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8441Re: [anthroposophy] Initiates today?-Re: Anthroposophical Angle on Christianity

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  • Lee Peters
    May 3, 2003
      Thanks Elaine.
      I was really looking for others who had possibly confirmed and brought the similar or new knowledge to the world since Steiner. Though I greatly appreciate his work and accomplishments, I feel his writings are dated and will not speak to America or modern people very well. I am not just looking for edited summaries but real breakthroughs in the same path. I use his works but rarely can offer them to others (like Theosophy or Occult Science)- they read a little can not continue on.

      elaineupton2001 <elaineupton@...> wrote:
      Dear Lee and all,

      Lee, you asked about whether there are any initiates besides Steiner
      (in the Steinerian vein, I assume, you mean). There is the danger for
      some of us of getting into the superstar mode and looking for
      initiates to look up to or worship. So, in looking for initiates, I
      feel a need to be careful.

      Having said that, let me say that some consider Orland Bishop to be
      an initiate. I don't know if he publishes (in print) anything, but he
      is involved in a lot of social initiatives, with another great
      anthroposophic leader (in my opinion) and that one is Nicanor Perlas,
      a Phillipine who walks the talk and brings it down to Earth in
      relationship to Cosmos. Nicanor Perlas has things on the web,
      especially as regards Threefolding and Civil Society and the work to
      overcome corporate globalism. Also in this realm is the work of
      Jesiaiah Ben-Aharon.

      Owen Barfield, now on the other side, is someone also whose work
      seems to me quite advanced and enlightened.

      I personally cannot say if any of these men are "initiates', but I do
      feel they have an immense lot to offer.

      I think there are women who show up in other traditions who have
      levels of initiation. Some of them are called curanderos and known by
      other titles, and they have achieved certain levels.

      The question is (or so I see it): what, or who, lights the light
      within you?

      There are, as you know, various levels and kinds of initiation (as
      pointed out by you, Starman, Joel and others in the references to
      Steiner). The important thing to me is to follow the highest
      promptings of Spirit in oneself, as best one can, and to study all
      great teachings that speak to one. The circle will be ever expanding,
      even if it is narrow at first. If the intention is high, then help
      will be found. As Steiner says (and I agree) if the intention is not
      just egotistical, but the work is for the "ennoblement of humanity
      and the upliftment of the cosmos" then one is on the right path.


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