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8813Re: Ahrimanic Symptomology/ Michael response

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  • holderlin66
    Jul 2, 2003


      "The state of the people of Middle Europe, if they will not accept
      the Spiritual, was not badly described by a man who gave no thought
      at all to the possibility of a spiritual regeneration of humanity.
      Oswald Spengler has written his book on the Decline of the West, that
      brilliant but thoroughly pessimistic book — although he has
      repudiated the pessimism in a subsequent pamphlet. Of course, it is
      pessimism to speak of the decline of the West. But Spengler is
      actually speaking of the decline of culture, of something that is of
      the soul. Without spiritual regeneration the people of Middle Europe
      will suffer injury to their souls. But in this corner of Northern
      Europe, human beings cannot be injured only in the life of soul; when
      they are injured in the soul, their very bodily nature is injured at
      the same time. In a way this is fortunate, for if the people of
      Middle Europe do not accept spirituality, they become barbarian, they
      degenerate in soul. The Northern people can only die out, in the
      bodily sense, for everything depends here upon the particular
      constitution of the body."


      "That is the thought I should like to leave with you. Those who feel
      themselves Anthroposophists should realise that they are a tiny
      handful of people in the world who must apply all their energy to
      shaking a lazy humanity out of its lethargy and helping it onwards.
      Those who hate Anthroposophy to-day — this may be said. among
      ourselves — hate it because their love of comfort and ease prevents
      them from being willing to grapple with the great tasks of humanity.
      They are afraid of what they must overcome if they are to transform
      their easy-going thoughts and feelings and experience something much
      more profound.

      "For this reason we see many a storm of opposition arising against
      what is taking place in Anthroposophy and developing out of it. You
      too will have to accustom yourselves to violent attacks being made
      against Anthroposophy or Spiritual Science by reactionaries of every
      kind, by all who love to saunter along their old beaten tracks.

      "Those however who let this opposition deter them from developing
      their powers, are not firmly rooted in the real task of
      Anthroposophy. When people see how Anthroposophy is being attacked to-
      day from all sides, they may become timid and say: Would it not be
      better to go forward more quietly so that the opposition may be less
      violent? Or again they may ask, if they find praise being meted out
      to them by men who in a decadent age hold leading positions: What
      have I done wrong? This is a matter of great importance from the
      anthroposophical point of view. Attacks and abuse are usually
      explicable for the reasons given above. But if praise were to come
      from the same quarters, it would be a bad augury for anthroposophical
      world! It is just because the opponents of Anthroposophy to-day do
      attack it, that we can be reassured — but only, of course, in the
      sense that we must apply all the more energy in order to introduce
      Anthroposophy into the world, not out of personal idiosyncrasies but
      out of a deep realisation of the needs and tasks of the world."
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