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8806Ahrimanic Symptomology/Genghis angle

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  • Bradford Riley
    Jul 2, 2003
      From: "Soledad-Cielo-Azure" <soledad-cielo-azure@...>
      : Tue, 1 Jul 2003 17:52:12 -0700
      >Dear Friends in Christ,
      but in addition, lectures on
      >The Knight's Templars and other reachings-backward-into-historical-times,
      >all included together within the one-volume collection entitled "Inner
      >Impulses of Evolution; The Mexican Mysteries; The Knights Templar." It
      >to me these truths as well as so many others given us by Steiner, such as
      >his "Occult History," the eight "Karmic Relationship"volumes, etc. give us
      >the truths of the Bard's oft quoted "All the world's a stage..." as well as
      >a view of how earthly events and personalities coelesce into a perhaps
      >unconscious working-behind-the-scenes order planned and put into place for
      >the further evolution of mankind and the world itself. I leave
      >words intact below for their timeless importance for our insight and
      >understanding for world evolution as we progress further.

      Steiner's comments

      "to establish a Roman Empire that
      >would extend over the whole of the then known world, embracing within
      >it every human activity. It would be directed entirely from Rome with
      >the strictest centralization and the utmost development of the rule
      >of might. They sought to establish a widely flung state machinery
      >that would include and make subject to it all religious and artistic
      >life. Its goal would be to stamp out all individuality. Every people
      >and human being would comprise merely some small part of this mighty
      >state machine. "
      >"Rome would have assumed a form that would have given Ahriman a
      >splendid opportunity to achieve his aim since, through the spiritual
      >decline of a Roman rule that had been transformed into a papacy, the
      >mechanizing of culture could have been accomplished. So another
      >external power had to be brought against Ahriman, who works with much
      >more external means than Lucifer. Ahriman, as we have seen, diverted
      >the forces of Christianity to his own service. Another power had to
      >be brought against him."

      Bradford comments;

      Thanks Soul Dad, er, sorry SoleDad and Paul. We know we have to thank
      Steiner, CR. and the Mystery Rose Crowned Thorn Bearer for what resembles a
      Ring of Truth and Research into why Goetheanism is an answer to the
      Temptations of Christ by Luciferic and Ahrimanic assault teams in the war
      torn Israel/Palestine region. But all of this comes down to the battle for
      the brains of mankind.

      Coming in on a closer look, we see that the historical connection to an
      Aristotle vs a Plato and the painting of the School of Athens by Raphael
      impulse, indicate lightness of archetypes-Jungian Luciferic forces; and
      density of Science as in materialism. Aristotle, as Steiner found again and
      again ground of comparison, between the discovery of America and Aristotle's
      weight to his investigation of matter and launching materilistic science out
      of Greek culture, was an antidote to a Luciferic force. We see again the
      amazing ancient conflict between Plato and Aristotle as a balancing act
      between that which would have made a helium baloon out of the mighty Logos
      forces of the Greek culture, balanced by Aristotles launching the well
      grounded, earth borne sciences.

      This made Aristotle a real target for both Materialism and the Archai
      impulse of Michael. Paul Wolfowitz and the adviser Aristotle are seen with
      lens of a karmic vision, as Soledad was verging on. The difference is we
      need to grasp the grand shift that the karma of Steiner accomplished in
      taking Aristotle-Aquinas and Science and Relgion itself into the field of
      modern Spiritual Science. Now we understand the union of
      Aquinas-Steiner-Aristotle as the term Spiritual Science. The gods must have
      thought Aristotle had what it takes or he needed to redeem the direction of
      materialistic science and antidote it with understanding of Ahrimanic

      These are things that are not taught in your schools Horatio. How Greek
      culture was saved from Luciferic Jungianism by Aristotle. America further,
      currently is becoming all that Ahrimanic symptomology hoped old Rome and
      Christianity would become. The description of What Ahriman intended for Rome
      can now be superimposed over the Imperialistic-techno-capitalism, with
      wireless mighty grey birds flying overhead in a new micro weave of A Berlin
      Wall between the Moon and the Earth. A techno berlin wall raised between the
      Moon and the Earth and sentries of hydra headed eyes ever circling, circling
      the decaying carcass of humanity. This is what was recently understood from
      a quote by Tolkien.

