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9063Shock and Awe-Numbness and Complacency

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  • Bradford Riley
    Aug 5, 2003
      Below we find a diagnosis that is plain to observe on a daily basis, in the
      U.S. at least. I am certainly hoping that the rest of the world is more
      informed than America. The subject is insanity, however from our perspective
      we are dealing with mass numbness of soul. I suspect that the numbness
      itself is caused by the faulty foundations of interest, education and any
      developed sense of or organ of discernment for the perception of truth.

      A mass of souls have migrated, incarnated, directly out of the Middle Ages
      and still stream in from old Europe. The Church, belief, faith, bottled
      Sentient Soul impulses and now these same undeveloped souls are knocking,
      knocking on the Intellectual Soul doors, while many of us are already in the
      Consciousness Soul. In the inundation of media, we naturally have a
      drowning, an over kill and we have no actual built in foundations in the
      soul that will give it a clear rudder so that any passage in the fog would
      make sense. Numbness as a weakened religious instinct, which has become
      babbling power grabbing Fundamentalists and rabid, mark rabid intellectual
      soul attacks that are mainstreamed everyday as sort of entertaining
      Gladiator violence, now brought to numbness in the Intellectual Soul is
      daily bread.

      Very few have even the faintest clue how massively Wizard of Oz this all is.
      Because Ahrimanic Symptomology, observing the shadow as a foundational
      basic training, or grasping the towering forces of the Christ Event, have
      all been numbed, most of it externally, through massive technology and
      media, where no Spiritual Journey, no Path, No Educated biograpical
      picturing of rhythms, or even what and why you desire what you desire as a
      consumer is applauded, sought for, questioned or highlighted in the daily
      cartoon mugging and numb assaults we call our daily lives.

      This diagnosis is the educational condition of a vast amount of souls. What
      we research here are views held by all those who have cosmopolitan and
      consciousness soul development we are working at or have arrived at. We ask,
      without numbness, what next? What next, not negatively, but what next comes
      in Spirit Self Development? How is the Earth coping? How do rhythms of
      history and karmic biography, such as Weimar of 1933 to Bush of 2003 play
      into events? What have we yet not mined from the Initiates who we trust?

      For most of us, the numbness does not take root? We are not easily swayed to
      spend time at malls, watching endless sports, fawning over media heros and
      diversionary stories... but we are solid Watchers all along the Watch
      Towers. Lucifer and Ahriman approach us as they do all others, but with
      minimum effort, we can identify the cu;prits and learn something. But
      numbness, abdications of ones senses and allowing the soul to be infected
      with extreme insect poison, or South American Nerve agent poison iin such a
      way that it circulates unconsciously as a refined deadness of soul in the
      astral body. Animated with all the invisible strings that call for
      animantion, that even allow one to have relationships, to pretend to be
      interested and think, and above all wallow in sentimentality while
      protecting your family reveals a betrayal of consciousness and allowing our
      daily sonar to let vast submerged beings in the soul, slowly take over the
      vehicle of consciousness and bring on a host of egregorial element beings
      whose job it is to numb the soul and make it too frail to lift the sword of

      Functionally Insane Americans
      By David McGowan

      There have been many attempts made, by both the legal and mental health
      communities, to define "insanity." But it seems to me that that term can be
      most succinctly defined as: "a disconnection from reality." And the severity
      of any individual's insanity is a function of the degree of that person's
      disconnection from reality.

      That definition, of course, is entirely dependent on how "reality" is
      defined. From the point of view of the state, "reality" is whatever the
      shapers of public opinion say it is. Anyone who disagrees with the voices of
      authority is, therefore, insane. From that perspective, people such as, for
      instance, yours truly, are completely bonkers.

      But if we base our definition on a relatively objective reality, then most
      of the people that I know are, without question, insane. Most of my
      relatives are insane. Most of my friends are insane. Most of the people that
      I work with are insane. Damn near everyone in the country is at least mildly
      insane. A very large majority are moderately to severely insane. And
      according to polls, at least a third are stark raving mad.

