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    Aug 6, 2003
      Hi Maurice,
      > Comfrey is usually looked upon as a nuisance and rooted out but the
      > place you will find it is in an allotment where they often grow it
      > fertiliser.

      Comfrey was banned in Australia in the 70s. If I remember rightly, it
      is a liver poison when used in excess. So be careful how much you

      We can still grow it and have it for our personal use, so all is not

      > > RS enjoyed the odd cigar.

      As discussed before on this list he also used snuff. There were a few
      prominent students of Dr. Steiner's that smoked. The first leader of
      the society after Dr. Steiner died was a smoker.

      Blavatsky of course, was a heavy smoker.

      Smoking was not prohibited in either Steiner's or Blavatsky's
      Esoteric Section- alcohol was.

      I'm not saying that smoking is OK for your health, it's just that it
      doesn't appear to a problem when the student is undertaking esoteric

      Dr. Steiner did talk about the effects of nictotine. It tends to
      speed up the thinking processes so that one is inclined to go from A
      to Z without thoroughly considering the Bs, Cs & Qs etc. It can also
      lead to paranoia ( which is part of the aforementioned problem).

      There are some very interesting comments on opium in one of the
      lectures- to workers on the Goetheanum I think.

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