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  • leslie russell
    Sep 30, 2003
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        Thank you for the entertaining and thought provoking post. Below you will find a copy of the quote which was taken out of context. The problem I am having is not that I personally believe Steiner was a racist, it is just that it has been such a trial to simply ignore the angst of so many people on my Waldorf Homeschooling list. For some reason it is really a heart issue for me. Although I do not believe it is my duty to inform and enlighten the 100's of list members I also feel that to bring nothing in response is not going to set well with me either.
        In light of the last few posts I want to run something by you.(remember I am a newbie)
      During the period/sphere of the arch angel Gabriel was it not part of his "job" to bring division to mankind through racial/tribal groups? Family lines and such? (I am also thinking of Babel) That we had to experience differences before we could overcome the divisions? Then when Steiner came into the picture the Michael era was being ushered in? With Michael we are moving towards bringing an end to prejudices across the world (patriarchal ideas, racial, slavery etc.) We are moving towards unity worldwide.
        I suppose I am wanting input so that I can flesh out my ideas. I know that anything that has had lasting value, (great concepts in history) have been met with opposition. It is just uncomfortable for me. ( poor me!)
        The little Anthroposophy that I have studied makes my heart sing, Unfortunately I am unable to move forward at any pace but that of a snail. No doubt this is for a reason...I wish that I had enough of an understanding to take some thoughts back to my homeschooling group.I have a strong desire to put out this fire.I appreciate any input at all.
      "You see, when we really study science and history, we must conclude
      that if
      people become increasingly strong, they will also become increasingly
      stupid. If the blonds and blue-eyed people die out, the human race will
      become increasingly dense if men do not arrive at a form of
      that is independent of blondness. Blond hair actually bestows
      ... It is indeed true that the more the fair individuals die out the
      will the instinctive wisdom of humans vanish."

      [Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf Schools. Health and Illness: Volume
      p86. (1922) Spring Valley: Anthroposophic Press, 1981]

      Harvey Bornfield <earlyfire@...> wrote:
      Dear Leslie,

      Steiner addressed more profoundly than anyone in recent memory the issue of the watershed of talents once associated with racial characteristics, and of how this changes from group-driven to individually-sourced initiatives as we transition into modern times. In his masterwork "The Mission of Folk Souls, the ties to the Races, the Planets, the organs of the body, the hierarchies which cooperated in their differentiation, and the tie to the mythology and folklore are adeptly connected. And this is a delicious subject which deserves airing.

      Moving on:
      Material, empirically-seated, "brain-based" intelligence and the resourcefulness it spawns in our ability to grasp and externally manipulate the physical world is, to be sure, awesome' (the polite abbreviation for awesome!!!!), but, in the last analysis, intelligence, the "IQ", one of the great obsessions of educators during my childhood, as well as its bastard-heir-apparent  "Norms-based testing", which makes lame, devout and obnoxious Jihad - - -  " Intelligence " (pause fo kneel, "One nation, Under Intelligence")  what a great applauseweorthy ring the word still sports, is, alas, you universe of creepy-crawly CPA's, but one of many foci of human capacity, and a great distraction to matters of depth, compassion and the pursuit of happiness. 

      In times past blood-bound, race-linked connections conferred identity upon people through affiliation, and held powerful instinctive sway as determinants of the way peoples were focused in various ages upon various stages. This, all this in order to mature certain perspectives and industry in the "heyday" of certain groups which 'island', which populate the riverrun of successive civilizations, leaving impressive bookmarks.

      Yet when these civilizations fall by the wayside, it is very much like a serpent molting a skin grown outmoded and constricting. If you ponder and embrace this compelling imagination, inviting it inside your life of thought, then it is wasy to anticipate that successive cultures will also arise, and be as newer, more outer tree rings upon a single tree of the life of all humanity, so that in a following spiritual springtime, they will be superceded by a new purposes. (Reflects a moment: One cannot pit different tree-rings of the same One Entity, against each other. What bizarre and twisted a notion be that). So we fast forward to today: The capacity for material Intelligence is now becoming transmuted, fructified into Self-evidencing Intuition as a means to penetrating, "conversing with", discovering as it were, or, I stand corrected, as it WILL BE, ......discovering, touching, accessing, what's the word I'm looking for?......Revealing the secrets of both the material and the subtle universe. Forgive me: Earlyfire loves strophic exposition. The following is a paid advertisement:
      Long live Ancient Greece, Long live Shakespeare. (Before there was spin there is Fortspinnung)

      Now, to the heart of the matter:
      Racism is a form of group egocentricity, in which a 'Herd of People", fall in love with their little island in the riverrun, and acquiring a vested interest in dominating history, wax tyrannical, chauvinistic and arrogant, and marring their gifts to the cosmos and to man with all manner of partisan cruelty, imagining that what they have or are still developing, entitles them to certain unique privileges among men, among the most offensive of which are the economic and psychological domination of others, fail to recognize that in reality, the hierarchies which guide, which spark, which inspire groups of people to develop higher talents, at all times intend to make their accomlishments available altruistically for bestowal, to disbursed far and wide upon all humanity as universal legacy. Greek Philosophy, Roman Law, the emergence of Scientific perspective at the time of the European Renaissance, (seeded by the unacknowledged importation of algebra and chemistry developed under Arabic Islamic auspices during Europe's Dark Ages) - those cultures, peoples, races who were honored with the task of bringing them forth, if they turn prejudiced and refuse to travel forward from their island, remain behind, stuck in their mileposts, in love with their bookmarks, losing, receding ever more greatly out of touch with incoming chapters of emerging purpose, so suffering then, an ever widening gap between their own fortress and those who pioneer new and epic tasks appropriate to the expanding of civilization.

