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8602Schiller and the Robber Barons

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  • holderlin66
    Jun 6, 2003
      > http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0604-01.htm

      Looking over the research of the above article we come to the story
      of the Robber Barons that Schiller made famous. Poor Schiller, such a
      close friend to Goethe, almost like Pericles and Phidias were close
      friends in Athens. Anyways, Schiller came from a family of Doctors
      and naturally, instead of taking the radical path of revolutionary
      poet and friend of Mephisto hunter, Croc Hunter, Dragon Slayer, Beast
      Master -Goethe, Schiller's family thought that Schiller should have
      become a Doctor as well. They slapped his wrist, but his Play, "The
      Robber Barons" blew the doors off the public. Schiller had a small,
      suffered from a small heart, it was far too tiny for the greatness of
      his impulse. Goethe was blessed with powerful forces of Etheric life
      because he had invested so much Etheric vision into his Phidias
      incarnation as a sculptor. You need to think about these things.

      Now we have a way, once again to look at the Robber Barons. According
      to the post above, the link to the post above, we can extract this
      quote and build something incredible on it.


      "What conservatives are really arguing for is a return to the three
      historic forms of tyranny that the Founders and Framers identified,
      declared war against, and fought and died to keep out of our land.
      Those tyrants were kings, theocrats, and noble feudal lords."

      Giving the Power to declare War into the hands of a easily
      manipulated President, George Bush - or for that matter, the even
      worse potential of Pre-Emptive U.S. strikes- means that Congress
      betrayed the American People and the Founding Fathers.

      False Relgious Right now predominates as Christianity goes on a
      Crusade to get "The Evil Doers". Another betrayal of the Founding
      Fathers in a country that honors all forms of religion and freedom of
      religion and freedom of persecution and freedom of speech were
      protections of the American Experiment.

      The American Experiment as a social contract that allows us to mature
      to the level of a Threefold vision and penetrate with balanced moral
      insight into the Rights Sphere... awaits at this point the link up to
      the connection back to the Gods.. That is that Steiner's deed of the
      Philosphy of Freedom, out of Weimar, is the deed that is the
      capstone, the Eye of the I AM that is the much talked about God Eye
      or Goethean Observation Eye that allows humanity to find their way
      back to realm of the Gods and understand the true nature of the
      Mystery of Golgotha. That mystery is only possible when anyone is
      ready to approach it, but does not exclude any human being... there
      is no human life form that is strictly out of the loop of anything
      presented in "Occult Science an Outline" nobody is outside the loop.

      But the kicker presently is the "Feudal System" Shadow. We have three
      shadows of the Threefold life, which the founding Fathers strongly
      attempted to 'gift' to any citizen who found their karma united with
      the United States of America. No friggin King, bureaucrat or spoiled
      little draft dodging MBA, "corporate cats paw" should have sole
      ability to declare War... blame it on the idiots in Congress.
      Superficial Religious maxims that have not even penetrated the moral
      sphere of the Rights of Mankind, to dictate what is Christian to the
      rest of the world is obscene. Finally there is the Feudal Lords of
      the Corporate World. All of these Threefold shadows have grown into
      living monsters before our eyes under the current Bush

      I have talked in "Matrix Theory" post about the magnetic North and
      the triangulation of thinking that places a heavy burden on the
      objectivity of Rudolf Steiner and the higher navigation of the I Am.
      But the case merely against the feudal system that has arisen and is
      promoted is already beyond ugly and full of such foul venom and sacks
      of extreme poison that we should have a toxic alert, we should have a
      code orange alert from HOmeLand Security that would protect the world
      from the toxic gas coming out of the current U.S. Government.

      The Case of the Feudal Lords

      Published on Thursday, June 5, 2003
      The Enronization Of Public Policy
      by Arianna Huffington

      Has there ever been a clearer, more irrefutable example of our
      political leaders' lack of a moral compass than the clandestine,
      eleventh-hour elimination of a promised child tax credit for almost
      12 million of America's poorest children?

      It's a move that is so cold-hearted and so profoundly dishonorable
      that it could only have been made by people who have lost all moral

      A magnetic compass should always point north; a moral compass should
      always point out what is moral -- and immoral. Heaping billions on
      the rich while ensuring that one out of six American kids doesn't get
      a penny is dead wrong.

      But that's exactly what Congressional Republicans did -- and what
      President Bush signed off on.

      This is not a right/left issue. It's a right/wrong issue. But the
      GOP's self-appointed morality czars have been deafeningly silent on
      this bit of economic indecency. I guess Bill Bennett was too busy
      shaking the hands of every one-armed bandit in Vegas to notice.

      Adding to the obscenity is the fact that while the Congressional
      hatchet men were hacking up the $3.5 billion child tax credit in the
      name of keeping the total tax cut under $350 billion, they let stand
      billions in corporate tax dodges and accounting cons, including the
      use of offshore tax havens.

