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918RE: The Power of Media and The Dragoon's skin

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  • elaine upton
    May 2, 2000
      Hello JoAnn, Rick, andrea, all,

      Yes, JoAnn, the effects of TV are children are pretty clear. We adults may
      hide it better, but what of the child in us, i wonder. I've not read the
      book, but my partner highly regards it: Jerry Mander's book on the loss of
      the sacred (now i suddenly forget the title, but it's on the loss of the

      >From: Jo Ann Schwartz <sr_joanna@...>
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      >Subject: Re: [anthroposophy] RE: The Power of Media and The Dragoon's skin
      >Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 03:54:49 -0700 (PDT)
      > > CIAO, ANDREA! I think that you raised some very poignant issues about
      > > the inundating electromagnetic (sub-astral/etheric) forces that surround
      > > us on an everyday basis. How does this affect our own etheric and astral
      > > bodies? Does it deaden them?
      >Heya Richard,
      >I think you can pretty directly see the effect of television on the
      >etheric when you plop your toddler down in front of Sesame Street. Instead
      >of being a wiggly bundle of energy, the kid becomes a slack-jawed zombie.
      >How this ultimately effects the development of the etheric, I can't
      >say.... however, I will note that even 'mainstream' scientists such as
      >Jane Healy (_Endangered Minds: Why Our Children Don't Think_ and _Failure
      >to Connect_) are beginning to argue that the real danger of television for
      >children is not in what it does (this zombie effect) but in what it
      >seemingly prevents children from doing--- learning to use and control
      >their bodies. Learning to speak. Learning to be social....
      >Well, no doubt preaching to the choir on this, so....
      >love & light,
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