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9103The Heart is not a Pump!

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  • holderlin66
    Aug 10, 2003
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      To see even the faint whisps of this fire in present or past
      > thinking sustains the pulse of the Etheric heart of the Christ in
      > generations flowing as a river from the stars. These are not
      > folks!

      Bradford comments;

      The Heart is not a pump! It is not a mechanical or devoid of hallowed
      inspiratin from on high. Our hearts dear friends are 4 part knots
      where Archangel, Angel and Archai flame from our blood red lips and
      flow through our warm and inspired thoughts.

      Pluto may bring the signature in the astrological chart of
      generations who form their inner heart systems in joy with the mighty
      Sun Spirit the Earth Risen Christ. In these etheric currents, corded
      or chorded in the knots of the Heart, we swirl into incarnation.
      Physical organs form, we swim, we run, we play as children and we
      strengthen what will unfold in the power of our hearts.

      In this fire of Fission, that allows us to be Harvesters of Light and
      Love we search for the Mead of Poetry, that is Cosmic Michael
      Intelligence infused with the new fire that was brought from
      Golgotha. Suddenly hearts Light heroic torches along the watchtowers
      and their words singe with singing soul warmth into the collective
      consciousness. We educate and should educate so that this nuclear
      reactor of the heart and mind can track the Etherization of the Blood
      through our hearts.

      I was recently speaking with a friend about the difference between
      the culture that I had experienced when living words tumbled out of
      Martin Luther King Jr.'s mouth and Robert Kennedy and JFK and that as
      a human being and a teacher I could begin to learn, from Dr.
      Steiner's massive contributions and Heindel and Gandhi and Thoreau
      and so many thousands of others, just what this Fire was that could
      suddenly land on a striving human heart...

      The heart is no pump and Ahriman hates that idea that instead of
      Harvesting Poison Light and learning now to Harvest Man, we learn to
      become bearers of Divine Fire and INspiriation in our own
      Etherization of the Blood. That we develop what Kvasir was murdered
      for, the divine Mead of the Blood.. the Golden Fire that is all
      around us as the living Etheric Streaming of the current Time Vision
      of the Etheric Christ... in our spiritual moments in time.
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