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901Fwd: [open-circle] Crop Circles

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  • elaine upton
    May 1, 2000
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      Dear ones,

      A while back, after reading the Steiner student, Stanley Messenger (via
      Bruce's post on him), I became interested in crop circles and asked more
      about these. Now, on another list, someone has posted some amazing pictures,
      that, if you are able to download (if not automatically attached to your
      email), you may really like to see. I find them amazing! What message are
      they sending?!!

      (See forwarded message below, and the attachment, i hope)

      Peace in awe!

      >From: I've done some basic research on the web, and there is certainly a
      >wealth of
      >information available. Attached are what I consider to be some interesting
      >photographs of these remarkable formations, part art, part science, and
      >religion. I've read various theories about them... there are definitely
      >which have been simply created by talented "circle-artists" and others
      >defy explanation. The following quote feels comfortable to me and I'm
      >content to agree:
      > "They are like dreams, to interrogate them is to force them to lie., to
      >interpret them is to diminish their richness, to explain them is to
      >misunderstand them´┐Ż Crop circles are like mouths that speak to us of the
      >strangeness and depth of things -- speak to the heart more than the head,
      >and to the soul more than the heart."
      > --Patrick Harpur ("Field of Dreams?", 128)
      >what a treasure of riches is life,

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