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8596Re: Wei-mar-the-truth ?

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  • holderlin66
    Jun 5 3:31 PM
      >From: "anthrojoel2" <ronningen@...>
      >To: "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...>
      >Subject: Re: Wei-mar-the-truth ?
      >Date: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 21:14:47 -0000
      >Hello everybody! I have been lurking a bit, catching up on some of
      >the backlog of posts. If someone would point me to how to set up a
      >profile I will be happy to tell you some info about me.
      >I have a question in relation to the thread. If the Federalists were
      >wrong in wanting to govern for the rabble (instead of by the
      rabble) -
      > and I'm not saying they weren't - then what do we make of "The Bell
      >Curve" implication that the "rabble" is increasingly lower in
      >intelligence? Are there some instances when the "elite" need to
      >govern? I think this is along the lines that the more intelligent
      >conservatives would argue as an excuse for the Patriot Act, TIA, and
      >the other depredations of the Bush administration. At what point do
      >we have to stop trying to liberally "help" those who will not/can not
      >see and just do what needs to be done for their welfare?
      >Note: I am playing the Devil's Advocate here - I am not a right-
      >winger in disguise. :)
      >--- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66"

      Hi Bradford here;

      Make sure you ask this question to Anthroposophy Group- it came to
      me, but somehow I thought you were speaking to the whole list on

      Selective Intelligence is a vast issue and we need to examine it
      carefully. I was very interested in what the writer brought up in
      regards to the threefold threat of King-Theocrats-and Feudal lords.
      This appears to be a subtle shadow problem of the Threefold Social
      Order that Steiner wanted to put in place.

      The whole distribution of Intelligence, wealth and Rights throughout
      the Human Being or the EArth triad of East, Middle and West or the
      balance of power of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches -
      indicate to me how the so called rabble need to be protected and
      penetrated by rights, penetrated by moral warmth, even if thinkers
      are more advanced and have talent and ability for a career in the
      political field. The question is penetrating into the depths of the
      social sphere and Rights sphere with understanding of how the Rabble,
      as it was called, live in the Sentient Soul - what lifting educatioal
      efforts are in place there and so on.

      Also in concerns me that the life blood of economy is obviously
      moving steadily away from the limb system, where the warmth is needed
      and slowly but surely all the spriritual life blood of economy is
      moving in an unbalanced way into the Head.. Into the head/hands of a
      small percentage of the elite. I think the free giving factors should
      have been able to penetrate the social world instead of the welfare
      failures and addictions. What is lopsided is the unfusion of the
      spriitual life blood of the economy into colder and colder pockets of
      cunning and the pockets of the rich.

      That is not to say that Corporations, Free Enterprize are bad. It is
      always the moral penetration, the intelligence linked to the warmth
      of the heart that enables the Life blood of economy to go to the warm
      forces of those who labor.

      Anyways I thought others could do a much better job than I on working
      with your question.

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