by transplanting and programing, Total
      Recall, Dream Personalities and Travel guides into the "New Opium
      Dens" of the medically sanctioned mind, is to understand retarded
      Luciferic forces.

      Pineal and Pituitary manipulations of Pain and Pleasure and creating
      off road trails into hallucination and mental 'well being' is
      creating a wonderful 'Real Time' Planet Hollywood out of Luciferic
      contributions to an Ahrimanic agenda. In this world, the psyche and
      the moral Ego forces switch worlds. The important world of the Christ
      and moral action, is easily switched to the dream world. While the
      Logos world that Christ entered as a Human Biological being, full of
      nature mysteries, Goethean realities, powerful actual kingdoms of
      mineral, plants, animals and humans, can just as easily be relegated
      to the mundane cubicle where real life has become a bottled brand
      name for wall to wall 24/7 behavioral modification.

      The wonderful sign posts ahead, say, 'walk away from the complexity
      of Human Rights and higher moral development'. Living on Earth as an
      educational staging ground for true spiritual growth is too hard,
      give in. Sure there are worlds upon worlds within the sedated layers
      of the brain. We can name stars and galaxies after your little
      spoiled child, we can launch your body as part of the orbiting junk
      of Earth, Timothy Leary, We will build vaction spas on the moon and
      we will enter the layers of your brain, the hall of mirrors of your
      soul, and supply you with new medically sanctioned Opium. Kubla Khan
      a mighty Pleasure Dome is part of the side street that wavers on a
      small side street, near Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone, in the
      quiet neighborhood of the Devachan. But with the hallucination fully
      attached it it and supported by the failure of not seeing what Goethe
      saw. Goethe saw what Coleridge saw but Coleridge lost the inner
      navigation and landed instead on Planet Hollywood. Yet they should
      have been the same and in higher literature studies we can truly
      compare Coleridge vision and Goethe's.

      The Hidden Temple that Goethe saw in "The Green Snake and Beautiful
      Lily" was the arising hidden mystery of the Devachan Michael School
      that would enter history as WWI arose, be built, be burned, but
      before its destruction, the moral integrity of thousands would have
      built, carved into etheric Imagination and Astral vision, and filled
      the Consciousness Soul Cathedral, with humanity constructed threshold
      Michael Staging ground. This Threshold Staging ground became the
      Borderlands School prepared out of the Moral substance of human
      deeds. Goethe caught sight of this arising Potential and Coleridge
      would have but Lucifer shifted the soul image out of focus.

      Luciferic Symptology is the otherside of how the hallucination, mass
      hallucination, or agreed upon medical hallucinations can be created.
      Certainly as we look at a film like "The Matrix", we can see that
      humaity has been put to sleep but their immortal energy is as fuel
      for maintaining an Ahrimanic Angelic Agency that evolved from the
      lowly Techno and Medical ideas of people like Poindexter and the
      Danish Doctor offered by Jan.

      A Central Intelligence Agency and Pentagon grew into a beast that had
      a general mission to oppose the actual faculties of spiritual
      development that arise out of the Michael School and turn them
      towards the OO7 fascination with Ahrimanic forces. We are projecting
      a vast comotose, sleeping humanity who are dreaming, drugged and
      numbed out of our failed world, and lived in a collective fantasy
      where their Ego's were merely Ahrimanically generated Devachan
      shadows. Fragment of Obsessive compulsive behavior complexes sever
      themselves off the whole soul structure and here we can see clearly
      how Asuric forces tear fragments of higher integrated Soul and Ego
      structures, un penetrated by the I AM and shred it like a pack of
      wolves gnarling over meat. Soul Meat. Luciferic Symptomology, Opium
      Dens, Opium Wars, "Total Recall" and the dramatic basis of
      the "Minority Report" reveal the vast medical tampering with pineal
      and pituitary as well as hyper-endocrine generated moods of soul.

