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9070Re: [anthroposophy] smoking karma

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  • Lee Peters
    Aug 5, 2003
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      I cannot answer from first hand knowledge but can offer this true story Christian mystical teacher in the early part of the 20th century mentioned this event:
      When doing work in the spiritual worlds he would often meet others from his life who were connected to his particular path- Rosicrucian Christianity. He met a man in the street one day and mentioned something that happened the "night" before. The man did not understand  what the reference was to, so this teacher passed on. He was curious why this man did not remember the encounter and circumstances from the journey the night before. The next night he investigated the man's inner constitution and found that he was a heavy cigar smoker. He then described the effect of cigar and cigarettes: the use of them is deadly to the finer connections between the brain and the etheric currents associated with the brain and especially spiritual memory. Smoke "sits" and collects  and gradually creates a permanent smoke like fog or mist in the etheric body and thus forms a barrier between subtle communications while in the physical form. Incidentally, Ram Das mentioned a similar experience in his post drug teaching days as a young Yogi. After many acid hits, he turned to Yoga and meditation. During meditation practice he encountered a huge and thorny energy knot at the top of his spine leading to the skull. It was very difficult to unravel this and create a free flow of energy through the chakras and spine. In short, the effects are well know and they are not positive. Like alcohol, smoking is a deadener of sensitivity and damage the connections between the etheric body and the physical organs. Besides, it is well known that cigarettes contribute to lung cancer! 
      And this former teacher (mentioned earlier) commented that the cigar smoker may had sacrificed this life in regards to ever regaining  clairvoyance and retaining spiritual memory of work at "night" in the spiritual worlds.

      daniel bernard <fantomeurbain@...> wrote:
      Hi to every one,
                               i'm asking an other question, now i know that this group has a large potential of wisdom et knowledge. so my question is: i smoke tobacco, and i'm asking what this smoke do to my etheric body and more, what can it be the karma consequence of this bad habit.
      if anyone smoker antroposophe please
      give me a breath of light

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