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7822Anthro-language is now a Corpse, Friends

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  • lightsearcher1
    Mar 7, 2003
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      Doesn't anybody know it?

      Can't anybody feel it?

      Steiner's once-fresh and useful – because living – terminology
      has died from "over-referencing" and is stone-cold dead.

      Steinerian terminology has become a freakish pale-white
      corpse of rigidity, and it's manifestly obvious in the dead-echo
      chambers of this hamster-cage blabber-ballroom.

      Doesn't anybody feel it?

      Steinerian terminology – through no fault of his – has
      become something to flee from like the plague before
      you turn your brains into powdery-dry pillars of salt.

      You all are running around and around and around
      in the same little hamster-cage of desicated concepts
      which – though once fresh – have become little tiny
      prisons – with walls from an episode of the Twilight Zone
      that slowly close in tighter and tighter until the life
      in you is squished dead.

      This is no reflection on the actual REFERENTS of these
      concepts...those things are real. – It's just that the words have
      become little micro-mental prisons because the life has
      been sucked dry from them.

      And NOW…something in your OWN mental life DIES just
      by the USE of and the THINKING of them.

      These word-husks have become contaminated with death.

      Can't anybody feel how a healthy love of reality and
      sanity would impel and compel a person to RUN AWAY
      at top speed so that one's own mental life would be spared
      and kept FREE...and kept ALIVE ?

      Please try to feel how DEAD you FEEL when you read
      and think with these words any more ! – You feel the
      OPPOSITE of the sun-filled and life-filled joy that
      you felt as a child.

      It's time for somebody to start again from the beginning,
      from fresh principles, from a healthier sense of reality.

      Anthro-Language is now a noose....a tomb....a mental coffin.

      Rise Snow White....but please do so in some new form
      to spare us all.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


      This Astral body, in humans, is the seat of that which humanity wishes to
      transform into Mani or Manas. That is the sympathetic, voluntary and
      involuntary nervous system that gives us human capacity and sensitivity is =

      also the area that can be prevented from ever achieved Spirit Self. This is=

      the condition we are fighting for, Globally- to rise into a Consciousness
      Soul region and allow our humanity to blossom into Spirit Self so that the =

      Angelic Beings can Pollinate our higher Astral forces. All this immense
      spiritual potential in all of us can be roadblocked. Can be horribly

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


      Please !

      Liberate your minds, friends. –

      Rip from your your brains the metal (yes, I said METAL
      and not "mental") tentacles of these once-living
      concepts....or you're soon to be surely one of the living dead.
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