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  • starbirdgarden
    Jul 2, 2003
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      Dear Maurice,
      I just loved your post about Heather. A real nugget of spiritual gold =
      in the net!
      What a wonderful person, and how fortunate you were to know her. Obviously=
      are times when there is no alternative to hospital, but for me that has to =
      be a very
      extreme situation. Simply because I have known them kill so many mildly un=
      well or
      injured people, one only last week who had a routine tube passed into the g=
      ut to test
      for something, was punctured, operated on to repair the hole, botched, oper=
      ated on
      again and died.
      I could tell several similar tales. But do not intend to! Some wonde=
      rful people
      work in the Health Service, but some of them are very unhappy. A GP I met =
      told me that going through Medical School had broken something in him. I th=
      ink the
      problem here is the man as machine concept. But I do not want to knock the=
      Service, but to say thank you for sharing Heather.
      When I gave the recipe you posted before to a friend, she said, But wh=
      ere can I get
      Mallow? OPEN YOUR EYES! It grows all over North London on any bit of earth=
      it can
      find. Only a few days ago I saw a wonderful, large clump of Self Heal grow=
      ing by a
      busy road.
      Due to the factory farming of the countryside, the elementals and their =
      plants have
      come to town. As has so much wild life. In our London garden we have foxes=
      , field
      mice, hedgehogs, rats (which are beautiful creatures who have been forced
      underground into sewers) squirrels of course, newts, bats, toads and hundre=
      ds of tiny
      bouncing frogs in the garden. The bird life is too numerous to list.
      A friend who farms his Norfolk land organically told me excitedly that=
      he had
      recently seen a frog……
      A wonderful Healer-Doctor, Dr Gordon Latto was retired and in his sev=
      when I knew him many years ago. Having once been a Professor of Medicine a=
      Edinburgh University he had long been a practising Naturopath, so successfu=
      l that
      people would not let him retire, and one could visit him as long as it was =
      seven in the morning. His home was some way out of London, but there was al=
      ways a
      full waiting room….He slept in the garden, and a favourite prescription fro=
      m him was
      a turn on the trampoline. Arriving in the pre-dawn light one could see old =
      energetically bouncing up and down.
      His cure rate was phenomenal, and his character a healing experience i=
      n itself,
      abrupt, matter of fact, entirely professional and radiating pure love and c=
      onfidence in
      God. Very often such healers have a difficult manner because they are so i=
      and at odds with usual practices, and yet cannot deny what they know works.=
      presented with our baby daughter Grace, who was born with a rare liver cond=
      ition, he
      immediately referred her to hospital, although his poultices were effective=
      in keeping
      down swelling and discomfort, nothing could produce missing bile ducts.
      His support and love were wonderful.
      We are lucky enough to have a mature Oak at the end of the garden, whe=
      re I have
      an arbour seat, and the healing radiance from that tree, reverently address=
      ed each
      morning as Grandfather, is always restorative. At the front of the house I=
      have a
      Crabapple, and the magical Rowan and Hornbeam are planted along the pavemen=
      with other beautiful trees. The wandering weeds come and go among the gard=
      When my son was at a Steiner School 25 miles from here, I used to driv=
      e a group
      of children along the motorway several days a week on a rota, often being s=
      tuck in
      traffic and being able to observe the immensely rich plant life along the v=
      erges. As
      the year progressed I could watch the incarnating of colour on earth throug=
      h the
      flowering plants, and found the whole experience lifted by the beauty and i=
      nterest of
      the world of herbage and trees.
      Sometimes I would see some plant that was unfamiliar, or that I wished=
      to live
      alongside, and then I would ask the elementals to bring one to my garden.=
      invariably did this, but with that quirk which I have found to be character=
      istic, they
      would site them in some odd or inaccessible place, or in a crack in a neigh=
      barren concrete frontage.
      But I could at least watch and enjoy the life of the plant, and oddly =
      they seemed
      not to get cut down.
      I do not like including unsourced material, but I once read of a heale=
      r who was
      working with drawing healing energies our of plants through rhythmic gestu=
      re over
      and around the plant. I can't remember where I read it, or who it was. I =
      do not know
      how feasible this is, but it sounds like a dance with the elemental. Perha=
      ps in the
      future, when we are more based in the etheric we shall have such healing ex=
      Certainly one may gather something of the inner nature of the plant by lovi=
      observation. And feel healing life flow from them. Steiner did say that he=
      alth was in
      the gift of the elementals.
      This story of Heather meant a lot to me. It is one of those rhyming, =
      moments in life that echo others and amplify what was half understood of pa=
      experiences. To me this is the poetic speaking of the Angels of Karma, th=
      at bringing
      this affirmation of what I am presently experiencing, from a friend timely =
      met on the
      internet, in a control room of an oil rig on the North Sea. How wonderful a=
      nd strange
      is life. Many thanks,

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