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8826Spengler/Fukoyama and McWorld

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  • holderlin66
    Jul 3, 2003
      Dear Friends;

      Ozzie Spengler used a Faustian motif in his "Decline of the West" and
      Racism to prove his version of the end of history. Steiner, and we
      who carry the Michael Impulse see what Steiner fought against, rising
      again. The thread surfaces again in Fukoyama in his "End of History".
      Anthros are dealing with this subject in the person of Nicanor Perlas.



      "In this "stem cell wars" we clearly see a battle of
      worldviews. McWorld says that the human being is just genetic
      material, and, therefore does not see ethical problems with the
      biotech procedure. "What's the ethical problem?! The human being is
      just a biochemical machine. Its parts get worn out so we are merely
      replace it with spare parts derived from stem cells. So what's the
      big deal?"

      Civitas, of course, will say. "No, human beings are not
      biochemical machines. They are spiritual beings which cannot be
      reduced to genetic sequences.

      There is a very interesting footnote in this battle. The
      apologist of McWorld, Francis Fukuyama, has written a more recent
      book. In the book, The End of History, Fukoyama wrote that humanity
      has now reached the end of history. Why? The epochal battle between
      communism and capitalism is finished. Capitalism and the liberal
      form of democracy won. There is no more history, because all of
      history was just a struggle between that, those social forms. This is
      a bit of a simplification of Fukuyama's view but this is it in

      But in his recent work, Fukuyama re-adjusts his views. He
      admits that he has made a mistake. He writes that miscalculated the
      rapid evolutionary trajectory of gene technology. Specifically
      Fukuyama was concerned about the impacts of germline therapy in
      medicine. In germline genetic therapy, the traits achieved through
      genetic manipulation are transferred to the next generation.

      Fukuyama writes that he has made a mistake because the end of
      history will come from another arena of life. In essence he is
      concerned that the end of history is coming because, with genetic
      manipulation of the human being, it will be the end of human beings
      as we know them. With this radical transformation of the human being,
      then it will be the end of history as we conventionally know it. [14]

      This is a shocking statement from a prophet of the neo-liberal
      capitalist McWorld. For him the end of history would not come through
      capitalism as we understood it but it's going to become the end
      through biotechnological manipulation of the human being. We will no
      longer have the human being as we understand what human being to be.

      So there is in humanity today a battle not only a battle of
      stem cells. What we are seeing is a battle for the very soul and
      spirit of humanity.

      For Civitas this is the essence of their whole challenge to the
      elite globalization of McWorld. They see that McWorld suppresses the
      true human spirit and individuality. They resist McWorld in the
      latter's attempt to banish the human spirit to a biochemical
      mechanical prison. Combined with the rights to patent human life[15],
      for Civitas, McWorld is imposing a high tech, modern form of slavery."

      Bradford comments;

      Three differnt labels and tags are used to describe the problem of
      how general heading concepts cover a vast arena of activity of three
      different world perspectives. McWorld or the McDonald's concept
      covers one of them that Perlas hammers away at.

      Tara, my wife, is McDonald's. I squirm everytime I read "McWorld"
      that Perlas drops in his essay every other sentence. I squirm, not
      because Tara is guilty as charged, but because like everyone else, I
      would have easily used McDonalds as an over riding conceptual idea of
      spreading materialistic values myself.

      But one of the curious problems of Americanism and Imperialism is
      understanding that my now 83 year old father, also helped the
      founder, Ray Kroc, start his McDonald's empire when I was just a boy
      in 1955 to 1958 when hamburgers were 15 cents. I discovered all this
      as Tara and I looked through the destiny connections we held in
      common. Something in the American Michael Spirit tied us together, it
      was curious and it remains intersting.

      Tara has worked for McDonalds since her first job. Her whole life
      now. She is itching to try something different. We have discussed
      together the life factor of corporations.. the 50 odd years of a
      corporations expanding shelf life, and how the giant global flagship
      of American Imperialism, as lumped under the heading of McWorld view,
      has reached a saturation point of expansion and profit taking. This
      is curious, this product growth and development that comes to a
      saturation point and where profits equalize themselves. McDonald's
      stocks are down presently.