      Behold  Fortress America, the Saddam Bush syndrome, a deadly disease of oblivion seated in the political administration of the nation, how phenomenologically similar, how closely bound up in oppressive intent to equate dialogue with heresy, how it employs the same forces, and will doubtless be recognized as a variation of racism. It is allowed to fester because the American People have thus far utterly failed to recognize that it is their unique and unsuspected destiny in world history to promulgate the spiritually-authored emergence and triumph of the Oneness of Humanity over all the outmoded 'sold-separately' and vastly disfunctional nationalistic points of view, which are dinosaurs.

      In Europe, which suffering the blows and sacrifice of hundreds of years of secular and religious wars, there has already begun to emerge a socially and economically tamed confederation of cooperating nations, which prophecies, artistically foreshadows the arising of a unity which transcends nationalistic viewpoints. In America, we will take this hierarchically-inspired initiative one step further: Confronted with a wondrous courage-inspiring task, an uphill climb like to the conquest of Everest, that of conquering the prejudices within our own melting pot which, despite praiseworthy advances through the martyrdom of JFK and MLK and others, remains nontheless most dire.

      So when the man from the Publisher's clearing house knocks, he unscrolls the following message: Congratulations, American People' (an abbreviation for ......:-)))
      Catharsed thus of all traces of hatred, and even of the euphoria of young, love which blinds clear wide-angle sight, America, you have earned through the replacement of "fast food" with "Vast food" the right to decide to wrest yourself free from the unannounced siege by the "Empire Rednecks" whose Pinnochio-like strings are digitally manipulated by hosts of the Clandestine who imagine themselves immune to detection and aloof from moral influence.

      And swiftly following on the heels of a decision to rise to champion the Oneness of Humanity, will pull off a swift and sudden triumph over those who are loyalty and dogma addicts. And with the ascent of Humanity as One, and the laying to rest forever of the word "Foreign", there will be no such possibility of authoring a "Foreign Policy" But you will have to decide whether the cup is half empty or half full. 

      Recall Prospero in the Tempest:
      Gentle breath of yours my sails Must fill, or else my project fails, Which was to please. Now I want Spirits to enforce, art to enchant; And my ending is despair Unless I be reliev'd by prayer, Which pierces so that it assaults Mercy itself, and frees all faults. As you from crimes would pardon'd be, Let your indulgence set me free. THE END

      But now, intermission is over:

      Steiner who, as a visionary far ahead of his contemporaries, well knew that group bonding was dissolving into individualized spheres of responsibility, that group racial and tribal affiliation are, even as we speak, happily giving way, ever and irrevokably loosening under the charisma of emerging individual initiative, anticipated that entire palette of spiritual traits such as intelligence, wisdom and moral virtue are becoming dependent upon human decision making, upon impulses of leaderless, priestless choice, rather than unconsciously guided impulses as in the past, or decisions superimposed "IN BEHALF of" those by self-styled power-brokers who nihilistically imagine individuals are lacking in vision and responsibility and grit to transact such dialogue as empowers and underwrites democratic processes.

      Exhale now, this is a slow transition. We all look forward to maturing to the recognition that the celebration of racial diversity is perfect and welcome, and makes a long overdue antidote eminently capable of overthrowing negative scathe and judgmental condemnations of physiologically-defined differences, which is the sorry state of affairs of contemporary humanity.

      To release the hold of race and blood as primary determinants, as fundamental influences in the evolution of qualities, capacities and virtues among men, one must desire to laugh at the funeral, at the laying to rest of outmoded and barbaric prejudice of all genres, including the one which blackmails your ideality and jades your dreams, and handcuffs your ascent to moral initiatives, the one you darkly whisper to yourself
      I, creepy-crawly CPA, have calculated the odds: "It can't happen here".

      Tell your Waldorf home-schoolers that on Harduf Kibbutz in Isreal, there is a Waldorf school in which Jews and Arabs share common educational auspices. Could it be possible that such an unrivalled, futuristic blend of peoples could be the fruits by which the Christ said ye shall know them, the fruits of a racist?

      Warm Regards,
      Tucson, Arizona


      At 1052 PM 9/27/2003, you wrote

      Hello all,

        I am pasting a post from a Waldorf home schooling page that I
      belong to. It is causing agitation among group members. I recently
      began Foundation Studies and I feel that any Steiner quotes taken out
      of context can be misunderstood at the very least. I wonder if there
      is anybody on this list that might feel like responding to this
      message. I am not qualified as I have not read the book.

        The best I might come up with is that Steiner is
      thinking "instinctive wisdom" should/should not die out and be
      replaced by something else? I feel that Steiner would not mean that
      people with dark skin/hair are less superior in any way. Thank you
      for your time.  Leslie Russell

      "Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind, but mankind cannot comprehend."
      Ludwig van Beethoven

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