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8419Re: The story of creation: Fact or Fiction?

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  • elaineupton2001
    May 1, 2003
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      Dear Evert,

      First, let me apologize for misspelling of your name. No, I am not
      condescending--but rather sometimes just a bit--something like
      dyslexic??--with the computer. Anyway, I do apologize, because a name
      is a serious matter.

      As for the question at hand--about how we know the Truth, about the
      validity of the Bible, the experience of the Christ, and what
      Anthroposophy offers, you have very important replies from Joel and
      Lee, both of whom I agree with, and I appreciate your responses to
      them. I agree that we do evolve (Intellectual Soul to Consciousness
      Soul), each in our own time, according to our karma and efforts and
      grace. I agree that in the Intellectual Soul realm we can apply a
      kind of logic (syllogistic kind, I would say) that has its value and
      its place, yet it is limited and it will not, in my experience, lead
      to a fuller knowing of the Christ. That does not mean that you need
      to blindly follow what others say (I hope not), but rather, as I said
      in my first post to you, there is the task, as I see it, of coming to
      know one's SELF (KNOW THYSELF IS A MAJOR TASK), and that involves
      looking within (not just some airy fairy new age thing, but really
      strenuous, disciplined work). Within, in my experience, one finds the
      Christ...and that can take a lifetime or more or less, depending...

      And once Christ is known, that knowing also evolves...even as the
      Christ evolves through physical, etheric and so on in relation to
      humans. The Church may be stuck in one phase and also that may be
      good for some, and yet others go beyond that (no value judgement
      here, but just a recognition of different stages of evolution).

      Thanks for having this fine and important discussion here.

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