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7823Re: [anthroposophy] Anthro-language is now a Corpse, Friends

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  • Ashley Case
    Mar 7, 2003

      >It's time for somebody to start again from the

      >from fresh principles, from a healthier sense of

      So, you start .. give us something fresh (or are you leaving?)  I agree that all the anthro-talk is a bit mummified.  What have you been thinking about lately, lightsearcher?

      Surely, Soren is at least an example of fresh thought.  (I can personally attest to the freshness of his impulses..)

      Myself, I have lately been exploring "situationist" forms of thought.  They shun both social realism (like Communist drives for social betterment) and surrealism (which places too much emphasis on psyche and the unconscious.)  Desire is the basic ingredient for revolution (as in Anthroposophy). 

      Now you can accuse me of leaning on other forms of mummified thought.  But I do need leaders in my life.

      I think that the war can properly cause us to look at our individual purity in constructing our everyday life.  This thing called capitalism is supposed to empower the individual to develop along lines of authenticity.  I'm all for a Pax Americana if this is what is meant by it.  But I think we all suspect that it is not.  There is still every possibility that such a result will emerge from the war or lack thereof.  The impulses in play, themselves, are shaping this possibility.

      So that's all I have in terms of fresh thought right now.  I hope it was not too stagnant for you.


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