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  • Lee Peters
    Aug 8, 2003
      snowplank <snowplank@...> wrote:
      Who was this teacher and what about comments about natural and synthesized drugs like MDA.
      The "teacher" was Max Heindel of the Rosicrucian Fellowship and acknowledged as a seer in the same tradition (Western Christian Esoteric) as Steiner. He is seen as an outsider by Anthroposophists I believe.  I have found his basic works and spiritual insight right on the mark (though like others from this time period, there is a Victorian ring to the style and thinking).
      Other drugs were not discussed directly but by implication with the effects of alcohol. Psychotropic drugs whether "natural" or synthesized drive the etheric and physical body apart and the soul being (who we are really) is caught in "an in between state" of consciousness that we cannot control or get out of. This condition creates a psychic space  for elementals and other psychic influences can enter our bodies and soul bodies. This is not to promote fear but just a fact. We apparently don't always sense these intrusions because they are unconscious to us (but during the high, most can feel their influence and flowing in and out of the etheric and physical body). In addition, the damage and disruption of psychotropic drugs is well known as it impacts brain chemistry, lowers glucose levels and may damage neurons in the brain. Long term use is also patently clear- damage and personal devastation. But there is little research on the metaphysical side. Heindel, when observing bar scenes clairvoyantly, would describes droves of elementals and deceased drunkards hovering and seeping up the fumes and psychic forces of the those in the bar. It was a disturbing sight. In this "loosened condition" between the physical and etheric (and astral body spreading out in a bliss state) the individual is not able to function properly between soul and body and can create a long term condition often seen with alcoholics even when they are not drunk. We can notice that when they walk, they reach out with their feet but are not coordinating the movement to the feet and ground. I am sure we have all seen this. The metaphysical reason seems to be: a semi permanent separation has occurred between the astral functions, the etheric body and the physical. The will to move is there but the connection and flow into the etheric pathways into the nervous systems to muscles is disrupted.  This is turn can lead to serious long term organic problems with the liver, kidneys, etc. because the true functions of the astral body are disabled and cannot interact properly with the organs in the body as they should. Medical science would point to organ diseases or neurological problems (which is the case) but the origins of these conditions is all related to psychic constitutional problems.

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