      The White House labeled this particular piece of supply-side porn the
      Jobs and Growth Act. I guess the Leave No Corporate Loophole Behind
      Act didn't focus group as well.

      The last few years have shown us what happens when an entire
      subculture loses its moral compass: Enron, Tyco, Adelphia, WorldCom,
      et al. And it's becoming increasingly clear that the current
      administration has embraced the unethical ethos of the corporate
      oligarchy from which so many of its members came -- and which all of
      them continue to serve. The same inability to distinguish right from
      wrong that characterized the corporate scandals is now dominating
      public policy.

      It's the Enronization of Washington.

      Want more proof? How about the unprecedented aircraft-leasing deal
      currently being put together by the Pentagon and Boeing -- a plan
      that uses the same kind of accounting sleight-of-hand popularized by
      the gang at Enron. Here's how it works: instead of the Pentagon
      buying the 100 new jets it wants to use as aerial refueling tankers
      directly from Boeing, at an upfront cost of $138 million per plane, a
      special-purpose entity created on Wall Street will purchase the
      planes and lease them to the Air Force.

      That way the Pentagon gets to acquire the planes without having to
      dip into the Air Force's limited procurement budget, and Boeing gets
      to reap billions in new military contracts without having to show the
      debt associated with the shady deal on its balance sheet. It's an off-
      the-books win-win deal for them both -- but a losing proposition for
      taxpayers, who'll end up forking over an additional $8 billion to
      cover the interest payments on the leases.

      The sleazy new deal is being put together by the good bankers at
      Citigroup -- the same outfit that helped Enron defraud shareholders
      out of, what do you know, also $8 billion. Who says irony is dead?

      Then there is the news that, in an effort to ensure the passage of
      its cherished tax-cut plan, the Bush administration buried a highly
      damaging study -- commissioned by its own Treasury department -- that
      found that it would take either the permanent elimination of all
      future federal discretionary spending or an immediate and permanent
      tax hike of 66 percent to cover the upcoming retirement and
      healthcare needs of aging baby boomers. You think that bombshell
      might have put a little damper on Bush's tax cut orgy?

      This is exactly the kind of skullduggery corrupt corporations used to
      conceal potentially disastrous news from investors -- like Adelphia
      hiding its $3.1 billion loans to the Rigas family in tiny footnotes
      in an earnings filing.

      Like many disgraced companies, the White House has proven adept at
      playing fast and loose with the numbers in order to mislead
      its "shareholders" -- the American people. Take the administration's
      shifty use of "averages" to make it seem like the new tax cut
      benefits everyone -- claiming that "91 million taxpayers will
      receive, on average, a tax cut of $1,226," when, in fact, the
      majority of households will receive a tax cut of $100 or less. Or the
      way it used sure-to-be-repealed "sunset clauses" to make it seem as
      if the president was reasonably settling for a $350 billion tax cut,
      when the actual price tag on the new bill will be close to $1

      It's the kind of economic book cooking that would do ol' Kenny Boy
      Lay proud.

      It's time to expand the Right's definition of immorality beyond sex,
      drugs, and rock and roll to include lying, cheating, and callous
      indifference to those in need.

      CEOs lying to investors to pad their own pockets is bad enough.
      Political leaders lying to the American people to pad the pockets of
      their big buck contributors is immoral -- and intolerable. "

      Bradford Adds: Weimar-Steiner? (not even a mention)


      With Goethe, Schiller, & Liszt in Weimar!
      This is Weimar's Year in the Sun. It has been chosen as the Culture
      City of Europe.
      Other European cities have been so honored in previous years, but
      they were major capitals like Berlin, Madrid, and Copenhagen.

      Weimar, in German Thuringia, has long been a sleepy little provincial
      town. Especially during the long years of the German Democratic
      Republic, when it was almost impossible for West Germans to visit.
      And extremely difficult for foreign journalists like your reporter.

      But Weimar has a very special place in Europe's Cultural History.
      Here, the reigning Duke, Carl August, engaged the great German poet,
      playwright, and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to run his
      Court Theatre.

      As well as to advise him on most other matters as well, including
      investing in dollars and pounds sterling.

      Goethe's great contemporary, Friedrich Schiller, was also a Writer-in-
      Residence in Weimar. Nor were the talents of the remarkable Hungarian
      pianist, composer, and lover, Franz Liszt, lacking.

      ...........There will also be social seminars and public discussions
      of issues raised by the darker shadows of Weimar's and Germany's

      The infamous Nazi Death Camp, Buchenwald, is only a short distance
      from the Neo-Classical Mausoleum in which Goethe is buried. There
      have recently been some questions about the body in the sarcophagus:
      is it really that of the author of "Faust I & II"?

      Not to worry. Goethe's remains were apparently carefully preserved
      during the Communist Era. Only the bones now remain."

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