      These insights, current events, and Devachan Safaris were also tried
      in "The LawnMower Man". "The Minority Report" was based on a triad of
      atavistic clairvoyant drug experiments that reverted to a Cassandra
      like Prophetic stream of psychic disturbance rooted to real Devachan
      events. If you ever wanted to look for how these events play out in
      the Imaginations and thinking of men, you have only to open up your
      eyes and begin thinking and seeing with Spiritual Science as your
      data base. All of these mighty, and intense attempts to assault the
      human soul, as we have seeen with our Donnie Darko explorations, and
      all that Jan has just now advanced, hinges on tamperings, detours
      into obsessive compulsive behavior and false information about
      Prozac, Rittlin and advanced, enhanced one two punches by Luciferic
      and Ahrimanic assaults on the soul. They have their mission for
      survival and we have ours.. nice the way this works out. We use
      Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces and turn them back towards the
      redemption of the cosmos.

      Steiner's "Angels Work in the Astral Body of Man" are the small
      sentences that reveal the large, strides that have been taken, and
      that Steiner knew would be taken, in the assault on the territory of
      the human soul. This failure to explore Dr. Steiner is not something
      we can accuse Jan or most of those on this site of, but there are
      many who fail to understand what we have understood, and what windows
      have popped open, when Steiner is read with real earnestness. This
      Michael School is not a toy. Jan is following out future forming
      threads that have karmic roots in the Opium Wars and unravel out to a
      Luciferic Planet with Devachan hallucinations feeding the retarded
      Luciferic stream that failed because humanity failed.

      The Opium Wars suffocated the development of soul faculties in
      millions and the Spiritual World responded by creating the Karmic
      causes for Down Syndrome. Invasions of the Devachan world and the
      Spiritual blueprints that are the foundations for the human soul can
      be located partly on the Enterntainment continent, cut by a jagged
      Fault Line of Earthquake line of San Andreas, which is ready to be
      severed from Earth at any time. This giant, 'The Big ONe' would
      physically sever a portion of all that has been filled with Luciferic
      Fragmentation as the germ of a real Planet Hollywood. Such Earth and
      moral secrets exists in a Goethean real world study. It is part of
      Los Vegas Nevada and humanities new mystery centers of Luciferic
      forces that divide the U.S. into East and West. It is in the
      Pharmaceutical battle in Sweden and Denmark. Think dear friends, if
      we wished to have a War on Terrorism, would it not be better to kill
      out the qualities of soul disturbance by controlling the drugs that
      ease soul disquiet? Would we not be considered kind and gentle if we
      failed to present real educational answers but found out the way to
      medicate terrorism out of the soul?

      Nuclear Fission and how we teach about atoms and structure of matter
      is really a brain fart that exists in the nervous system of our
      brains.. The mystical level of the blood and actual beings, invisible
      and not made of matter, but subject as well to the Fallen Light
      Fission and infection of matter that we used to attack and suck down
      poisoned and fallen and infected beings is in our wonderful nuclear
      threats. There are so few in depth thinking humans around and so few
      can even bring up such potent ideas that Jan brought up in our Donnie
      Darko explorations, but yet, we see everyone thinking about the
      amazing pharmaceutical bonanza of the hallucinations of the human
      soul. Steiner brought the Science insights needed to see deeply into
      the superstructure of Soul, SPirit and Matter, with the core insight
      of the Christ Event. This is Goethean Reality, and part of us and our
      karma as incarnated humans in the flesh. It is part of our Real World
      filled with Logos invested visible and invisible worlds.

      Following the soul into the Devachan was part of what "What Dreams
      May Come". But what was the reality, and this reality is so stupidly
      lacking in nearly every discussion and it certainly cannot be lacking
      here. We die, we enter into the Spiritual World. We have tunnel and
      NDExperiences. We live real lives with real moral values, we meet
      people on Earth we have had karma with and are creating future karma
      with. We touch, smell, taste plants, feel the soil of a Logos world
      designed for our I AM's.. we are one channel in the great Logos world
      of many mansions and many sheep who respond to the voice of the
      Logos. We encounter the Dead, Angels and Luciferic and Angelic
      Beings. The vast Soul World of the Devachan is sketched in "What
      Dreams May Come" and we understand real lives, who suffer, who are
      hit hard by "Why does god hate me?" suffering and karmic riddles. We
      see human beings just like us trying to solve these deep issues. But
      we cannot remain stupid, regarding the higher worlds. Steiner did not
      allow us to remain stupid. Yet in most discussions so little of the
      vast issue of the human being's journey is connected.

