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7808Luciferic Imaginations and Community building

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  • Bradford Riley
    Mar 5, 2003
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      In Researching a point where the Imagination, or a reference to Imagination,
      such as "Gulliver's Travels" by no less an Intellectual than Noam Chomsky
      when he made reference to the Air - satellite - floating surveillance,
      missile domination, that America has to bully any country - cept China and
      Korea into submission made me stop and think. This submission of owning the
      globe and the Rough Texas Fundamentalism of Rove-Bush, to make the world
      into Christians and make them respect America drew Chomsky to a comparison
      in Gulliver's Travels. I thought this interesting.


      "One should dust off and
      re-read Gulliver�s Journey to Laputa for a fuller description of a ruling
      class, living on a mountain floating in the atmosphere, that would suddenly
      descend and crush any of the helots on earth dreaming of Independence! The
      new American ruling class are to be the new Laputans, Dean Swift�s prophecy
      fulfilled to the last letter. In that world, the Laputans had no need to pay
      out good money to terrestrial partisans, for the good reason that they could
      do their �policing� without local assistance."

      Bradford comments;

      Now Steiner described Swift and Gulliver as being highly Luciferic
      Imaginations. The 16th and 17th centuries were on the cusp of a new form of
      thinking, not yet developed. The use of the Intellectual Soul and the period
      of time of Gulliver, as verging on the floating Imaginations of Lucifer in
      the Consciousness Soul, boding the future.. was thought by Steiner as being
      highly Luciferic..

      I looked for the reference by Steiner but couldn't locate it. But I know
      Steiner talked about Swift and Gulliver. as well as Robinson Crusoe. The
      time line and period of these Imaginations are implicated in the current
      Luciferic Thinking and world domination that is being projected out from the
      Rove-Bush thinking. It is a rare moment to see a picture of what these
      Strikes from above really mean in the term of domination instead of global
      cooperation. I will now give the cut of the text that Chomsky was referring



      "If any town should engage in rebellion or mutiny, fall into violent
      factions, or refuse to pay the usual tribute, the king has two methods of
      reducing them to obedience. The first and the mildest course is, by keeping
      the island hovering over such a town, and the lands about it, whereby he can
      deprive them of the benefit of the sun and the rain, and consequently
      afflict the inhabitants with dearth and diseases: and if the crime deserve
      it, they are at the same time pelted from above with great stones, against
      which they have no defence but by creeping into cellars or caves, while the
      roofs of their houses are beaten to pieces. But if they still continue
      obstinate, or offer to raise insurrections, he proceeds to the last remedy,
      by letting the island drop directly upon their heads, which makes a
      universal destruction both of houses and men. However, this is an extremity
      to which the prince is seldom driven, neither indeed is he willing to put it
      in execution; nor dare his ministers advise him to an action, which, as it
      would render them odious to the people, so it would be a great damage to
      their own estates, which all lie below; for the island is the king's

      But there is still indeed a more weighty reason, why the kings of this
      country have been always averse from executing so terrible an action, unless
      upon the utmost necessity. For, if the town intended to be destroyed should
      have in it any tall rocks, as it generally falls out in the larger cities, a
      situation probably chosen at first with a view to prevent such a
      catastrophe; or if it abound in high spires, or pillars of stone, a sudden
      fall might endanger the bottom or under surface of the island, which,
      although it consist, as I have said, of one entire adamant, two hundred
      yards thick, might happen to crack by too great a shock, or burst by
      approaching too near the fires from the houses below, as the backs, both of
      iron and stone, will often do in our chimneys. Of all this the people are
      well apprised, and understand how far to carry their obstinacy, where their
      liberty or property is concerned. And the king, when he is highest provoked,
      and most determined to press a city to rubbish, orders the island to descend
      with great gentleness, out of a pretence of tenderness to his people, but,
      indeed, for fear of breaking the adamantine bottom; in which case, it is the
      opinion of all their philosophers, that the loadstone could no longer hold
      it up, and the whole mass would fall to the ground."

      Bradford comments;

      To understand the thinking Navigation and the Luciferic intentions of the
      past that merge with Ahrimanic Powers of the present we begin to understand
      that most of these Political Monsters we have are swirling in ideas that
      they have no clue about. The Karmic result of thinking in previous times, in
      Luciferic terms and the Karma of bringing about the cause and effect forces
      that link Ahrimanic Powers to todays Politics is highly interesting.

      The difference in Spiritual Science and current Political Games of Power,
      are well rooted concrete Imaginations that stem not only from the Mysteries,
      but rooted in the Karmic destiny of Great Individuals. History lessons that
      Steiner taught linked to amazing, profound hidden threads and riddles that
      went unnoticed as Education and the fable of history became anchored in
      Culture. Steiner's attempt to sift, clear and present undiluted Spiritual
      Cause and effect, through history, meant he had to confront and re-think
      what we imagine as history and impulses in thinking that Michael lives with
      in Time.

      Steiner did not suggest doping the Waldorf minds with Jonathan Swift or
      Robinson Cursoe. In Robinson Cursoe we wonder why the heck not? Ego
      Isolation - Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" are curious Imaginations of isolation
      and lack of community vision. In this way, Steiner was preventing future
      Waldorf Students from becoming confused in the cartoonishness of reality. In
      fact connecting Real Imaginations to the foundations of children allows them
      to retain their compass.

      It is important to understand Initiation as the valid system of higher
      Education. Initiation Science brings lawfulness into thinking and determines
      the difference between Luciferic thinking and Imaginations and Cultural
      forces, Political agendas, that avoid the Christ Imagination and the actual
      destiny of Individuals, like the Buddha, who were involved. The combining of
      Anti-Social Imaginations in the region of Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces
      stands very differently from the Histories presented in the Michael School.
      Souls who were thinking Luciferically back than now face, as do we all, the
      consequences of how Luciferic thinking became current Ahrimanic Cartoons of

      More could be added, but Chomsky caught my attention in that statement,
      among the other Intellectual Soul observations he made.


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