      These people hold beliefs that are clearly delusional�that have absolutely
      no connection to reality. And they persist in holding these beliefs even
      when not a shred of evidence can be produced to support them. And no, I'm
      not talking about people who believe in UFOs, reincarnation, and the Loch
      Ness Monster. And I'm also not talking about people who believe in some
      supreme spiritual entity.

      I'm talking about people who believe that 'weapons of mass destruction' have
      been uncovered in Iraq . . . who believe that 'weapons of mass destruction'
      were used against our troops over there . . . who even believe that 'weapons
      of mass destruction' is something other than a arbitrary term cooked up
      recently by Uncle Sam to describe weapons systems possessed by our
      'enemies,' regardless of the actual destructive capability of those systems.

      The functionally insane also believe that Iraqis were among the hijackers
      who allegedly commandeered the planes on September 11, 2001. It is difficult
      to fathom, but these people are so crazed that they have actually taken the
      government's already fanciful conspiracy theory, which is itself totally
      disconnected from reality, and they have made it even more ludicrous by
      adding some Iraqis to the mix. I'm betting that a few years down the road
      these same people will also believe that there were a couple of Liberians on
      one of the planes, as well as an Iranian guy, a couple of North Koreans, a
      Syrian, and perhaps a Cuban or two. Maybe even a French couple.

      It's the damnedest thing, but in addition to holding these bizarre beliefs,
      these people can't even seem to see the walls going up. Perhaps that is the
      silver lining in being completely insane: when you are that thoroughly
      disconnected from reality, you don't even know that you are living in an

      And so it is that we see the functionally insane behaving as though they
      still live outside the walls .. as though nothing has changed in their lives
      . . . as though their children haven't been stripped of any sort of
      meaningful future. You see these people everywhere, walking around without a
      care in the world, discussing who should have won the last American Idol,
      who the newest Bachelor should choose as his soul mate, whether a
      professional bodybuilder would make a better or worse governor than a
      professional wrestler, and whether Dr. Phil gives better relationship advice
      than Dr. Laura.

      The beliefs of the functionally insane are not, by definition, based on
      objective facts, so it can be quite frustrating trying to communicate with
      one of them on anything other than a superficial level. Fully documented
      facts will either be dismissed out-of-hand or explained away using the exact
      same verbiage that spills from the cable 'news' programs�as though these
      people's minds are mere tape-recorders, rather than tools for analysis. It
      is not uncommon for the most severely insane to greet inconvenient facts
      with a practiced look that seems to say, more or less: "What are you�some
      kind of an idiot? Obviously you don't watch Fox News, 'cause if you did, we
      wouldn't need to have this conversation!"

      One of the more bizarre ideas that seems to have recently taken root in the
      minds of the functionally insane is that the question of whether the Bush
      administration lied to the American people during the selling of the Iraq
      war hinges entirely on a mere 16 words inserted into the State of the Union
      Address�overlooking the rather obvious fact that every official on the Bush
      team knowingly and quite deliberately lied pretty much every time they
      stepped up to the plate to offer some imaginary justification for the war.

      Another strange belief that has taken hold is that if Team Bush�at the very
      time that the media had actually called them on one lie out of thousands,
      and at the very time that the congressional 9�11 committee had released a
      heavily whitewashed but still damaging report, and at the very time that
      U.S. troop morale had sunk to levels that could soon see the American people
      reintroduced to the term "fragging"�suddenly announces that a band of its
      great and noble warriors have slain the sons of the evil one, then it must
      be true.

      About the only thing that seems to be required for a fallacious fact to take
      root in the minds of the functionally insane is for a known liar in
      Washington and/or the media to have authoritatively uttered it. It matters
      not if the fallacious fact is later retracted and/or completely discredited.
      It matters not if the fallacious fact represents a brazen rewriting of
      history just weeks after that history was recorded. And it matters not if
      belief in the fallacious fact requires belief in a whole host of other
      fallacious facts that are internally inconsistent and completely lacking in

      Never mind, for example, that it is extremely unlikely that the Hussein
      brothers would be holed up in a Kurdish stronghold, where they are,
      according to Team Bush, universally despised. Never mind that it is equally
      unlikely that the pair would be holed up, together, in an unsecured location
      with no means of escape. Never mind as well that it is very unlikely that,
      between the two of them, they had just a single guard. Never mind that it is
      unlikely that the two would seek refuge in the home of a man who apparently
      sometimes claimed to be a relative, but actually was not. And never mind
      that that home has already been bulldozed, thus destroying all evidence of
      what happened there.

