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8809RE: [anthroposophy] Medicinal Compound

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Jul 2 10:36 AM
      Dear Lee,

      Absolutely correct that Heather's great limitation was her one-sidedness. It
      is something I've often wondered at. Strident, formidable and
      uncompromising, she had to be these things because she was utterly on her
      own. She had no communal support. She would, however, have disagreed with
      you about the treatment of serious wounds and injuries. "The only surgeon
      goes in through the mouth." I have seen her heal a child's broken collar
      bone in 3 days and mend a savage cut without stitches. Comfrey was also
      called knitbone of old. Another herb, which I cannot remember though it was
      administered with lady's mantle, opened the cut, cleaned it and then closed

      Very Best Wishes
      Maurice McCarthy


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