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934Re: AW: Time,WTO,etc.-Re: [anthroposophy] New Issue of Southern Cross Review

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  • elaine upton
    May 4, 2000
      Gruess Gott, michael, and hello to andrea, rick, joann all of this thread!

      I am assuming you speak German over in Tubingen! (smile). Forgive my awkward
      German, but it is a language i love!--Willkommen!

      Thanks for what you write affirming my feeling about N. Perlas and for
      sending a web address.

      I was not at the conference he and J. Ben Aharon held in Sweden, nor am i
      likely to go to the one in Cape Town (Kapstadt, Sud Afrika), though I used
      to live near Johannesburg and wouldn't at all mind returning to that
      country. What a great place for a Threefolding conference! So, so much is
      happening in South Africa! A whole new society is being born,and what an
      opportunity! (We have a South African on this list, who is usually quiet,
      but who might be able to say more about this...)

      So, in the venerable Germany, where anthroposophy has firm root in many
      respects, at least, what is happening in the way of Threefolding?

      Andrea, thanks for your offerings about the inner and outer/social streams
      in anthroposophy and how the work of Ben Aharon and Perlas can bring these
      together. That seems a crucial task.

      Peace to all,
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