      Now that does not mean that I am against the technology or the democracy
      that could be elevated by merely preservering the Rights Sphere and holding
      the human I AM and the wisdom we here discuss as key to education. Such a
      remodeling of the U.N. is something I clearly have at my fingertips. Not
      again from me, but from a Michael World Community. But in light of the vivid
      description of Ahrimanic symptomology that Steiner gave for Rome and the
      Church- the religion of materialism and American Imperialism is just another
      massive power base that Ahriman is using like a Puppet Master. We fail to
      see the strings, but worst is that self knowledge, get this, self knowledge
      does not extend to anyone in office or working, to observe these concrete
      factors. Yet, if you really understand the opening to "The Shadow" or you
      watch the array of films coming out of Hollywood, you see that someone, as
      the "Matrix", truly does understand brotherhoods all the way up to the
      esoteric warnings of Harrison.

      It is, in the continent of the very brains and thinking, that is solidly
      reinforced in the INtellectual Soul, and supported in the roots of feeling
      by false sentient soul patriotic BS and fundi ideas that give Neocon a bad
      name. Brains..brains..brains.. Danny brought up Hannibal and the Red Dragon
      and indeed I have often remarked that Steiner first encountered this
      seething world in Nietzsche's infested brain. The territory of human
      thinking, political agenda and policy, in our human brains and lightly
      rooted in the sentient sympathies of power- all left over from old Church
      incarnation paradigms, is a massive global infection. These mind games are
      true WMD. This is why Steiner indicated a need to study Ahrimanic

      Finally, everything that was indicated about the Washingtonites, hating
      Hollywooders is really and Goetheanistically; and in polarity of tension
      between the Ahrimanic and Luciferic agendas. Hollywood often produces grand
      visions but this, in the normal mode of soul condition, while indicating
      great truths, falls on deaf ears. Yet these are the conditions of our Times
      our Time Spirit Watch. Luciferic symptoms battle with ahrimanic symptoms and
      cancel that which we find fruitful to understand, out. Luciferic Hollywood
      vision, with rich thought filled connections, like Greek Luciferic Oracles,
      comes in thousands and thousands of forms to our conceptual mirroring.

      Since no Christ Event of the magnitude we can discuss freely here is in the
      souls of men.. they are tossed back and forth, they mistakenly call it
      freedom, when it is tossed back and forth between untransformed Luciferic
      forces and untransformed Ahrimanic forces. In the center, the false shadow
      of Christ, the anchor to their soul turmoil is in Fundamentalism. Think of
      it. The anchor to this tossing back and forth is rock solid, dogmatic
      fundamentalism in forms of both Islamic, Christian and Jewish faiths. Think
      about the anchor that they hold onto to steady themselves against what we
      understand clearly as a global agenda to confuse the greatness of the Human
      Spirit. What Anchor should they find, if they could find it? That is where
      we come in.

      28 Days is coming out. Mary Shelley wrote something, connected as it is with
      Frankensteinian Science ideas, a book, a long book, called the Last Man or
      something that had to do with a terrible plague. Further Stephen King in his
      "The Stand" does the same thing.. Why... because Fear and terror of the
      manipulations of what they might do to us in America and the world needs to
      be planted as a terrifying fear.. just like "The Sum of all Fears" played
      out in time for us to consider what it would be like if Saddaam suddenly,
      with 45 minutes took out an American city... This is why, such horrific
      deceptions that are keeping us off balance, must not be supported out of the
      Michael School and must be seen for what they are.. Deceptions and Agendas..
      and it is the Agenda and intensity of the Ahrimanic forces that we have the
      opportunity to out think and make them squirm.

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