      But more importantly Tara and I have discussed the American virtue
      that is latent in her, as say, representing the best of America. If
      we determine qualities of the American Folk Spirt, better qualities,
      Tara qualifies. We have discussed her school at Texas A & M, which
      she is a very loyal to and my relation with the Michael School. I
      always brag about the Michael School and since Tara is fairly brainy,
      I tease her about all that Horatio common learning that current
      education is missing. But what I have praised her on, as being the
      stuff of the American Folk, having never been to Europe, she is a
      rich and ethical cut from Texas and North Dakota that really carries
      some of the best of the American Folk Soul. Plus she is McDonald's,
      at least a humanized portion this idea of McWorld. Not only that, she
      doesn't consider me mad at all, well not too mad anyway, when I talk
      anthro talk and she loves Waldorf Education. Our justice of the Peace
      was good Anthro Bobby and most of my pals are anthros.

      For the wedding and reception I made a Power Point presentation
      showing how we met and her connections to Texas A&M and mine to
      Dornach and the Goetheanum. A great deal of sprinkled McDonald's was
      in there because there is such a thing as "Hamburger University"
      which executives who run McDonalds get degrees from.

      I, being American, Euro Trash, showed it to various and sundry
      participants in the wedding. It is laced with humor. It is a slide
      show about how our two stars came together. It is not always easy to
      show the connection between the Michael School, obscure, unheard of
      and the rah, rah of a great American University. Everyone knows of
      the various American universiies but when I proudly say, I graduated
      from the Goetheanum, there is a stunned, dear in the headlights look
      from everybody. So I had to make a fun presentation that could be
      grasped by any typical person who wonders where the heck I came from.

      Tara has an MBA in finance and I am constantly at gatherings with the
      giant CEO's of McWorld. But the development of Tara from flipping
      burgers to working nights, days, and paying for her schooling through
      Texas A&M and becoming manager and now managing some 100 stores
      brings to heart and mind the interesting and sensitive ideas that the
      McWorld enemy of the universe means to me personally and what it
      means as a tag line, a general label for American Imperialism.

      I have written an intimate portrait of my karmic relationship with
      Tara and how it led to the gravesite of my Dead Mother, who died when
      I was three and was buried in OakBrook Illinois. It was this strange
      intersection of events that allowed me to discover and visit for the
      first time, my mother's grave. Tara had won a giant International
      award at the McWorld capitol in OakBrook Illinois. In some twist of
      fate, we located the grave of my mother less than a mile from where I
      had my first job in OakBrook shopping center.

      But within her management style, was something that everyone admires,
      but nobody can pin-point, is how she inspires souls entering through
      the low rung of a burger turner and the brunt of jokes through out
      the world, that allows others a warm nurturing space with an upward
      potential. There is a Christ element in the management style that no
      one can actually pin point, but Tara and I have discussed it many
      times. Real Civitas comes to mind.

      So with that said, naturally I see Corporations as both bad and good
      and people involved with American economic and product development
      can be bad or good. I often tease Tara because my X wife Susan, now
      in Norway, was one of the finest Anthro nutritionists in the world,
      so the comparison between burgers and biodynamics is not even on the
      map. Susan went to the Goetheanum with me and she was an American who
      I led up to Dornach from where we met and had children in England.

      So while I understand exactly what American Roman Imperialism is and
      I understand what Perlas is saying and what the issues of our age
      are, I am standing next to a real slice of the American, the best
      part of the American folk and also understand, through our
      relationship how I too have been woven into the American Folk from
      the early beginnings of McDonalds and that it's development reflects
      a 50 year odd run that comes to saturation into the world. I started
      in Illinois and the large puzzle all slowly fits together into a
      forming biographical vision.

      Spengler and Fukoyama depict symptoms that have indeed become
      vehicles for the new American Imperialism. Steiner confronted
      Spengler and it would be hard for many souls to see that Fukoyama is
      saying the same Ahrimanic symptom from a Goethean aspect as Spengler
      was when Steiner was alive. But Anthro's are on it. Even if to get on
      it and to view it intimately, one can see into the very complexities
      that allow one to call McWorld, the flagship for evil Imperialism.

      It allows me to see the inner workings of American Spiritual
      Scientific karma in a rather intimate way. Flaunting Perlas essay in
      Tara's face wouldn't do any good. But the concepts contained in
      Spengler and Fukoyama are truly symptomatic and lead humanity away
      from a Goethean world view. Where as, Tara and I are weaving
      ourselves from within McWorld and Waldorf and TExas A&M and the
      Goetheanum, into a rich Goethean world view.

      I would be forced to speak differently about it, while understanding
      completely the paradigm that Perlas is using to outline Three
      distinct global Interests. The difference is that the concepts I
      would normally pin on giant corporations, such as Enron have allowed
      me to see exactly what Thoreau meant. Corporations can be moral if
      run by moral individuals or immoral if run by immoral individuals and
      it really does depend on how a person is thinking and what they have
      been exposed to on the intimate trail of their karmic biographies.

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