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8598The O'Reillly factor

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  • holderlin66
    Jun 5, 2003
      Here is a perfect Goethean study in the battles within
      the "Intellectual Soul" here is snapshot of what Steiner would
      indicate as the realm of the Intellectual Soul. Many have no idea
      what the flavor of this realm is, as differing from the Consciousness
      Soul, but here is a Goethean study and insight into just what the
      traps and difficulties are for understanding the ability to arrive at
      a vantage point of the Consciousness Soul. Here is a good example of
      the "Selective Intelligence."

      This example does not give you the Consciousness Soul feel or
      perception but it is exactly the overheated Intellectual soul of
      Radio and Talk Show spin doctors who are currently in a feeding
      frenzy in the Sentient and Intellectual soul of America. The battle
      for "The Deconstruction of the American Psyche" into some Orwellian
      Spin machine is running hot and heavy in the Intellecutal Soul Region
      of American airways. Mark it well. Millions listen with stoked up
      emotional forces while driving in their SUV's and cars, or sitting
      wanting to feel the false fiery Yes or No = I hate- High octane
      Sympathy and Antipathy that gives the Sentient and Intellectual Soul
      a false sense of Life.

      Lacking the richness and Openess of Goethean Observation the media
      war for the American Psyche rages on. T.V. and radio riot or the
      better term is wallow in a sea of lies. It is a mind soul [same as
      Intellectual Soul] infection that attachs emotional eddies of
      patriotism and nationalism, blood and feeling, pumped into a dead
      region of soul and spirit life. These are the vivid shadows in
      Plato's cave Wall. They are disturbing shadows on the path to build a
      soul tool of Goethean Observation.

      On Saturday, May 31, C-SPAN and BookTV broadcast a Book Expo author
      luncheon panel with Pat Schroeder (moderator), Molly Ivins, Bill
      O'Reilly, and Al Franken.

      Each panelist was given 15 minutes to talk about their own upcoming
      book. After Molly Ivins and Bill O'Reilly had taken their turns, Al
      Franken took the microphone. His book, which is unfinished, is
      entitled, "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and
      Balanced Look at the Right" and features pictures of four
      conservative personalities on the cover. Bill O'Reilly was one of
      them. At the start of his talk, Franken made a point of showing the
      cover to O'Reilly and asking if he could get a better photo to use.
      O'Reilly was clearly upset: silent, but spitting DU-tipped bullets
      from his eyes.

      Franken spent the next 20 minutes or so giving examples of right wing
      lies from his book. By then he had already overshot his time slot,
      but he launched into an account of how he had personally caught Bill
      O'Reilly in a big lie, which was this: O'Reilly had stated on at
      least two or three occasions that his former show, Inside Edition,
      was the winner of two prestigious Peabody Awards.

      The story of how Franken tracked down and debunked this claim ran on
      for 10 or 15 minutes, in excruciating detail. O'Reilly, still silent
      through most of it, was beside himself and looked to be ready to jump
      out of his chair and tackle the speaker.

      Realize the following, of course: Had Al Franken been a guest on The
      No-Spin Zone, O'Reilly would certainly have shouted him down and
      probably disconnected his mic almost as soon as he showed the cover
      of his book. But O'Reilly couldn't shut down C-SPAN. His frustration
      was palpable. Finally, he erupted and called Al Franken a lot of
      things including, "a very vicious person" (if I recall correctly).

      By this time, Al Franken had also changed. No longer the kidding-on-
      the-square humorist, he was deadly serious and emotionally invested
      in the theme of his book. His lip was quivering and I was afraid he
      would actually burst into tears. When he said that "they're lying and
      we shouldn't take it [pause]...anymore", it was every bit as
      spellbinding as any Howard Beale moment in the movie "Network."

      The segment will be re-aired Sunday, June 8, at 5:30 ET on C-SPAN2.

      Bradford comments-

      And for those who still have humor and heart and are not heartless
      liars the I Am to I AM confrontation with Power and the humble Al
      Franken against O'Reilly, doctor of spin, clearly reveals the
      emotional impact on those of us who refuse to have our intellects
      totally Ahrimanized and cannabalized so that we all become ice core,
      aliens of the soul like Nietzsche.
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