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9031Re: [anthroposophy] smoking karma

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Aug 1, 2003
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      RS enjoyed the odd cigar. Just remember to take at least a minimal care
      of your body. Auntie Heather never told anyone to give up smoking - they
      just did not look for a cigarette when sticking to her diet. The proper
      nutrition subsumed the craving. Comfrey and mallow.


      daniel bernard wrote:

      > Hi to every one,
      > i'm asking an other question, now i know taht
      > this group has a large potential of wisdom et knowlege. so my question
      > is: i smoke tobaco, and i'm asking what this smoke do to my etherique
      > body and more, what can it be the karma consequence of this bad habit.
      > if anyone smoker antroposophe please
      > give me a breath of light
      > Thank
      > Daniel
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