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8424Re: [anthroposophy] Agartha

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  • Joel Wendt
    May 1, 2003
      On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 15:33, boris clergue wrote:
      > Dears You,
      > I have read on the net, a page on Agartha, the world in the center on our
      > Earth. A advanced civilisation would live in this location. The only
      > information that I can found are from the bulgar master Michael Omraam
      > Aïvanhov. Do you have any information on this subject?

      Dear Boris,

      To answer this question would require the revealing of certain secrets,
      kept for centuries hidden in the regions of Mt. Shasta California. I
      spent a few years living at the base of that Sacred Mountain, which was
      once a volcano, and therefore is one of entrances into the Inner Earth,
      so I speak from experience.

      I am sure you can understand that matters like this have to be kept
      quiet, but be assured that information about this will be soon coming
      out, although in a form that only a few will recognize. This kind of
      information would be so shattering for humanity to experience, that it
      is first appearing in fictional form.

      George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars movies, is making a fourth
      Indiana Jones movie, which some hope will be called Indiana Jones on
      Mars. I will share with you now what this movie ought to be about.

      The year will be 1947, which as many will recall, is the time of the
      UFO crash at Roswell New Mexico. "Indy", as the Harrison Ford character
      is called, will be brought out of retirement by the United States Army
      to look at certain crash artifacts from Roswell, because they have
      written on them certain odd characters that only a trained archaeologist
      could interpret (the world was prepared for this revelation by the TV
      film series "Taken" on the SciFi cable channel).

      On the basis of his interpretation of these glyphs (characters), Indy
      travels (with some friends) to the South Pole (if you will recall, the
      world was prepared for finding evidence of UFO's in Antarctica through
      the movie film "The X-files"). Indy will be met by a member of one of
      the Inner Earth races during these travels, and then discover that the
      Nazi threat, thought to have been eliminated by the Allies victory in
      WWII, continues, for the Nazi's fled not to Argentina, as has been the
      rumor, but having found some allies of their own in the Inner Earth
      civilization (not everyone there is a good guy), the Nazi's were able to
      fly UFO's to Mars, from which they now (in cooperation with their Inner
      Earth allies) use occult influences to effect civilization, in
      preparation for their eventual dominance through an inauguration of a
      Fifth Reich.

      Indy will then be taken to Mars, where he encounters "Old Ones", who
      bear a strong kinship to the Mars natives in Heinlein's Stranger in a
      Strange Land book (a book by the way which consciously has Archangel
      Michael take on a physical incarnation), one of whom will be a Buddha
      like character (thus connecting matters to the Steiner revealed
      information about Buddha's mission on Mars). This Buddha-like character
      will "initiate" Indy, who has been slowly prepared for his initiation by
      his three previous experiences (movies), first in the Jewish occult
      traditions by his search for the Lost Ark of the Covenant [Raiders of
      the Lost Ark], then second through his encounter with ancient Indian
      mysteries in confronting the Cult of Kali [Indiana Jones and the Temple
      of Doom], and his third initiation task in the obviously esoteric
      teaching of Christian mysteries during his search for the Holy Grail
      [Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade].

      As astrologers know, we are currently drawing near Mars in one of the
      closest encounters in a long time. Indy's initiation on Mars then
      becomes a means to introduce into the imagination of our materialistic
      civilization of the idea of Initiation as a counter pole (a Manichean
      response) to Evil (symbolized by Nazism). Just as George Lucas was
      given the task of introducing into the cultural imagination the idea of
      the Etheric (May the Force be with you), so now it is being urged as his
      next task to render into the cultural imagination the idea of Initiation
      as the fundamental counter pole to Evil.

      At least this is the plan. There are forces working against this
      script being used for the 4th Indiana Jones movie, which might succeed
      in keeping it from happening. The Earth is presently a great
      battleground, and the good guys don't win all the wars.

      As to Agartha, and its "reality" in the physical world, well that will
      have to remain a secret for some time on into the future, for it
      certainly would be far too much for humanity to take in during this time
      of crisis. There are those who do work on the Underworld, and the Realm
      of the Divine Mother (the Inner Earth), that know about these matters,
      but they too are in the battle which is being waged over the whole of
      the Earth.

      warm regards,
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