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8792Re: a fiery heart - was: That Glittering Eye

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    Jun 30, 2003
      Dear Joel,
      Steady on old chap! Your subjective obvervations about
      Bradford's posts are purely that- subjective. Others don't see it
      that way at all. So there is not need for the sarcasm and bitchy
      remarks, which I guess you would say, will somehow quell what you see
      as Bradford's false pride. What about those things he can be truly
      proud of?

      For a start Brad didn't respond in defence of himself. But I did get
      a complaint off list from another member.

      You might say there is such a thing as strife in the world but why
      add to it? Whatever happened to moral breathing? I can only assume
      you were having a bad day.

      There is such a thing as genuine kindness, or what Rudolf Steiner
      refers to as 'Milde' [kindness, gentleness]. This is the most
      effective moral instrument waging the battle with evil in earthly
      evolution. This goes for the whole world, not just the East.

      Kind Regards,
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