      Never mind as well that neither Hussein brother was known to wear a full
      beard. That new look, according to U.S. officials, was part of their
      disguises. And that is a reasonable enough claim, I suppose, but is it also
      reasonable to assume that the two have been on a three-month feeding frenzy
      in order to pack on some extra pounds, also as part of their disguises? And
      never mind, I should add here, that the corpse identified as Uday appears to
      be sporting a beard that was created with a black magic marker. And never
      mind that we are left to conclude that the extra weight and facial hair
      enabled the two to live unrecognized in enemy territory, but will not
      prevent their corpses from being identified by the Iraqi people.

      Never mind that officials at the scene of the firefight initially said that
      the recovered bodies were too badly damaged to be visually identified, which
      would be expected given the firepower that was unleashed upon them, but
      which was, nonetheless, directly contradicted by the release of the photos.
      And never mind that while Team Bush claims that captured Iraqi officials
      have positively identified the bodies, those same alleged officials have
      never been paraded before the Iraqi people, or the American people, despite
      claims that such displays are necessary to reassure everyone that the old
      regime is no longer in charge.

      Never mind that no attempt was made to take the Hussein brothers alive,
      despite the fact that the real Uday and Kusai would be invaluable
      intelligence assets, since they presumably know where all the bodies are
      buried, and where all the mythical WMDs are hidden, and where all the
      fugitive Baathists, including their father, are in hiding. And never mind
      that live prisoners would have been far more convincing than photographic
      images of mutilated corpses. And never mind that it is decidedly more
      difficult to pass off a live impersonator than it is to falsely identify an
      altered corpse.

      And never mind, finally, that there is something seriously wrong with the
      claim that it took 200 or more of Rummy's best fighting men�armed with
      state-of-the-art missiles, grenades and guns, and accompanied by the world's
      most deadly helicopters, airplanes and tanks�several hours and millions of
      dollars worth of munitions to defeat an enemy force of two able-bodied
      adults, one disabled adult and one young teenager, armed only with AK-47s
      and pinned down in what could hardly be described (and yet still was) as a
      fortified location.

      Never mind all of that because the Bushmen do not lie, so if they claim to
      have slain a couple of dragons, then it must be true. And if they claim that
      doing so marked a major turning point in 'post-war' operations, then that
      must be true as well. Clearly, we are winning the War on Terr'ism. America
      is standing tall.

      Never mind that nothing has really changed in Iraq. The 'diehard resistance'
      will continue to fight�indefinitely. U.S. troops will continue to die. Troop
      morale will continue to plummet as it becomes ever more apparent to our
      soldiers that they have put their lives on the line and lost a part of their
      souls to serve not as liberators, but as occupiers.

      In the asylum, it is now firmly ingrained in the national psyche that the
      Sons of Saddam are dead�and that is cause for joyous celebration. This is
      not the time for doubts about what is in that congressional report on 9�11.
      Nor about whether the Bushettes lied to sell their war. And pay no attention
      to those distracting little stories that sometimes pop up, usually only
      briefly, in the news. Who cares, for example, that some Brit whistleblower
      decided to kill himself? Or that Bush's nominee to head the Navy also
      decided to kill himself? Or that Guantanamo is morphing from a concentration
      camp into a death camp? Or that someone shot a councilman in council
      chambers despite elaborate post-9�11 security measures? Or that the gunman
      was then picked off in a crowd by an uncannily accurate plainclothes officer
      who just happened to be on hand and who was able to immediately assess the
      chaotic situation and know within seconds exactly what to do?

      In the asylum, none of that matters because nothing is real unless our
      masters tell us that it is, and then it only remains real until it becomes
      necessary to render a new reality. And the functionally insane nod their
      heads in agreement, their eyes never betraying a hint of confusion over the
      ever-shifting reality being created for them.

      And the walls, meanwhile, get a little bit higher. Can you see them yet?

      David McGowan is the author of "Derailing Democracy" and "Understand the
      F-Word: American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion."

      The Center for an Informed America


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