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  • Danny F.
    Apr 30, 2000
      --- "Joel A. Wendt" <hermit@...> wrote:
      > Dear Danny,
      > I don't know if it was "ahrimanic" in nature, but it was a
      > somewhat true
      > phenomenolgocial observation. McClune (sp?) spoke of whether media
      > was hot
      > or cold (according to how the "observer" related to it). He found
      > television to be cold (static involvment etc), and made the point
      > that it
      > wasn't the content of television that was relevant, but the medium
      > itself
      > (its uninvolved - cool - nature). That the "medium is the message"
      > meant
      > (as I understand it) that from our modern culture came a form of
      > media which
      > effectively dis-involved the individual (no need for imagination,
      > putting to
      > sleep the higher cognitive functions, etc.). Thus television was, in
      > itself, a "message", in spite of its "content".
      > warm regards,
      > joel

      You very well described what I called Ahrimanic. Cold, static,
      observer, "(no need for imagination,
      putting to sleep the higher cognitive functions, etc.)",
      the thing in itself as it appear to the senses plain and dry,
      as killing as it can be for the individual and everything
      above the mineral kingdom. To trigger that which will be of
      an automatic answer on the part of the individual, something
      that has punch. This is the soul that get punched though.
      That which is of a repetitive nature end to act as will,
      and condition. The medias as a result are getting to be
      the marketing place 'par excellence' for absolutely
      everything. Everything of a popular nature create that which
      is of the nature of a pressure, swallow and assimilate. The
      "mainstream" has such a power of determinism that whatever
      comes to reach it will have independent life; this is called
      creating an event, and ultimately a reality. Having the medium
      as message is a great power of determinism and illusion using
      a one-sidedness, for based on appearances.
      That's true and efficient as long as the sense
      activity succeed to encroach and become the "leaven" of a
      materialistic self-sufficiency. Spiritual Science will continue
      to "float" and dwell around as Christ in the etheric. The space
      where it seem that there's nothing but allow movement might be lot
      richer than the one that stop movement. Let's move, let's take the
      good 'train' of thoughts, may the etheric be the medium!


      "Anthroposophy does not want to impart knowledge.
      It seeks to awaken life."

      --Rudolf Steiner

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