      Medically sanctioned Opium Dens, as the sites Jan has indicated
      reveal, and her radio broadcast, the set up, like violence in our
      children and Pharmaceutical answers readily at hand to halt the
      thinking process, ready to accept the lie we have allowed the
      Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces to make of our educational systems,
      science and military, prevents the soul from coming to the
      superstructure of the human soul and biological two eye atenna of the
      occult meaning of the pineal and pituitary glands. Few have enough
      good sense to see how the Luciferic Symptomology and Ahrimanic
      Symptomology cloud, stir and corrupt all the glittering golden
      fragments of the greatness of the human soul.

      Now what you have, against all odds, are thousands and thousands who
      have made Spiritual Science available on the Net. The Science of the
      Soul, Spirit and Christ Event is sitting there, but how to connect to
      the substance, the ongoing stream of Intelligence that navigates and
      refuses to lead our children towards polluted streams, is a battle,
      like our current American Politics, that we fail to see through and
      fight for the Holy foundations of the human soul. We don't really
      want to know and hope it all goes away...but it won't, it can't, it
      will not disappear because you read the Bible, it remains hidden
      because it remains as feeding areas of our souls with deceptions we
      enjoy. Drinking, eating and medically believing in the goods, colas
      and food served at our schools or wondering if you need to believe
      the awe and majesty of a George Bush or Tony Blair, places you
      squarely in the playpin of Luciferic and Ahrimanic babysitters.

      Like Coleridge and Goethe who have very slight variations and come
      from the same stream of research, it is how we enter and become
      Initiated into our thinking and what Beings influence our most
      intimate navigation. What we shall see, what courage will be given to
      us.. what false hallucinations our double will cling to, and exactly
      how much karmic burden and sin we continue to dump back on the heart
      of the world, as in the effect of Down Syndrome from a cause of
      wasted Karmic life forces, from Opium Dens and the Opium Wars, are
      the trails that burden and lead away from the Spiritual world of the
      Logos, Christ. Rather does it lead to the Islamic Paradise of
      Luciferic, Planet Hollywood.

      It is severing the mechanical bodily world from the Soul World and
      splintering the human trinity into fragments that become food for
      whole failing retarded worlds. This mighty mission of humanity, in
      every small way is what must needs infuse us with Courage as we face
      nightmares. It is not just now, it is the future of our children who
      will also be us and our loved ones, as we reincarnate again and
      again, who will pay for losing the trail of the Logos in the
      confusion presented on Earth. There a mighty Pleasure Dome, a Planet
      Hollywood is filling itself like a helium balloon, that serves the
      intentions of Ahriman and Lucifer.

      There, on this renegade world, exiled out of the Rainbow Contract of
      Newton, Goethe and Noah, a planet made out of the severed fragments
      of soul, Ahriman and Lucifer assemble their pathchwork human Form and
      failed Logos world. Here is what was meant by the concept of
      gathering fragments of Bread and Fishes. There is a reverse to
      everything and the reverse, the inverse, of the Feeding of the Five
      Thousand, is the medicating and stealing the fragments of obsessive
      and compulsive hallucinations and broken fragments off the I AM and
      feeding poplulations of Retarded, off mission, beings hungering for
      food, starving..but only craving that humans become what the Christ
      came here for... To engender the Feeding of the fallen Beings in the
      dawning Fifth Epoch with the substance of human courage and love.

      Along with the medical, entertainment and educational attacks
      supporting Luciferic Symptomology, is the need to see not only the
      Raelians and Heaven's Gate, Los Vegas and Hollywood but also sober,
      conservative selection and sterilization thoughts that collude with
      genetics to interfere with the Incarnating Human Soul and seeking
      solutions not in the Education of Humanity, but in the medical
      numbing of higher capacities of cognition because humanity cannot
      find funding for what is Spiritually and Practically True to the
      Logos and the Christ Event. There should not be but there is a fast
      train to Outloading HUman souls and their hallucinatory contents and
      bad novels out to some hallucinatory planet called Nebiru.

      It has everything to do with Gradual winning wisdom and Grail like
      winning courage from Initiates and thinking that understand the Logos
      and the germinal seeds of higher education offered, even as Waldorf
      Education. It is observing that the Goethean World View is the one
      Preferred by Initiates, to use a selling, consumer tag line. Goethean
      Observations are the humanized core system that center the drama and
      mission of Earth back onto the creatures and Kingdoms in it.

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